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Harry lights another cigarette
Amy's dog died at the vet
Peter made Amy upset
Paul wrote up another check
Yolanda made another bet

Amy slams Peter to the ground
Peter utters a horrifying sound
Riley drives out-of-town
Ingrid raids the lost-and-found
Larry wears Ingrid's stolen crown

Fabio plays a riff on the sax
Ophelia fails to pay her income tax
Oliver blurs the cold, hard facts
Larry has trouble trying to relax
Sergio takes a few steps back

If you read the initial letters of each line, you'll understand the point that I'm trying to make.
Erica Sep 2018
you know i still love you
but i will always hate you too
for so many reasons
leaving me aloneĀ at 6 on friday nights till 10am the next day
i never ate enough
you never noticed
i never did my homework and lied saying i did
you hardly checked
i hurt myself
you never noticed
but you're my dad, i can't just only hate you
but i feel the need to
cause the pain you put me in
i will never forget
the phone calls that i have to initiate with a text
i'm sorry i'm a bad child
i'm so sorry i'm ****** up
and i'm sorry you don't know how to parent
i'm sorry i love my mom more than i'll ever love you
but i love you dad
you know i do
you just don't know how much i hate you
thanks for kinda raising me
you yelled
i cried
you drank
i cut
you smoked
i smoked
you slept
i drank
you went out
i stayed up till you got home
i'm sorry but i feel the need to say goodbye
to the father i wished you were
so i fan finally accept the real father you are
you lit me like a cigarette
and smoked me until I was gone
crushed me underneath your shoe
but my ashes burned through your lungs
to the heart you kept so cold
and you realized too late
this disease I have become
cannot be cut away
Cat Fiske Jan 2016
Lately I've fallen down,
deeper then I can dig myself out,
I've taken up smoking when they only make things worse,
My skin itches because I am allergic to some of the chemicals,
My body can't breath well enough for a good while after,
asma or not, I have to remember I wasn't breathing when I started,
at least now I feel my body trying. to do something.
sometimes if I  smoke too much my body can't take it and I *****,
funny thing is, I highly doubt any Native American smoked these.

— The End —