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Gary Cuming Jun 2021
Thunder roars through the empty halls
Lost, forbidden, in the dreams of the dead
Desolation descends to answer the call
Of petulance, compunction and dread

The horror of the night, haunts the moon
As it shines on the blackness of life
Earth disembowelled by all it consumes
Distorting truth, fouling Gods paradise

Death reigns hard, as love is defiled
His cloak bleeds a bleakness entire
The light of the world, left broken, beguiled
Transformed to filth, desperation, to fire
Gary Cuming Jun 2021
Tap. Tap.
Distant sound from above
Kept silent within a fragile soul
Tap. Tap.
Drowned out through fear and love
A wind beyond a persons control

Tap. Tap.
The baying of the storm
Branches frolicking on every gust
Tap. Tap.
Long shadows start to form
Fickle weather displays it’s disgust

Tap. Tap.
When will it cease?
How does the window not shatter every time?
Tap. Tap
Darkness within, fearing a release
As the peace is shattered in my mind

Tap. Tap.
Glass explodes within its rage
The storm whistles through empty eyes
Tap. Tap.
Anger escapes its fiery cage
Smashing all that it touches with its cries

Tap. Tap.
The storm is let loose
The fire, the fury, the furore
Tap. Tap
Through insatiable abuse
Frustration angrily reaches its glory

Tap. Tap.
There’s nowhere to turn.
No escape from the pain it spreads
Tap. Tap.
As the world starts to burn
All placations are torn to shreds

Tap. Tap.
The clouds roll past and the winds subside
As tranquility restores the mind
Tap. Tap.
Regrets form like tears and fall like pride
Promising no more, promising nothing. No next time.

Tap. Tap.
Gary Cuming Feb 2021
Nightmares diminish in the depths of my dreams
As the sun breaks the mournful night
The day envelopes the lonesome sky
Darkness open it’s wings and takes flight

The beauty of the dew, sparkling in the light
The warmth of the radiated heat
The splendour of life marching forth
In comparison is a futile feat

For the beauty of a beginning
Can never compare to the smile that wakens my heart
The sun can’t outshine the love in your eyes
Or the grace you had from the start

Without the sun, without the moon, without the stars above
We will always be bathed in light,
Because of your kindness, your love.

You bring me so much everyday
You bring me joy and laughter
You bring my feet back to the ground
You are my ever after
Gary Cuming Feb 2021
Painful embers stab the dark
Of pain too rich to bear
Callous flames, beguile a heart
Left stained by acrid air
Dreams denied by rancid thoughts
On lips too vain to care
Lifetimes lost in frozen eyes
A soul beyond repair
Gary Cuming Feb 2021
Climb the steps, one by one
Feel the breeze refresh me
Hands can nearly touch the sun
Golden rays drip down around me

Love and splendour encases my heart
With the world shining out all its glory
A brand new day, a glimmering start
New beginnings, new days, new story

Top of the slide, secure on the mat
Fluttering lungs fill up with excitement
The world whizzes by with a song in my heart
Slipping forward towards my contentment

Faster I go, slithering side to side
I struggle to grasp a breath
Plummeting down on this endless ride
Catching up with shame and regret

Down and down the light disappears
And darkness consumes every turn
Losing sense of myself and fuelled by fear
My insides begin to churn

No life and no love, no heart and no soul
Confusion, despair and resentment
The mat slips away as I lose control
The metal fulfils it’s defilement.

Further down I go, to torturous pain
To ignorance, to loss, to desperation.
The blackness of the night cuts through me again.
Beyond hope , beyond love, beyond rejection

The descent abates as the end draws in
Left unwanted, broken and apart
Needing life, needing love, needing somewhere to begin
Like an ending that needs a start

Through floundering thoughts, gasping for air
A moment of clarity shines
Your angelic voice rings through my despair
One word. One beautiful word. ‘Climb’
Gary Cuming Feb 2021
Days began and nights would turn
Through endless cycles of despair
The living dream, compelled by hope,
Carried away and lost in ethereal life.

Shattered byways that led to want and love
Broken by lies and embittered deceit
With the emptiness rotting inside.

Frustration abounded and sank In my heart
Fulfilment seemed to slip through fingers
As the quicksand of denial, swallowed my soul,
Leaving nothing but ruin and resentment

But a vision appeared;  an intangible soul
Glistening in from the darkness.
A scent of purity, a touch of truth
That could lift me from petulant disease.

The strength of you followed, with a passion ignored, igniting a burning desire, left forbidden and closed in my dreams.
A sparkle of life, endured by hope, captured  a heart that was lonely and discarded.

A spirit renewed by beauty unseen,  revelled in desire, acceptance and love
Life reaffirmed

Soul to heart
Heart to soul
The touch of your hand
The warmth of your smile,  
remains after Ophelias rage
Gary Cuming Feb 2021
Behind the lies and painted smiles
Lies wounds that cannot heal
The tormented ache of a forgotten world
And a heart that can no longer feel

The outward laugh, a forgotten touch
Defy the darkness inside
The horror of a mind debauched and lost
In a pool of tears, uncried

A quick embrace and wanten love
Beleaguered by apathy and grime
A soulless mess, a repulsive truth.
Evil lingering in an languid mind
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