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the unfamiliar caterpillar
woke to the day
but it was all new
nothing the same way.

why would he stay?
when his body was sore
he woke up on new years
and his fears no longer bore

with his shed of a past life
everything is strife.
but with wings,
every little thing
gleams and feels


right then left then right again.
there you are, my friend.
Happy new year.

-Jac + mac
Thank you, Jac.
stone the bear Jul 2018
i can hear a neighbor moan in anguish about her hopelessness, and i too, get wet at the vibrations of those thoughts. i too savor in the salty sweetness of vulnerability and i too get off on the hurt as she hypes and pipes and rattles and shakes and quakes and breaks and slowly gathers herself together again as a puddle down the drain.
stone the bear Jul 2018
Why did
we exile
that child that
always smiled?

I implore you,
get riled!

Find your child,
when your imagination
ran wild and wasn't at all

you cannot be
as an adaptive,
creative child.
stone the bear Nov 2016
Frustration is only a sensation
Don't let it change what you think

If you do so,
then it only shows
where you're weak.

Your motivation
will shrink
when you feel
you're on the brink.

Regroup, get in sync.
Sensation comes
and goes
with a blink
of an eye

Hold your breath
and continue to try.

Why are you frustrated?
It's because of how you've
decided to classify.
What do you think
that signifies?

Identify then simplify.
Irrigate your irritation's

Instead of frustration,
look towards it with
stone the bear Nov 2016
I was thinking about you today
the expression on my face?
a dead give a way.
Cheerful as a
wild bouquet.
Like an ice-cream sundae
in the middle of the workday.

When it’s a gust, in a rush
I could still feel you, making like a breeze.
the paralyzing, never-ending brain freeze.
the tinge down each of my small vertebrae
Because of YOU, i felt like the light of the day.
Ahh yes, the foreplay, always underway...

Thank you for being my sleeve’s sweet appliqué.
stone the bear Nov 2016
nature springs
springs my step
to take a breath
and understand.

He has planned.
This land,
your land, MY land.

Only requirement?
grains of sand.
stone the bear Oct 2016
They told her she was just a face.

So all the creases & blemishes

made her mind race.

They said she could fix it,

just press erase.

With a brush, make it up just right:

sweep it under the rug

or go under the knife,

it’s just a tug,

and less bags

to lug.

***? that’s not how to give yourself a hug.

Take it off. remove it from sight.

why are you afraid for your face

to see the light?
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