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Ackerrman Aug 2023
I sit and mourn
What could have been,
From the boundary, trying not to be seen.

A tiny nick
Has snuffed out my life,
Success always resting on the edge of a knife.

I sit here pondering, sorry.
Should be out there fighting.
Every strike sounding like lighting.

I rushed too hurriedly,
Spurned our honour
And became connon fodder,

Because I got the plan wrong,
Sung the wrong song,
Regret etched

Across my face,
Death dressed in lace,
Struggling on a sticky wicket,
I guess that is just cricket.
Sometimes you die before your time and then have to sit with all of the other dead souls. I suppose most people feel like they died before their time...
Ashwin Kumar Aug 2023
Recruitment is a difficult job
Surely, everyone knows that
It is like chasing a target of 350 in 50 overs
However, when you are hiring Investment Bankers
The target remains the same
But the pitch, which is a belter as of now
Suddenly acquires a greenish hue
And the ball starts swinging and seaming
One mistake, and you are back to the pavilion
Meanwhile, the asking rate keeps climbing
Thus, the pressure keeps building
Yes, that's how tricky Investment Bankers are
At least as far as India is concerned
However, European Investment Bankers are a different ballgame altogether
The target continues to be the same
As does the nature of the pitch
However, now you have to chase the target in 40 overs!!
Well, you decide to steel yourself
To bat out of your skins
And do manage to hit a few ***** out of the park
However, your joy is short-lived
As you go for one boundary too many
Only to get caught at deep square leg
More and more batsmen follow
And try their level best
To keep the required run rate under control
But the wickets keep tumbling
Meanwhile, your last hope, Hardik Pandya, arrives at the crease
And takes the game by the scruff of the neck
While at the other end, Virat Kohli stands strong
And the pair manage to build a partnership of 100
However, the European I-Bankers end up having the last laugh
As Virat gets run out
While going for a quick single
And Hardik goes for a maximum
Only to get caught
Just inside the boundary line
By now, you know, as do the European I-Bankers
That the game is well and truly up
Unless a miracle happens
Well, all you can say
Is "Better Luck next time"
Also, welcome to the world of hiring European Investment Bankers
Using cricket as an analogy to highlight the difficulties I face in hiring European Investment Bankers.
Everything is alright as long as you're delivering to their expectations
but when you'll fail to deliver so,
The same moment, you'll be taunted and 'll get hates from everywhere,
From them too... who was your so called well-wisher in your good time...

You'll be embarrassed, humiliated and will face unnecessary controversies,
They'll make you feel that you've destroyed your life and nothing is left for the future,
They'll forget your hard works, achievements and all... that you've earned for them over the years,
And will only remember your one bad moment...

They will object even to your smile then...
But don't give them your any single attention or thought,
Just ask yourself...

Every month for a night even the Moon looses its moonlight but does it mean that it will never shine again?
Every autumn, the tree looses its leaves but does it mean that it'll  never be green again?
Every evening, the Sun sets but does it mean that it will never rise again?

You will get your answer then...
Your all thoughts and worries will be vanished,
You will bloom like a new flower from a bud and your good times will come back,
From then, never look back in your life and don't give your thoughts to them who've hurt and humiliated you in your bad times...
To my favourite cricketer... #DAVID_WARNER
We know you're facing hard time... Suffering from a bad cricketing phase... But don't listen to the critics... Just believe in yourself... You'll rise again 😊

To Rashid Khan and Qais Ahmed

During dread and death,
You use leather and willow,
To show Afghan’s strength.
Two of my favourite cricketers, Rashad Khan and Qais Ahmed, are examples of strength and character. Even though the Taliban of taken over Afghanistan 🇦🇫, we can still use sports to help achieve peace.
Sara Kellie Mar 2021
with dice in our pockets
and places to see.
Hope in our hearts,
a bright future forsee.

Rock paper scissors,
agreement was made.
We'd ride on the bus
to play games in arcade.

In the ponds and the bogs,
There were tadpoles and frogs.
By the bushes and thicket,
we'd play football or cricket.

With time on our hands,
like a slowing of sands.
A keeper we'd pick
with a showing of hands.

Playing until too dark to see,
only then would we return
for tea.

With mercury fillings
and gaps in our teeth.
Saving what money
to spend on a wreath.

Things were different back then
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