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All of us have inner hidden dreams,
We hope, wish, in time will come true, in some way,
We often miss, or pass them by,
Hoping for a better situation,
Then after time passes, we look back, and wonder why,
Life will always have road blocks,
We detour, or avoid, not to change our ways,
Then sooner or later, we find our spot,
Where we feel comfortable, and stay,
We can not compare, everything we see with our eyes,
If we wait to late, some decisions,
we will look back and cry,
Sometimes our emotions, give certain signs,
That only others, can see, we can pass them by,
Missing a part of our life,
Where we were supposed to be.

                                                                        Tom Maxwell ©
                                                                         06/10/20 AD
                                                                           10:30 PM
Chad Young Jan 18
There is no home like sitting.
But words take one step toward the mind
And one step away from "I".

Time equals dedication.
Aspiring to be as dedicated as my house mate,
Rather even more dedicated.
How do I compete with almost 50 years of regular practice?
Just minute by minute.
No comparison is really needed.
He has his mantra and siddhis,
While I have my shikantaza.
Samara Jul 2020
Feeling insufficient.
Knowing I'm insufficient.
Wanting insufficiency.
Not quite sufficient.
Comparing and contrasting.

Wanting acceptance to be my most authentic self.
What is my most authentic self?
Where do I find her?

Focusing on the next milestone.
Getting there and doing the same.
What do we meet at the milestone?
Will be happy will be content will be accepted will be winning,
at the next milestone.

How do you live in the present moment?
What is the present moment?
Amelia Feb 2020
'why is it,'
i consistently asked
'do the stars light up the sky
side by side
so confidently
not in fear of each other?'

my mom turned to me, eyes alight with curiosity
'whatever could you mean?'

'it's just...' i hesitated with the words about to fall off the tip of my tongue but lacking their density and conviction to be given
'there isn't one star
there are many
and they all shine together
aren't they afraid one day
they would be overshadowed?'

mom laughed
maybe they do
but don't you see
if all the stars were too occupied shining brighter than the other
the sky wouldn't be as beautiful

when you do your own thing
and not look at anyone else with ill intention at heart
can't you see how even more beautiful you would be?'
in my defence, science is not my forte.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
I need to stop comparing pictures of the present to polaroids of the past
Memories of first day we met to the reality of the last
I want a Polaroid camera soooo bad
Wendy Star Nov 2019
Comparing is poison
It’s killing you and me
The lies of perfection
We ain’t going to believe  

They say beauty is the key
“All the fame, don’t you want to receive?”
It only costs my subjection
It only costs my connection
It only costs my affection

Good grades will only get you so far
“You need a fancy car”
They say, They say
Now I’m saying beauty is the key

What happened to me?
What happened to not falling into the lies
I wasn’t supposed to agree
Now my happiness dies

Beauty and perfection
Striving to always be better is an infection
Worthless is what I see in my reflection
I want to love my imperfection
Imperfections are perfection
Makenzie Marie Oct 2019
What did she have that I’m missing? What did you have then vs. now that changes things? It’s hard to feel like it’s not me. I’m sorry. I’m sure I’m adding to your stress and I’m sure I’m not helping but I just want you to see what this seems like to me, especially considering my history— nobody has ever been sure of me, really.
I get that it’s not me, now. thanks for explaining.
Hello Daisies Nov 2018
Life is like a game of chess
I've been thinking about this a lot as i try to rest
Intially it's a game you strive to play with another
Playing chess alone wouldn't be worth the bother

Now i know probably not original to compare life to chess
But i cant help see the resemblance, if i may stress
Chess gives you many players to help you along
With those players comes choice right or wrong

Every move you make causes another to act one way
Later you might regret not letting that piece stay
You have a goal to make it out safe and win
And of course you try to succeed even with a little sin

A many time you may be trapped by another
Maybe a piece you counted on turned into a bother
You stragetize every move in order to survive
But at the same time won't win unless luck is on your side

Sometimes it's hard to see through the chaos which move to pick
One day you'll be a queen feeling mighty and slick
But one wrong move and you'll feel useless as a trapped pawn
But the game doesn't end until your last breath is drawn

No matter how hard you fight you may find yourself in ultimate checkmate
causing a panic and crying you lost your fate
Or you may find you succeeded your goal and came out safe and sound
Though either way you are still not bound

With whichever result you find yourself in
You can always  start over with a new beginning
Although im sure most can relate
That mostly every game of chess you'll play ends in a stale mate
Idk just thinking a lot and super anxious and exhausted
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