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Johnny walker Mar 12
Helen was a poorly girl she
toward the end before I lost her the mental state of her illness started to return may have also had the start of
Some of the things Helen would come out with, could be hurtful but then again they also could be very funny
I remember Helen's breathing had become a problem had to call the paramedic she had only a few weeks earlier been In Lincoln
she had nearly died there she hated It there, I knew Grantham Hospital doors
closed 6 pm I had to make the call to get In Grantham Hospital
before they shut the doors because It would mean going to Lincoln so I told Helen I making the call understandable didn't want to go
but I knew she be looked after In Grantham Hospital  I told her, and she said you make the call I won't love you anymore
knew Helen didn't mean this
It was her illness talking, I made the call  from the kitchen and went back to her and I said don't you love anymore
with no expression emotion nothing she just said of cause I don't my son had to laugh If you didn't you would have cried she was unaware of what she was
I had no problem forgiving her I had lived through those early days when she was really ill but
Improved over the years so It was a little bit hard to face all of this a second time around but I loved and that all
Helen before I lost started to become unwell again signs if dementia maybe she could say sometime could be hurtful but also could be Incredibly funny
But loved no matter what
It pains me
to see
someone being treated
so poorly.
should be treated even.
After all,
everyone has an opinion.
has feelings and
has the right to keep on dreaming.
Saint Audrey Apr 2018
Classic trepidation, stationary with the aura of
Coincidence, slit myself and call it skyward thinking
Sinking feelings that argue for a sudden resignation
Conscientiousness, leprous and typesetting

Intimate knowledge that I disclose verbatim cannot, and should not, ever be used against me.
Interest infected through wavelengths, non responsive partly cause of the rupturing that's been running through my dreams.
Scant as fixes to the problems, overblown and oft forgotten, lisping when I speak of this Epiphany.
Taxidermist furnish houses, howling wolves that get devoured, sounds like God and hell and them finally worked out peace.

Just cosmetic, slightly pathetic the ease at which the mind elapses
Classics retconned till nothing's left except the years of influence
Invested in the melancholy, snobs lobbyist and in distant memories

— The End —