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Maunas 3d
When I see,
I fall on my knee,
You inspire,
all I want to is admire,
you quench my fire,
I have no dire,
and I want to aspire,
to always be your squire.
Maunas 3d
When we cried
You came to our Side
Even if you were occupied,

You left your pride
In order to guide
To make us unified,

You didn't want to be famous
Nor did u care about our status
Your love was endless

You inspired countless
Gave us kindness
That is your greatness.

You were coutious
of our happiness
So you left Mahant swami with
Your brightness.....
Maunas Apr 22
Working while COVID is lurking,
You are selflessly nursing and returning,
Those that were hurting,
Sometimes it can be disconcerting
But remember, we are chirping because of you,
Thank you for serving.
Dedicated to all Front line workers doing their all to fight COVID. You guys are awesome We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
special thank you to Dr. Devan Thanki
Maunas Apr 15
When I see your cute face
my heart starts to race

Your laugh
i wanna keep taking photographs

you make me so happy
even when u are all sassy
i feel in am in a fantasy

i wanna keep on chatting
when while i am sleeping
you are so understanding

when you minused....
my life would be lifeless
and i want our love to be endless
Maunas Apr 2
When I lay my eyes
U sweep me away
It's all I wanna do all day

The sparkle in your eyes makes
Me me startle
U such a marvel

U are so amazing
I can just keep gazing
While my heart keeps racing....

U make me gay
All I wanna do is to play,
And be be your fiancé
Maunas Mar 25
When i look in your eyes  
my heart cries
it cant not belive it has
you by its side

When you smile,
it makes me full of smiles
And wants walk with
you down the aisle

your understanding is outstanding,
i never want to have a disbanding,
thank you for withstanding all my ranting...

you personality shows your humanity,
we have such a commonality.

you have captured my heart,
got me raptured.....

i feel so lucky to have found my ducky

i love you for, YOU
and its very true
Maunas Mar 19
You know you have the one when they make your day brighter than the sun.
Her laugh would make your heart spike up on the graph.
When she speaks you would smile cheek to cheek.
You know you have the one
When your heart wants her to be a part...
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