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Georgie Feb 2
You sold cookies for a living and knew my order well. You'd sneak me free ones and smile a smile only meant for me.

I told you about the boy who thew a vase at my head and you held me and told me you'd never do anything to hurt me. Stupidly, I believed you.

I told my friends about you, my mum about you, about the boy with Hazel eyes who made me laugh and my heart sing and who saw the good in everyone.

You asked me to the cinema and I was so excited, I straightened my hair and did my make-up, something I never do but I wanted to impress the boy who made my heart sing.

I met you outside, you wore a blue shirt and told me I looked pretty as you bought us tickets to Guardians of the Galaxy 2. To this day, I can't watch that film.

We sat at the back and you used my full name to ask me to be yours and even though I hate my full name, I let you and I said yes.
You smiled and in that moment, made me the happiest girl in the universe.

You told me you had tonsillitis and I told you I didn't care and you kissed me and I blushed as you told me you had butterflies and I told you I did too.

We played Air-Hockey after the film and I thrashed you (I knew I would). My dad gave you a lift home, you charmed him, I thought everything was good.

For the next three days, you were the centre of my world and I thought I was the centre of yours.
You told me you'd plan something for my birthday, told me about all the dates we'd go on, told me I was pretty every day.

Until you sent me the text that blew up my world.
I told you that you looked cute today and you responded with,

"I'm not feeling it anymore"

Four little words. That's all it took to destroy us.

A week passed.
You got a new girlfriend and I was left with tonsillitis and a shattered heart, wondering what I did wrong.

I didn't speak for a month, cried so much I thought I'd drown and you didn't even care.

I wonder if you ever cared at all.
It's been 5 years and I still think about this
Ashley Jan 19
I walked into math class today only to see my teacher
she greeted everyone happily as normal although a different start to class she gave us cookies and milk
haha room temperature milk but it was still a nice gesture

Betty Dec 2020
Cookies are bright twinkles

fun and easy on the eye

they say 'come on, you know you want me, step up and don't be shy'

take off the lid

dip right in

everyone loves a tiny bit of sin!
Cookies are fun, biscuits are grown up and British except for jammy dodgers!
Juno Nov 2020
there are cookies in the oven
i can make some tea
just stay for awhile
stay here with me
V Grahovskaya May 2020
20th of Janury
21th of Februari
22th of March
23th of April
24th of May
25th of
This is time
measured by humans life.

rushing at the speed of girls
flattering theirs oversized eyelashes
and boys crashing into
fence from bikes,
the first word "mammy", which dad
did not record
It expires at the speed of the ran-out shelf life
of your beloved biscuit and hated milk
that you're allergic to.

down on the way to round-the-clock shop
the world seems fragile
like the handle of a plastic bag

dropped cookies decompose in the white sea
of lactose

time is slowing down
vonny Apr 2020
soft pieces of purity laid out on a parchment sheet
it smells like raw memory and a warm home
mixed with a spoon to create something sweet
the lovely aroma lets all my memories foam

pouring in the milk laced with my very own blood
these cookies are for someone who is of worth
mixing in the flour, tears at my eyes threatening to flood
but I will endure the pain to put the dough by the hearth

before I put them in the oven, I try a little taste
I feel sick, and my stomach begins to cramp and ache
I ***** all over the floor and look at all the waste
instead of cookies, next time I should make a cake
i wrote this about putting blood, sweat, and tears into a friendship that made me feel awful about everything. however, instead of ditching the unhealthy friendship, i instead opted for different methods of devoting myself completely to them.
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2020
Some nights you
were the moon.
Sailing through waves of milk
Before disappearing
into the vulnerability
Of what we keep on the inside.
It's no wonder why cookies
Are so popular.
The outer edge
drenched in saliva,
Curiously protecting
what's kept Precious.
A slight pause before everything
Is mushed & swallowed.
Some nights you were the moon.
Drenched in white fudge
Swirling in a universe all of your own.
Some nights you were the universe
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