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r Feb 24
Sometimes I feel like,
your mind could live a life of its own.
Few like yours are left now.
If only I could take your brain from your skull and
draw out the knowledge and the wonder,
squeeze it with mine,
our multi-faceted intelligence meshed together like a badly made clay sculpture.
Like a library of what is.
Then I could keep you forever.

It's just that I needed to know more before you left.
r Jan 13
I feel as if I'm trapped in a room
full of things I can't see.
I squint and stare but can't make out
the shapes, the figure.

Something swirls between the shadows,
clear spirit like holographs of you watch

It makes no sense
I sleep then I ache

but I don't want you to ever leave me alone.
r Jan 10
How do I show you
what we’ve shared before,
but in this dazzling new light

that beams the buildings purple and the waves orange,
Those gentle pushes and playful wordplay,
All those mindless hours and miles of beach?

How do I tell you
I want us to be more than just
outlaws in these empty streets?

Is now a better time than ever?
Or has boredom kicked at the time we have just got back on our feet?
r Dec 2020
i had an affair with my last job
but her wife found out
r Nov 2020
1.    chapped lips turn to cracked lips, teeth marks etched into the front bottom.

2.        eyes sink with tiredness from racing late night thoughts

3.       fingernails raw, short and painful

4.   pain in your chest travels to your fingers much too quick

5.    when you leave yourself - just for a minute or two but at that point, your body has decided this for you...
tell me yours...
r Aug 2020
Caged bird set free
but what is she free from?
Security, protection and a helicopter that span above her head...just to make sure.
She’s free from a myriad of ‘where were you!’s and numerous raised words.
She’s free from a yellow orangey pink sunny kind of life.
Now the bubble’s popped.

She only has the yellow orangey pink of a sunset,
that’s where the problems really start.
r Aug 2020
Tears of an unknown spirit patter on my head

Tears of a spirit lost in a world of twists and turns
Gush out of my eyes
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