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FloydBrandon Dec 2019
Big Top Cruisin' Freak Show Humans
Orchestrating Mass Confusion
Freedom Pleasing People Unions
Subsequently Crash Into Them,
Petrol Hoarding Leather Goblins,
Building Homes They're Paid To Rob
From Bigfoot Truthing ****** Loser
Tightrope Walking Mine Defusers.

Performers Of The Great Parade,
It's Storming Clowns On California
Pouring Bears In Maine,
Taking Stages Captivating
Trapping Kids In Lion Cages.
Uncle Sammy's Hat Is Full Of
Peanut Roasting Gophers
Toting Automatic
Pigeon Feeding
Battle Ready

We The Wild People
Take These Truths
And Hold Them Proofless,
On Glory To
We Glorious Few,
Cheering, "Circus-Circus!"
rachel redwine Mar 2018
Simply put
I wouldn't if I were you.

For what it's worth
It's not

For what you'll lose
Don't get confused
the dark side we choose
Is re-read old news

I know what you do to yourself
Screaming inside for help


Is it just my own mind
Trying harder each time
To forget why you died
To forget when you cried
To forget how I lied

And said

It's in your head

Your sick and it's sick
How I really am.

What's life like this one

I don't need,
and then

I saw you believe
And I felt your hand

I could only dream
That we'd meet again

Then something in me
Came alive again.
Graff1980 Feb 2017
I sleep but even in my evening slumber
Hear the sounds of summers coming thunder
Cringing and receding from the screeching sound of screaming
Mother earth beseeching while her creatures keep retreating
Scorch marks scar the fragile dirt
Pox and plague for self centered worth
Rain drops heavy as anvils
Hitting ******* my ceiling tiles till
They plunder my vacant eyes robbing them of their wonder
I turn to my tormenter screaming at the thunder
Be gone foul tempest haunt me no more
For I am but a fragile human being and you’re a superior storm
With your vaporous manifestation shocking presentation in fluid form
The storm replied shattering the stillness of my life
With a bolt two feet to the left of me that seared my eyes
Sockets dry the storm left no tears to cry
Singed I sobbed silently heaving and weeping
**** you nature
Pauline Morris May 2016
Start of the day
I'm already in the sway
Standing on the edge
Of my life's little ledge
Standing here debating
My life I'm rating
Should I stay and fight
Just for another agonizing night
Or should I take flight
Open up my arms, let the air rush by
As I fall into the sky
Yes it's just the morning
But my mind's already storming
they say i'm insane
just by the looks of my brain
not once have they tried
to understand my wish
to die.
the judgements coming faster
the storm isn't going
past us.
looking for a way out isn't working
all the sadness is leaving me
wishing & hoping
Ameliorate Jul 2015
Rose colored glasses
A blessing and a lesson
Steady rhythm of the pouring rain
Pitter patter against the rooftop
Humidity cast away for a moment
A refreshing pause on the days heat
Thunder booms
A distant siren blares
Emergency vehicles still out in full force
The city doesn't sleep
Heavy wind shakes the house
Rattling the loose windowpanes
Old glass is a true test of craftsmanship through time
The dogs cower beside me, small masses of shivers and uncertainty
I try to reassure them that there is nothing to fear
However I'm not so sure of this myself
More thunder
Cracking through the sky overhead full force
The abruptness of it all startles me into a jump
I am as shaken as the dogs
Despite the wonder
Lightning cracks and flashes like a picture show I can view through my window
Free television direct from nature, the best cable provider
you just need your eyes and a large enough window
If I find myself without power, I'll light the last hour of my candle
Slow burn, write by the flickering light
As this storm rages on I think about the moon
Which part of the world gets to gaze upon your gorgeous surface tonight?
Oh moon,
There is much left unexplained.
Sirens blare again,
Fire-truck perhaps
My mind is now seaside
Imagining I am a sailor, ship cast away enduring this terrible storm on the open water
A woman port-side in the distance sings a sweet, dangerous melody
Her voice soft and heavenly
Unrecognizable words at first until we slowly become closer to her
What once sounded wonderful now speaks of famine, war
A tale of death she bellows
Harmoniously growling, creating an ominous symphony with the heavy rain and clashes of thunder
"Unchanging is the sea, every good man too shall fall. Release your soul to me, for I am the lady who calls".
We are upon her now, her call almost deafening
The siren of the deep issues one last bloodcurdling scream
Then silence
Silence, coldness and pitch black
And I awaken, gasping for breath
The dogs are beside me and my candle still burns
A dream it must've been, yes a very real dream
But in my mind I can still hear that eerie song, sung by the beautiful siren of the deep
Casting her spell on all those who dare sleep.

— The End —