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Thorns Nov 2018
He left and missed

   Changed me

Now I'm finally free

   Deleted every trace of him

He is finally gone

   Gone for life

"You made my heart break

    And that made who I am"

He's missing out bad

    So sad too bad

Missing out, that sick *******
For Andra
Marie Lozada Aug 2018
I hate it.
I hate that we're a generation
that's caught up with our devices.
Eyes on the screen,
incase you miss out.
Keep scrolling,
incase you miss out.
Keep tagging,
incase you miss out.
Keep tweeting,
incase you miss out.
Keep posting,
incase you miss out.
here I am.
In front of a laptop.
Making sure I don't miss out--
about writing about missing out.
ChildofGodyay Jul 2018
Confident, strong.
What could go wrong?

Typed in some numbers, letters, words.
Brought me away into some place far away.

Sitting on the stool.
Heart and mind.
Into the electric pendelum.
Growing cold.

Your voice through a blocked megaphone.
Echoing softly in my mind.
But I soon went away from home.
Built walls made more than stones.

I ignored your call, that should'nt be the case.
I shouldn't be ignoring you warnings.
Building immediate walls when I hear you? That's alarming...
Ahhh stop getting distracted...
Poetry May 2015
Fathers are supposed to protect you
Be there for you
But mine seems to think I'll ruin his life
The coward is still afraid of responsiblity even though its been sixteen years since he knocked up my mum.

He has three other kids you know
One whom died not so long ago
One who he also ditched at birth but he sees her now
And a tiny wee baby called Riley

I don't want to see that ****
But I'd do anything to meet that wee baby
I've seen photos and hes grown sooo much
And im glad that coward didn't run out on Riley because that baby deserves a father as much as the next person.

Hope to meet you one day little one ♥
Cat Fiske May 2015
and you said,
I don't care about you.
I have no problem,
I just don't care about your existence anymore.
nothing personal,

and now I understand,
no one will stick around for you.
even those who love you.
and you just have to let them fly away,
like butterflies you wanted to take.
someone has been sending me these messages because I tagged them on fb about something, I got death threats from there new girl friend bc im there old one. it *****

— The End —