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Andrea Jan 2020
the only you cannot control,
the only you cannot buy
and if I am with you
I have chosen to stay with you.
I decided my time was so precious
as much as you are for me.
Even if I am tired.
Even if I am sleepy
I don't know how much this thing will last for.
I only know I am here, now
and it is the only moment that care, now.
Andrea Dec 2019
Victim, of my own choices
Caught, in a tight corner
With my back to the wall
All I hear is noise
I feel as if I could not escape
Andrea Nov 2019
If no one comes from the future
To stop you from doing it
Then how bad of a decision
Can it really be
If you believe in it, just do it.
Andrea Nov 2019
I get tangled in the brooding nets of my mind
And drown
Andrea Nov 2019
One day, you wake up and start to see everything through another sight.
You see that we all are the same stupids human beings as everyone on this planet. Everyone is gray, everyone search only attention. That attention is necessary to keep alive their Ego. Egoistic and individualistic creature, that what is a human.
They need to be "the only one" in anything, but they're just another one doing nothing new, only hungry of "likes" and selling their self for nothing more than something that doesn't exists.
We are bored, we are sad, we are unsatisfied, we are...
What are we?
Do you disagree?
Andrea Nov 2019
Sometimes I'd just sleep
Cause there was nothing to keep
Inside my mind
Didn't wanna die, just needed to pause
Andrea Oct 2019
Fake smiles
Fake happiness
Is better staying alone sometimes
Than being prisoner of their mess
Nowadays no one is truly honest.
It's like anyone is trying to hide something.
You're all scared. We are all scared.
We are terrified to show the world who we really are.
We are petrified to the idea of being vulnerable.
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