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Humble Mar 4
I’ve died many times before,
and nobody knows

I’ve fought and struggled,
hurt and bleed to death over and over

but the sad thing is,

when I die,
people will think it's the first time.
Humble Mar 3
I think I deserve this,

I’ve always covered myself
with a blanket of fear,
that way,
I don’t fall in love with you

I was protecting myself
from getting hurt when this thing
between us goes sour,
I didn’t think about your feelings too.

Classic me, always selfish

Here I am now, loving you and
you’re slipping away from me.
I don’t want to lose you, but
maybe it’s time I became selfless
and just let you go.

I deserve this ache in my heart.
Humble Jun 2019
this silence between us,
is like an egg,
the answers we seek is inside,
but we're just too scared to break it.
Humble Apr 2019
I almost didn't
survive you leaving me

I think I would
have died anyway
if you stayed.
Humble Apr 2019
I didn't think
you'd return back to me
but you did.

You shouldn't have,
because now, you're
just a familiar stranger.

I neither hate nor love you.
Humble Apr 2019
As a kid,
I thought wardrobes
really led people to Narnia

As a tenager,
it became a place
that held all the secrets
of seven minutes in heaven.

Now, it's just another
chaotic part of my life

yet to be sorted out,
Secrets still hidden deep in
like your shirts.

That leaves me believing
that wardrobe is
just a fancy name
for cemetery,
for memories and secrets.
Humble Apr 2019
Problems aren't

so learn to share them.
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