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Laura May 2020
It’s astrology.
Read the stars
in my eyes
Hand me the key
And I’ll chain my own wrists
Slipping in and out
Of our own lives
Like shadows.
I can’t breathe underwater.

In the darkness
I reflect the sky
In the midst of this war
I’m sacrificial
It’s written on my face
And the palms of my hands
My fortune
The belief I will save you

My eyes are tired
But you can see me
Dreaming your dreams,
Drifting in the undertow.
Everything has changed.
I’ll drown under these grey skies
A kiss of life
Under the weight of the world
Laura May 2020
When our lives are written
From the ink and numbers
That make up the universe
So we will find our way
By the light of the stars and the sea
Laura May 2020
I made excuses for you
Then I’m sorry.

Not to you,
But to me.

I didn’t deserve that sort of disrespect
From either of us.
Laura May 2020
I have spent a thousand sleepless nights
Missing you

But none more
Than the ones I spent next to you
Laura May 2020
I split apart at the seams
Like a rag doll.
When the fraying stopped  
I stitched myself back together




My fingers are too ******,
To let you tear me again.
Ig: laura_poetessa
Laura May 2020
With too much time on my hands
I think of you
It’s funny how these cycles
Keep on spinning
Cobwebs in my mind
Still catching lies

And love feels a world away
Behind glass
It’s easy to feel trapped
The line between observer
And observed
No longer exists
Ig: @laura_poetessa
Laura Apr 2020
Time trickles from my upturned palms
In streams of oil and water
I’ve been trying so intently
To stop it
I haven’t had a moment to spend on anything else

I know that when we meet  
A lifetime will pass in a second
But somehow I’ll revel in the light and the darkness
Like the flickering of rapidly turned pages
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