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avenjoe Nov 12
My dream was so close to be a reality
When i found you, i found a speck of light in the dark
The light that guides me and drags me out of the abyss

I used to put this love in the deepest recess of my heart
Together we lived our own story
You created my dream
But to be honest, i only regret of my self

You crushed it all
You left me
My dream is now just pieces of our love puzzle
That cant be resolved

I had to let you go
Forgetting your smile
Everything about you, about me, about us, just a wish
Far, so far away, to what i wanted to be
avenjoe Nov 12
Everything has it's own limit
Except the one:

avenjoe Nov 11
I'm the one who's in pain
Don't you see it?
I'm the one who's covered by fear
Don't you feel it?
I'm afraid what will happen to you out there

                              I'm still here in silence
                              Actually I'm stuck in time
                              I screamed "please, are you still there?"
                              But you're far away from me
                                                         I'm sinking in this silence
                                                         Which is increasingly weakening
                                                         this self
                                                         I don't know where and when this
                                                         feeling will end
                                                         As if all of this has no end

The sweet curve of your smile is increasingly reluctant to meet my eyes
No longer does your cheerfulness echo a guerrilla roar in my eardrums?
Let this ending become a memory for you
Just go, I'm not in vain because in truth time has not erased memories yet
I'm stuck

                             I know I can never reach you
                             Even though your image is still stuck in my mind
                             However, let this self hug you once again
                             Even if it's only through a poem
avenjoe Nov 11
Happiness is temporary
Pain is eternal

Nothing is real, all it do just to fade away at some point
But none of those good things stay, except the one:

avenjoe Nov 11
At one night it was 2 am
On bed of nails she makes me wait

          Shrewdness of your mouth keeps lingering on my mind
          Like an echo guerilla knockin me down back and forth

                         I value you too much, you value me nothing but a
                         welcome carpet
                         That keeps getting stomped, unvalued, but still there
                         to stay

                                     To cleanse your step
avenjoe Nov 8
How long am i gonna play hide and seek with my own feelings towards what she says?
How long am i gonna be a slave to love when nothing comes to me for real?
How long am i supposed to pretend its nothing to be thought off when clearly theres a lot of things are not meant to be and not on its track?

Gates of hopes are closing, gates of memories are opening as things are just going to be another piles of false hopes.
The fact that im still the old me, im the old scarred me, the old scratched me, the old torn down me is still there.
Even if theres an exit, its just a refraction of another pain behind the mirrors of life.

I'm not tired of feeling, and living up to these false, fake, temporary type of love.
I'm getting used to it, until the point i am legitimately numb thats where i become the walking dead.
avenjoe Nov 2020
It was one of those nights we had
Right when you turned out the lights
You got me struck down
Tickling me as if there's no tomorrow

It wasn't the first, it wasn't the last
You really got me satisfied
You were stroking all over my body
Sent me to another level of enjoyment

Seems like a touch
Touch too much
You know it's much too much
Girl, you know you're giving me much too much!

Girl, you know that you got face of an angel
You smiled with sin
She wanted it real hard, wanted it fast
A lil ***** touch might ease me

Touch me like you had a velvet glove
Lay me down and touch
This kind of woman's gonna drive me insane
Too much for my body, too much for my brain
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