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Alysia Marie Aug 2018
You’ve left me there,
In the dark-
With all of the demons of my past.
They’ve held me captive in those shadows,
And they continued to-
While you waltzed into the light.

                           Alysia Marie 2018 ©
exist Aug 2018
it can be so incredibly amazing
yet so incredibly isolating
to realize you’re one of a kind
and no one will understand your mind
daily struggle
A-McIntyre Jul 2018
I want to leave, to run away. I want the sun on a brand new day.
See this life I live, its not me at all, almost like its not Autumn  but instead its Fall. Falling down to the dark abyss, not like Alice more like constant darkness. I love him, with all of my heart, but I'm not in love, I cannot be, because how can I love him that way but not me? I have this problem, with finding myself. Who am I, but another story on a shelf?
I search for me, relentlessly but to no avail, its a dead end trail. I dont know where to start, or where to go, but deep down inside I just know.
Its not fair to him or me, this life we've built is misery, and I tell him this and he rolls his eyes, but I'm certain he knows this too deep down inside.
Even still its not fair to us, for us to stay, I'd be better off far away, but how can I leave him if he thinks he's happy, how do I go while still leaving him me?
AllyRose Jul 2018
He unbolted the locks
and untied my restraints,
which left painful bruises
and permanent marks.
  I could barely gather up
the strength to stand up
and make it to the door.
Then when I tried my
legs gave out and I fell
right on to the floor.
  As weak as a lamb
that can't hold the
weight of it's own wool.
He told me the shackles
I've worn were years ago
  There is a new pair
somewhere that I must fit into.
I listened because being in
a cage was all I ever knew.
Stella Jun 2018
The panicked heart
Is pushing the shoulder,
  pushing the elbow,
     pushing that hinged down wrist,

In hopes that one swift motion
Will untangle the word ribbon
In neat short lines on yellowed paper

Those wings that scratch and claw inside the little cage
Bleeding the walls
Will break free to fly and feed.

But Monday mornings I take great care
The wrist is nailed tightly on the cross
All the pistons are jammed in just the right way
Come Friday night the ribbon won’t untangle
And the bird will give up, sometime.
Emotional sequestration perseverates
     across thine time warped
     weft wise wold,
sans interpersonal stagnation

     flourishes as oft twice told
tale amidst derelict hollowed
     moldering sacrificed stranglehold
did potential..., now bankrupt acquaintanceships/

     friendships get out sold
agonizingly excruciatingly
     jujitsu physically writhing
     front row seat occupied -

     whereat direct view of scaffold
penurious adolescent Anorexia Nervosa
     plagued decades prior fraught
     psychological, neurological and illogical

     repercussions steam rolled
      natural heterosexual propensity
     stifling, stinting, and stymying this old
morosely jinxed kerfuffle inciting,

     hermetically heat sealed,
     tightly bound stinging
     straitened yellow jacketed
     bee devilish mold

hogtied hold, pig in the poke,
     fastened, galvanic hold
wrenching vice grippe
     fiercely extolled sterile lackluster

     human existence devoid cold
hence, imperative ambition
     to act forthright and bold
before advanced age
    finds this wordsmith additionally auld.

This solitary reader quests doth newt plead
per outreach need
without supplicating, lionizing, boot mead
dee eight ting, enticing Nietzscheism lead
me by thine pug nose,

     nor doth this passive heretic - heed
ding perseverance
     without selfishness nor greed
aye only seek to be freed,
where ambivalence to enjoy life exceed

sharing soulful travails yes in deed
foster repartee with persons no matter creed
faith, intelligence, nationality breed
united by state worthy charisma agreed?
Kee Jun 2018
I knew I was going to fall in love with him
When I heard his voice on the other side of the phone
I knew I was going to fall in love with him before it was even real between us
And we were tight
Everyday we talked
And everyday we shared
And I realized
That I had fallen in fast
And way too deep
I lost it a few times
But brought myself back on my feet
And he’s knocked me down so many times
Still I rise
And it hurt
But I kept going
Until he said “I cherish you as a friend”
And that’s when I realized
That I swam down to the bottom
And wasn’t sure if I’d make it back up
I’d lost myself in him
And couldn’t find the exit
And all I could was grip
And clutch onto something
That no longer wanted me
I was being held captive by his voice
And by my broken heart
Who just couldn’t let go
I’ll always have love for him
But I know that it won’t ever be
Even all of those times when he said “just wait for me”
I can’t wait any longer
I have a life to live
But I know one day we’ll speak again
And we’ll do these things
All over again
Skylar Turner Apr 2018
i am a flower.

i will grow in the sunlight
and bloom under the moon.

i will be plucked by fingers
too greedy to nourish me after.

but i am a flower
and i refuse to wilt in your vase.
Srijani Sarkar Jan 2018
Staying there

I was

Time's captive

abandoned in

Change's shore.
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