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Amy Dedman Oct 2020
right under her nose
but she didn't know
it didn't want to impose
kept to the pattern and flow

no longer spiralling
but stuck
like gum on your shoe
like some bad luck

if you squint your eyes
and hold your breath
you will detect an end
but nothing like a death

memories are merely in our mind
sometimes you get triggered
and you are now blind
feeling disfigured

unlearning old habits is a fight
such a familiar face
the old you, a comfortable place
a room with no daylight

but the wheels keep turning
and the world keeps spinning
she is still learning
somehow it's just the beginning
Christian C Jun 2020
Is it that I crave
an understanding of self
amidst a turmoil of state
or is it that I'm a coward
always running from
crying out for
what I
to be
kevin wright May 2020
A place in which to ponder
not a milky way
universal complexity
repulsions war attractions
feelings and asensuality
the creation of ones oan

cosmic chatter
slowing the flows
dragging the darkness down
energy implosion

darkness a place of harmonius existence
deafing in reality

speaking in circles
hearing it all
unable to translate from the light
want to stay longer
energy sapping

drawing on previous knowledge
driving experiences forward
deciding the options
balancing the ideas and harvest

break free into the light
an eerie world
where life exists
weigh the risks to venture forth
open the aqueducts
fountains draw us out

relief in existence
appreciate the worries
deal in the contradictions
manage the cliff edge
make a pact with your soul
socialising tendrils
start to walk

deep sleep enter thy vessel
a place to dream good and bad
protective and restoring
open-hearted dutifully imploring
with authentic rhythm
assemble gods of energy

write out, light up the abyss
speak out,  quench the abyssum
baby steps and leave that abyss alone
exploration of a term expressed in many poems
thelemonpolice Jul 2019
I don't know what boundaries are
And where they lie
Between a friend and a lover
And to colleagues, I'm shy

Do I tell you deep things
That mean a lot to me?
Or should I save my depth
For those that truly see me?

do I need to explain
My entire life
For curiosity
Behind abstract eyes?

Intimacy is needed
In life to survive,
But what lines do I cross?
Which depth do I dive?

My emotions are deep
Can you empathise?
Would it hurt you as I explain
And make myself cry?

Is it worth it today?
Should I just stay shallow?
Talk about the TV
or something more mellow?

I just don't know when to go
I don't know where to crop
Images in my mind
And thoughts are just non-stop

I can't tell you everything
noone could understand
and I should reserve some depth
For myself, please understand

I need to learn and create
My own safe space
And respect all my boundaries
Make you reciprocate
Francesca Nov 2018
The mind can be a
poisonous vine,
That twists
and creeps,
and thrives
The twisting vine,
is kept alive -
If it’s scrutinised.
here I am...
and doing what I can
To live this thing called ‘existence’


Wait up!

Before I continue....
This is going to be a long one
and may be new to some of you...
So before I continue,
I’ve got nothing to lose,
by sharing my beliefs with you....
For this is something I MUST do,
I’m no guru,
And I’m certainly no preacher,
but perhaps a healer,
so maybe listen to these words,
Of which I’m pretty sure you’ve heard already,
I assure you this won’t be deadly!
And it’s even politically correct

You see,
this body that you see me in,
with a name, an ego,
and well, anything else I have been assigned with,
Day in,
Day out
is just an image,
a bridge between the spirit world
and the living world,
In the name of Nature,
in the name of Karma,
and in the name of what we all know as...
the universe.

Don’t you just love how diverse and connected everything and everyone is?

I wish it wasn’t relevant but it’s a shame that some people around us just can’t accept this.
All I can do is tell you that you can’t change others, only how YOU adapt to them in a positive way
because we must all preserve our reputation, another important perception and seal THAT with a kiss so whaddya say?

Our own mental health should come first right?
well, THIS is how I cope because at the end of the day,
It’s only myself who can be my own true guiding light.
it’s gotten me through my worst and weakest days,
and let me strongly express this that these feelings we go through is just a phase.

So just incase YOU are feeling under the weather today,
don’t forget that even though you are just an image that not only YOU have helped to create,
Not everyone sees, thinks and feels the same way,
It’s okay to bear in mind that time is what you make it,
so don’t let a beautiful illusion like YOU go to waste
ali brown Jun 2018
I made a vision board
in CBT therapy
four years ago

I pasted a Keaton Henson quote
“I think a lot  of art is trying to make someone love you”
on my board

I just thought it was a nice quote

My therapist then proceeded to tell me
not to create for anyone else
but myself.

I proceeded to not listen.

I’m still writing poems about you
I’m still drawing your hands
I’m still in love
and we haven’t talked in years.
kenny Apr 2015
Reality is psychosomatic
We perpetuate thought-form
On a treadmill of synchronistic
Passing self-doubt
In a transcendence contest

Fear vs. desire,
The pillars of motivation,
With the best intention


*A dream-scape manifested
Hayleigh May 2014
Write me a meal plan in bright red pain
And tell me this is the answer to all my problems again
Force down a tube through my nose and into my stomach
And watch as I flummox out of control
Fill this gaping hole inside of me
With drugs and sedation
Numb out pain and realisation
Force feed me promises and a smile
Only to regress back in a while.
Fill these cracks
With temporary fixtures
Concoctions of pills and other mixtures.
Treat me with CBT and psychotherapy
Tell me one day ill be free
And maybe if you say it enough times
Ill start to believe it
As much as you say you do.
Rl Apr 2014
'Nothing bad is going to happen'

is the alternative thought that

I wish would stop me bleeding.

— The End —