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Marisela Veludo Aug 2021
Looking for a corner, a place to hide
He aint weak, his reaction aint mild
Through him I see instability, I see red
A burning anger, takes control, unstoppable spread
A monster he becomes, it's growing within
Should not be heard, should not be seen

Looking for a corner, a place to hide.
Feeling lost and fragile ,get out of my site
An evil voice, a look that fears
I will not crumble,  will show no tears
Words that crush, confusing and absurd
Extreme behavior..... lunatic... its confirmed
Marisela Veludo May 2021
In my arms you smiled
We laughed and cried
In my arms you shared
We understood we cared
In my arms I had your touch
Made me want you so much
In my arms we grew
We saw everything through
In my arms you were my strength
I felt special and content
In my arms you were loved
In my arms you faded... ๐Ÿ™
In my heart you are alive
Memories with you will always survive
Marisela Veludo Apr 2021
Hidden thoughts,  better unheard
Sometimes happy , sometimes disturbed

A silent world, confusion, distortion
At times peaceful, clear solution

Thousand thoughts, profound world
Crazy mind, unbalanced, disturbed

Erupting emotions, uncertain and lost
Staying balanced is what it needs most

A monster so scary, shut eye, go numb
A friend so daring, heart beats like a drum
Marisela Veludo Apr 2021
From the first time our eyes met
I knew your heart I had to get
I wondered what you'd sound like
If you'd speak, would my heart spike ?

My other half, no more incomplete
The sugar to my bitter, you are so sweet
As he touched me , suddenly I melted
I felt the best part of me being presented

Warm feeling, embarrassing smiles
For you I would go the extra miles
Marisela Veludo Jan 2021
Life has changed
Turned upside down
We feel estrange
There's no one in town

People are suffering
Alone and in silence
No words are comforting
No truth no guidance

Out of control
All taken all dictated
Our dreams, it stole
This virus is hated

A thief of happiness
The devil of separation
A venom so poisonous
Man's worse creation

No touch, no kisses
No hugs, nor tickles
Its crazy and infectiouness
Its rapid, its careless

We despise this pandeminc
Its heartless , its manic
With hope and patiently
We will conquer tenaciously
Marisela Veludo Jan 2021
Life is a journey, without an expiry date
Our efforts as weapons for happiness bait

Grab it with force for as long as you can
Life is short for both women and men

What is the point, to our existence ?
Besides the now, this very instant?

Tomorrow may come, yesterday is gone
Have no regrets, its finished its done

Re-create that special moment , every single day
Uncertain of tomorrow or how long it will stay

Be your light, your friend, your happiness.
Live life freely, be wild, let loose the madness.

One chance to live,one chance to be yourself
There is no re do, let's live it for ourselves.
Marisela Veludo Jan 2021
Gentleman he was , for sure, like no other
Respectful and caring, my greatest discover

Nights filled with words, laughter and affection
Friendship so deep, an amazing connection

Genuine and pure was what we had
We gave it our all, heart in hand
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