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  Jul 23 Whisperer
AP Hastens
It flows through seamlessly
A being that doesn't target aimlessly
A knife that aim fatally
It aims for a person's naivety

A person who acts tough
Will never get enough
A person who's acts a bluff
Will end up in handcuffs

As the tides shift
It sets the person afflicted adrift
Closer and closer to the rift
A feeling of being utterly stiff
Whisperer Mar 10
Anxiousness drooped from the ear,
Fastened by a clip.

An uncomfortable feeling instilled in the bones,
Making up your frame.

Disapprovingly true.

The buzzing won’t stop,
Willingness would fall,
Until it’ll all stop,
For once and all.
Whisperer Feb 13
Death will arrive tonight.
To claim the broken body that lays still.
Death will travel through the streets.
And when it reaches the door, it’ll gently knock.

Death will glance in the tub,
And see it’s reflection in between the blood streams.
And perhaps, death will slip on the blood that once flowed from the body’s wrist to the hardwood floor.
And perhaps, death will cradle the body as it weeps for all the strong ones that came before.
Whisperer Feb 13
As I stand at the edge of the ledge,
My feet dangle.
Creating the music you used to sing.

I rethink,  
and your old words push my mind.

"If you're so sad why don't you jump?"
those were your exact words, father.

Maybe, I'll try to fly
but your words will push me down.

My body will go numb,
as my screams create waves in the chilly water.

And then I'll swim away
Whisperer Apr 2019
I try not to write about you

But whenever these hands get hold of a pen

They start sketching your beauty and flaws
Whisperer Apr 2019
I thought writing after a heartbreak would be easier

But whenever I try to find the flaws to sketch ,

I'm met with a beauty more majestic
Whisperer Apr 2019
I thought all my tears had dried up
But then you left ,
and proved me wrong
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