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stone the bear Dec 2022
Put it in a box and tell it you’re mine
Chain it up tight and tell it it’s fine
Make it wait. Make it shake.
Make it quiver. Make it quake.

Keep it dark. Full of despair.
Make it gasp for every breath of air.

Tell it don’t you dare —
Move and it might just tear.

Maybe even share
for a faire

to dress it up, dress it down
Make it smile, make it frown

With metal spikes to keep it still
Easy to use, ready to fill.
Into the morning and through the night
It should know better than to put up a fight.

  Feb 2021 stone the bear
I don’t owe

I don’t owe
stone the bear Feb 2021
she fought tooth and nail.
Deflecting blows her best,
he continued to wail.
stone the bear Feb 2021
from the deep depths of hell.
she didn't belong here;
she said she accidentally fell.

She attempted to leave
but that's the decision of fate.
she continued to wade in the fire
daydreaming of the big pearly white gate.
start of something
stone the bear Feb 2021
such a tragic little mess
no matter how hard it got
she continued to do her own very best.
start of a poem i haven't finished yet
stone the bear Jan 2021
she craved the type of passion
that could bring the devil to his knee.
but what on this ungodly earth,
could that even be?

She sits and she’d plea
forever getting closer,
but somehow. success would always flee.

Until she grew so slee-py,
She couldn’t stand or chance.
She fell asleep at his feet
Halfway through her lovely dance!

And as she lay dead
And peacefully asleep as could be.
The devil couldn’t help himself,
But go down to her on one knee.

He didn’t even know it
It wasn’t recognized.
He was so enamored
By the look within her fallen angels’ eyes.

With such a face full of expression.
So much calm, so much dream.
He accepted the love of this girl
And shared an ever ember between.
stone the bear Dec 2020
if the scars I wear
are proof of life.
why must they appear in thin air
by sleight of hand under the knife?

if the scars I wear
are proof of life.

I have lived.
I have lived.
I have lived through hell long enough to deserve to heal.
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