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Susan Nishimoto Oct 2019
The world feels your pain and sorrow.

The world sees your emptiness and suffering.

The world hears your cries and prayers.

The world knows you're lost and scared inside.

The world hopes and wants you to find peace and comfort.

And the world loves and wants you to find strength

and to keep the faith.
This poem is inspired by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
Susan Nishimoto Oct 2019
Music runs in my blood as my heart beats faster.

It takes me to another world, oh I feel joy!

With words I can't explain, music is my one love.

Such as this, no one can ever understand me.

Without it, I could not live and that is my death.

Music is in my soul and it is forever.
Susan Nishimoto Oct 2019
I know you want to help me,
but you do have a weird way of showing it.

Instead of telling me what to do,
why don't you let me handle it?

You want what's best for me but it's my future;
let me decide for myself.

Can't you see,
I am much of a better person than I used to be?

I got a long way to go,
so please don't worry so much;
just let me be.

And bear with me for now,
that maybe later on, you will think differently.
Susan Nishimoto Oct 2019
What is it about trees that make them so special?

Why is it that they make me have a sense of peace?

Is it because trees are really alive like us?

Or that they stand so tall, reaching towards the sky?

What do trees remind us of when we look at them?

Why do they make me smile when I look at them?

Is it because trees are really like people too?

Or that they too, seem to have no care in the world?
I had written this when I was at work, since there's a lot of trees around :)
Susan Nishimoto Oct 2019
I remember when I was little,
I used to dance in your room.

I don't know why,
but I guess I really liked your room!

At your wedding,
I called your name all the time.

You were so beautiful to me,
I wished you were mine.

I never knew how much you loved me until now.
And I will give you my promise when I have taken my vow.

You told me you were proud of me,
and you were filled with surprise.

You said,"I always wish for your happiness,"
tears fill my eyes.
Susan Nishimoto Oct 2019
Fall is my favorite time of the year.

You can already tell when Fall is coming near.

The air is cool, and it is so perfect.

The leaves are falling as if they are imperfect!

The colors are changing from green to yellow and red.

I really can almost sense what the birds have just said.

They are chirping away in the trees like a song.

To me,

Fall makes me feel that there is absolutely nothing wrong!
I had written this when I was at a park sitting on a bench :)
Susan Nishimoto Sep 2019
I don't want you to worry anymore.
I don't know how many times I have said it before.

It's going to be alright,
trust me; you aren't going anywhere.

God will take the pain, alright,
believe me; God will be with you everywhere.

I love you too much to see you leave;
I don't know what to do if you leave.

But I know if I love you so,
I have to let you go.

So I wish you the best,
for God will take care of the rest.
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