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SA Szumloz Mar 2020
raindrops tap on my bedroom window
i peer outside, my neighbor, a lonely widow
walks on the sidewalk with an umbrella at hand
i wish to see ocean, i wish to see sand
instead of this dreary neighborhood i live in
i wonder how my life would've been
if my family moved to California
or Florida, Carolina, Georgia...
warmth will envelope me in her embrace
i will never see the face
of New Jersey again.
I love New Jersey. It's where I live. But sometimes, moving South is a lingering thought.
Tila Apr 2019
**** and ***** bongs,
Finding answers in the fog,
Loathing in New Jersey
Matteo Palermo Sep 2018
Blowing on dandelions
Making my only wish
That things will somehow
Work out between us.
Matteo Palermo Sep 2018
If I need to write to forget your name
Am I really forgetting it?
Or just ingraining it more?
Matteo Palermo Sep 2018
It's not your fault
You didn't know
What you meant to me
But know that you do
What's that thought on your mind?
Has it changed?
Matteo Palermo Sep 2018
Questo è per te
Questo è per te
Cambieresti? La tua mente
Se sapessi
Questo era tutto per te
Stiamo parlando in lingue. Non posso tradurre
Matteo Palermo Sep 2018
It eats away at me more and more.
Like some type of beautiful parasite.
The words I’m aching to say will never come
Rip them out of me
Make me say
What I cannot.
ashley lingy Feb 2018
Are you doing?
Taught you how to drive?
Get the
out of my way,
and wait for
You're letting me go.
should probably stop honking.
David Rusiecki Aug 2014
New York ~ News
New Jersey ~ Beaches
California ~ Movies
Florida ~ Disney World
Kentucky ~ Chicken
Texas ~ People that can't fit in their cars
Connecticut ~ Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease originated in CT due to deer ticks. See what I do? I make you laugh an learn. I'm like that chill teacher in school

— The End —