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Pyrrha Dec 2018
He looks at me like a wolf stalking its prey
Expecting a reaction out of me when he kisses her
The sad thing is she looks like a cricket and he looks like a naked mole rat
He has the attention spand of a goldfish
She has the intelligence of a blade of grass

How could I be jealous when people treat me like treasured gold?
S Nirmal Kumar Nov 2018
Gifted ventriloquist
Slipped through the cracks
Elusive cricket
Brian Mangels Oct 2018
Christmas at the inlaws, posed great challenges because
Was a chance at first impressions I could make
The family quite a bunch, secret Santa, formal lunch
All would test, but there was something more at stake

Further to their traditions, the Australian institution
Back yard cricket, the game in which I must partake
Both nervous and excited, see I love it unrequited
For impressions twas the icing on the cake

I considered myself skilled, both flamboyant and strong willed
And the game very seriously I would take
The brother and the dad, the biggest threats I saw I had
To dominate for the glory I would slake

With lunch dusted and done, we went out into the sun
Inspect the pitch, had it a fresh mow and a rake
A ***** to orchard side, sticks as wickets, bail astride
Chose to bowl, the game was on make no mistake

Much to my surprise, dad was good, I did surmise
I bowled well, but his batting didn't break
He retired steeled, and I went out into the field
For his respect, and his daughter's, I'd not flake

When my turn came to bat, the brother bowled one flat
Out at my toes, applying heat, see if I'd quake
But I settled into play, and hit them all around the way
Was time to showcase and leave them in my wake

I retired not out too, and dad to bat again was due
Keen to bowl at him despite the muscle ache
At the last I took his stump, and the crowd well they did jump
Saw my determination was one that wouldn't shake

The game renewed my bond, for his daughter and beyond
To join this man, and his family was the sake
Mum called time for tea, and we left the field with glee
We were one now, and it was time for cake.
cozyjune Sep 2018
Chills coursing through my body. The crickets are giving the eulogy to my passion for you. You are the only one who can **** me but keep the blood running like ice through my veins. You are the only one who can drive off and leave in the dead of night and I'll stay right where you left me. I'll stay and I'll wait. I'm waiting. I'm right here. Physically im gone, I went in the house and am faking a smile for my friends, telling them you were too tired to stay out any longer, lying on behalf of my hope for us to survive. Mentally there's a pile of my bones made out of all of our hopes and dreams, lying on the sidewalk right where you left me. I stuck them there with the thick glue made up of all of your lies to me, all of the broken promises. So there my spirit is, stuck in that spot, shivering and blurry eyed from ***** infused tear drops. You tell me that's just not how it is anymore, not how you feel. But when you look at me, lighting, it's a storm coming in over the horizon and the moon is screaming through the clouds and the trees are ripping in the wind and there we are, just in a bubble, floating through this nightmare. And you take my hand, and put it over your heart. Your heart beat steadies mine. Just one look my love, one look. One look silences the noise and calms my heart. That is not past love, that is not lost feelings. That is a ******* forest fire spreading through your veins, that is me.
was all true, written years ago
James Lloyd Jul 2018
Cricket's chirp relaxed my head
I feel the air crawling on my neck,
Alone is lonely exactly what they've said
If this is ruin I love it's wreck
The skies seemed to show me something red
That slowly turning blue and ready to set
A minute ago, I guess it all turns to blue
But some beautiful lights can escape

If this alone could be much better, then
I love to be like this forever.
I have seen the skies and the sun's setting --- beautifully, all the things I have said in the poem literally true I felt it.
Gaye Jun 2018
In all my imaginings, a pastoral past always found a place for themselves. Quite annoying. But as leaves disappeared from my eyes with the distance my car travelled, I constantly found myself lost in the cities that I lived in. I would want my daughter to have a huge balcony full of green leaves, I want her to listen to crickets from the city.
Jackie Mead Jun 2018
Oh what a scene
Cricket being played on a field of green
Eleven players per team all dressed in whites
What a fabulous, glorious sight
Bowlers bowl, Batsmen bat
Umpires keep the score, was he out, "howzat"
Bowlers aim not too high, not too low
Bowlers bowl not too fast and not too slow
Batsmen notching up the runs
Receiving the ball at full speed, hitting the ball to the boundary for a four
If their lucky they will hit it for six, over the boundary bar
A coin is tossed for who bats first, the losing team defending
Six ***** per over, 50 overs per inning
Who scores the most is the team that is winning
A few rules to abide
Keep your leg to the side, dont get caught leg before wicket
Bowlers of pace, try to keep the ball away from the batsmans face
If you are caught out before you score, a duck will appear on the scoreboard
A century is of course one hundred runs, simply known as a ton
Then comes a break for afternoon tea, sandwiches and cakes all freshly baked
The second team step up to the mark
For this typically English game in the park
Families attend from far and wide to watch the battles of the two cricket sides
Battling it out on a field of green, halcyon days continuing
Inspired by tonight's evening walk, field full of cricketers, Love cricket, it is so typically English, the only game I know that supplies an afternoon tea of cakes, quiche, sandwiches, teas and coffee for the players as well as spectators, brings back very happy memories.
Simon Soane Aug 2017
You're right,
your age is a good knock,
made with umpteen strokes
of splendour
and aplomb release;
i'm glad you came to the crease.
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