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Mia J Aug 16
Though my smile is as illuminating as the morning sun,
it grows dim in the night hours.

Even though my lips are full,
they fall flat a lot.

My body is curvy and a nice sight to see,
but there are some days I hate it

Though I wish my skin were lighter,
I love my two tonedness

I know that the realest people don't have lots of friends,
but I wish I had at least one more

See, I'm that girl who knows there's more like her
The girls who acknowledge their imperfections
But still love their flaws
They keep their heads up and make the world their own
The ones who are determined to be the greatest
The ones who never fully fit in
Their smiles go dark but they don't let it stay dim forever
The strong women who look the world in the face
And say, "You ain't ready for me baby"
The big and kindhearted girls who will love you but will know when it's not worth it anymore
The ones who dare to believe that they can do anything they put their minds to
The missfits who were cast aside
But walked back in center with her hands on her hips and kept going forward

Life is something else on its own
But I do my best to make it a better day for myself
I can't stop smiling
I can't stop laughing
I can't stop putting in 100 percent every day
I gotta keep moving
If I ever stop, I'm halting my own progress
And I'd rather not make that my own reality
Mia J Aug 14
The mind says,
The heart says,

Which one is right to follow?

Mia J Aug 14
Take me back to the times when I didn’t know what I know now.
Take me back to the days where I didn’t know that I existed in a cruel world.
Take me back to where the only faces I naturally smiled at were the people
who truly loved me.
Take me back to the days when my Queen-sized bed was a white crib
and slept for as long as I wanted.
My parents did everything for me while I just smiled and giggled.
Take me back to the times when my car was a stroller and the gas that
kept it going was my parent’s arms.
Take me back to the time when having fun meant riding my bike or scooter
around the park.
Take me back to the days when the only things worth chasing were bubbles
before they got away.
Take me back to the times where the only games I was used to was Dragon Ball Z or Tekken
or Mortal Kombat.
Or games on the websites of Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, or Nickelodeon.
Take me back to the days when the only words to describe boys were annoying or cute.
Take me back to the days when the only friends I knew I had was my teddy bear
or my blanket.
Take me back to the days when the only color I was concerned about was the my favorite one.
Take me back to the days when my devices of entertainment were dolls, toy cars, and
an easy bake oven.
Take me back to the days when the only puzzle pieces to put together were ones my
parents purchased for me.
Take me back to the days where my thoughts were what was for dinner or what I was
going to wear the next day.
Take me back to the days of nap time.
Take me back to the days where the only stories I enjoyed hearing were from Dr. Suess or Eric Carle.

I know I couldn’t wait to grow up.
But I’d give anything for one day of the simplicity I wasn’t thankful enough for.
Mia J Aug 11
Oh I wish I had the wings of a butterfly!
I’d fly far, far away
and land to the prettiest flower.
I’d indulge in its peaceful beauty and sweet nectar.
I left my cocoon long ago and the present is all mine to explore.
I grew and grew for many days until my shell was no longer suitable.
Now it’s my time to be who I am.
You see,
I come with many colors.
My bright ones add light to the atmosphere.
My darker ones send coded messages to those who dare to listen.

For I am one with nature but I lack the ability of flight.
Such an ability would help me flutter more in my true self.
The weather was warm with open arms when I left my shell.
Oh I wish I could fly with the other butterflies!
But perhaps it’s better if I’m solo for some time.
I may not be as fast as them and I wouldn’t want to slow them down.

The ladybug and the shining sun will bring me proof.
Should I ever have butterfly wings,
The smiliest and prettiest flower would be my first destination.
  Aug 6 Mia J
As a woman, I have always
felt the pressure to procreate.
And if I succeed,
well, I better be the best mother I can be.
But what if, I’m scared
Of the pressures of social media.
That the moms that populate the page
will always be better than me.
That I may spread
my infected genes.
That maybe, right now, the world is
just a scary place to be.
But what if, I decide
to do things for me?
Does that deserve
to be guilty?
Mia J Aug 6
When baby girl first bloomed, her hair was slicked down on all sides of her little head.

No products were used on her hair quite yet and she was as naturally beautiful as the brightest flower in the garden.

Her hair was as delicate as her baby skin but that didn’t stop it from becoming a nest of smooth curls.

She was a happy and vibrant baby but her hair grew at a fast rate.

Her mother often used a small brush to make her baby’s curls look “neater” as if baby girl cared.

A pink, yellow, or red bow would be placed in the middle of her soft little fro to give her a shiny little glow.

Then baby girl got older and the smoothness turned into coarseness.

Some described it as spongy.

Her mother would use a kid’s hair lotion to give it more moisturization.

However, baby girl’s hair required more than regular hair lotion could give.

Baby girl still bloomed in radiance and beauty.

Her natural hair wouldn’t be a real problem to her until years later.

Her mother could no longer deal with the broken combs, screams of her daughter, neither the losses of money in a lump sum.

Her mother decided to relax her baby girl’s curls.

Baby girl knew her scalp tingled and burned for her natural hair to be “tamed.”

Though baby girl wasn’t as young anymore, she noticed some changes in her hair.

Her fingers could go through it without getting stuck.

Her hair was shiny as a piece of gold and bounced when she moved her head.

But now, baby girl knows.

She knows her hair may be bone straight but it’s missing something.

To some, it’s just hair but to her, it’s her sense of expression.

Others like her rock their fros with pride while her relaxed tresses no longer appeal to her.

It never did as she was oblivious to her mother’s logic.

She went full circle when she returned to her “***** roots” and she couldn’t be any happier.

Now baby girl has bloomed into a woman with her nest of ***** and coil like curls.

Her curly fro was something like the beautiful flower that resembled the sun.

A beautiful brown centerpiece as the center and her curls as the petals that surrounded her.

Her tresses were as perfect as they could be and it will never matter who chooses not to agree.

Mia J Aug 4
The sun shines
And the flowers bloom
They’re so beautiful and different
In their own way
I go and pick a yellow
Compared to the rest, it’s rooted quite a bit
It’s tall and long
I sit on the ground and study it
It petals look like the rays of the sun
I brush across the surface
Yellow is shy
Yellow is meek
The sun shines harder
Yellow may be beautiful but
Its petals begin to shrivel
The sun shines harder
A bee hums near me
I drop yellow and move to the next
The next flower is green and vibrant
I pick this one with care
I study it
This one is long and tall
Not quite like yellow
Green is soft like cotton
Green has a natural, sweet smell
Green is secure in my hands
But the sun shined after a little while
Green dropped but I didn’t
Notice at first
I took my time and saw
That greens petals were all
Over the ground before me
The wind whistled
Blowing the green petals
Far from me
I wanted to grab one to feel that softness
After awhile, I moved back to yellow
I shed a tear hoping it changed
To go back to the beauty it was
Soon I let yellow go
There’s another flower across the field
It’s red and has many petals
Everything I want
But I’m not ready for such beauty


— The End —