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How could I even begin to convey to another how I truly felt? Perhaps the necessity to put into words is not needed. I sat and held hands with the molten honey, kissed the fire embers over and over, I did it. These people only exist in my mind as the raw emotion brought about by their raw emotion. Maybe my raw emotion is their raw emotion, or maybe not. Does it matter, I mean to say, is it necessary to know what the other felt? Maybe we all feel the same way all the time but we describe it differently. Maybe we feel completely different all the time and we try so hard to convince the other. I know this though. I feel a strange feeling that would look like a dark purple gem. I feel a slight sinking of the inner heart but the outer skin of my heart pulls up. It pulls up through my chest, up to the base of my throat. It manifests through my body to my eyes. This fury hides behind the ducts of my eyes. My heart is cold, my chest is warm, my eyes are tired. I can’t name it because a single name would be too broad. And when I think of Austin… The feeling intensifies to the point that I wish to weep. He passed away some time ago now. I can say that it hurts now because the front of my throat, the Adams apple, it feels like there is a weight connected and the weight is pulling down my throat into my stomach. With every breath I feel the same, with every blink I feel still. I miss my brother.
Jason Trinh Jan 2018
Surrealism at my right,
Celestial reality up above,
Oh how I missed this feeling,
The feeling of being in love.

Euphoric palettes gladden my toes,
Living 30,000 high on 28,
Let these desires come between us,
Let time do all but separate.

So tell me that all is fine,
Tell me that this is where we belong,
Cliche 35s on repeat,
Cliche moments all night long.

Does it have to end so soon,
Leave your love with a kiss,
Oh how I missed this feeling,
The feeling of something like this.
I dont really know you
But I've seen you everywhere
Always miraculously
Walking in the rain.

I know you feel
Like your the only one
With real problems
And that it somehow
Makes you feel special

I know your father died
I know you did too
And you've been haunting life
Like a little grey dream
Ever since

I know that you think
The least of yourself
And that maybe
You aren't worth the time
To understand

But you talk anyway
With your eyes
With your lost shoulders
With the subtle smirk
And a lazy three fingered wave

And so I listen
I know you need help
With the shattered bits
The lines on your wrists
But you won't ask

And I sure as hell
Won't leave you here.
Love can be many things. Sometimes its being close enough for someone to grab but far enough for someone to breathe.
Meg Howell Mar 2017
You were found in my ignorances

The things I chose not to see in myself,
you found in me

This contagious, spontaneous, fun house walk-through, reflecting only the compassionate parts of us two
Leal Knowone Jan 2017
A silken rope of phrases
   ailuranthrope blood tasted
   Sweet salt of the earth

   The dark minded misanthrope
   lycanthrope with ****** noise
   could always be worse

   Now i'm just a  broken rope
   of the wagon, on the boat
   been sinking since birth

   I want to forsake this  curse
   travel through time on this earth
   longing loving mirth

A haiku trapped in mundane
A perfect body
I lust for your  gorgeous brain  

Surround me with your splendor
help the broken see
and find a way to mend her

   This world it may betray us
   and you may find you hate it
   but it could be worse

   Broken bones on dusty throne
   lone failure and  cheap cologne
   I can see the hearse
   Passing through, heart still with you
   Now I'm done, let us review  
   Empathy in you
   Did you know you were my worth?
   The meaning of my rebirth
   no greater on earth
The Willow Jul 2016
"Why do you do that? Why do you blame yourself?"

"Because it's easier to believe that my love went wrong then to believe there was never love in them at all.

Because it's easier to believe that it was my fault, then to never trust the world again."
Kenēn Apr 2016
"Attacks me and hugs me
And forces the breathe out of me
Almost kills me
But kinda also loves me."

Isn't that the sweetest?
Peter Tanner Feb 2015
I am a man, this is so
I am tall, I am broad
I am seen as untouchable,
immune to hurt
This is not true
Under the muscle
Under the broad shoulders of this man
there sits a sensitive heart
It sits there unrecognized by many
Many that do not know,
that what they say hurts
"It will just glance off him" they think
But in truth, it strikes to the very core
They do not know of my tear stained pillow
They do not know of my heartbreak,
The isolation that welcomes me
They think they know me but they don't
They do not really know my manly but *sensitive heart
There are those who are sensitive but nobody knows, even those closest to them. Try to be kind to all those who you are in contact with for who knows. They may be sensitive, when nobody else knows.
Angie S Oct 2014
I gave you a warm meal
   You called me nice
I gave you a roof for the night
   You called me kind
I gave you a bed and a fleece blanket
   You called me compassionate
I gave you a set of clean clothes
   You called me thoughtful
I gave you money for necessities
   You called me generous

You said thank you
I called you a saint
Those real gifts in life.

— The End —