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kiran goswami Jan 31
And on some days
I just can't write.
I skim through pages
scribble my name a thousand times
End up realising,
I just can't write.
My diaries and notebooks lie open,
I look at my own words
End up realising,
I just can't write.
I stumble upon words
And fall insides holes of oxymorons,
And I end up realising,
my name and writing together are also an oxymoron.
I look for inspirations and motivations
But end up realising,
I just can't write.
I personify my emotions,
Add similes to my feelings,
Just like a heart broken by love does.
But I still end up realising,
I just can't write.
I read poems and stories
Of writers who could write,
Feeling, maybe someday even I would be able to.
I battle with metaphors
Scratch the onomatopoeias,
I injure the meanings
Spill my thoughts through my veins.
I shout " Alohamora " to my heart a million times.
I trace through the lines of the endings of my stories.
I try to go on like the brook forever,
I hear the voice of the solitary reaper in the daffodil fields.
Yet, as the day ends,
I end up realising,
I just can't write.
The clouds he welcomed,
and let them play
While the sun descended
to kiss his rugged make

The winds would rage
yet come to him
as a petted bovine
tamed at whim

Like a ***** giant
stood the mountain tall,
in brooding silence
as he towered above all

Then the rains came, and
brought a stranger home
She was none like them
yet she seemed their own

In her winding bends
the mountain heard
the frenzied beats
of a heart so stirred

As the brook looked up
and the mountain down
she found calm
and him, storms found

The clouds he asked
how he could move
and mustered his will
for a measure of stoop

She looked at him
with a drowning feel
clutching at her banks
and digging in her heels

The bend showed up
like an eternal curse
carrying the aching brook
like a solemn hearse

One last time
she looked back at thee
the one she killed
in setting free
A moment shared in love can be enough for a lifetime.
Jim Musics Apr 2018
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Standing on a big rock in the middle of Owl Brook
Moss so green, a good green
Last week, last mortgage payment
Mortgage, yeah, what a word
So I own it now?
Not the water that flows, evaporates, rains over the whole Earth, not any of the rest either
Used me up mostly, paying tho'
Pinch pennies now
Was – at least I have a job
Now – at least I'm still alive
Rice rules
Bargain beans, 'good as any
Homemade bread, 'get me a solar oven, sunlight's free.
Make bread while the sun shines
'Will dig me a well
(they wished me well as they thought of themselves)
Go fish
'Just a matter of time
I don't own nothin'
Yet right here, now, it's beautiful
More moss,
Aflaha Feb 2018
Your love is like a flowing brook
Like an autumn leaf, am I

Now I am carried away
Without hopes or dreams

And the soft murmur of your being
Is the sweetest thing I hear everyday
You are the music to my soul!
dpbian Jan 2018
Earlier I had a look,
To a beautiful brook,
But day by day and night by night,
As the sands of time passed by,
The brook turned into a gigantic cry,
With water ***** black and plants did die,
And humans wanted a overfly.
It took thirty seconds to cross that bridge,
But many years for that brook to come beneath bridge.
That thirty seconds gave me a look,
How intelligently we drained that brook.
That's why I say humans are great crook.
Earlier I had a look,
To a beautiful brook.
Now I look it again,
That horrible sight gives me pain,
Again and again more pain I gain.
That sight keeps flashing in my mind,
And broke my dream of utopian world,
Now I believe my dream was inert.
That bridge was sign of developed human civilisation,
What faces of ours will be portrayed to our advanced future generation.
Pledge to save nature
Star BG Jun 2017
Beside a brook of rippling dreams,
I watch the golden sunlight beams.
They frolic on the silver foam,
as I do sing and dance to roam.

And fish shall glide inside grand style,
to drift and yes they’ll stay a while.
Before they disappear in light.
The fish they are a sacred sight.  

A peaceful place I found at stream.
It makes for a great peaceful scene.
So mediate I will this day.
I echo gratitude to pray.

With rock in hand I’ll toss to wish,
inside this day I will feel bliss.
To swim and hear the birds sing strong.
Inside of love,  I can’t do wrong.

And with my dreams I will touch sky
and question not inside a sigh.
The sun and brook gives power light.  
I know my life will be alright.

StarBG © 2017
Cne wrote the first stanza and I was inspired to write the rest. Cne you rock
Vexren4000 May 2017
The brook,
Moves on from the uprising spring,
Marching past reeds and flowers,
Crystal clear,
A life-giving substance,
Uprising from the sandy hot ground,
Showing that the earth,
Is not as cruel as it can be.

Emisen Nov 2014
The bubbling brook flows
softly in the silken wind
like shadows of smoke.
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