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Matteo Palermo Dec 2019
The words you're meant to hear
For one reason or another
Won't come to fruition
Is it for the fear of everything I've imagined?
Or the ugly truth that hides beneath.
Both options don't seem plausible
In my head
So I'd rather get stuck
Somewhere in the middle
Matteo Palermo Dec 2019
The sea won’t bring your mind to ease
Only drown in the current
Choking on the saltwater
Stinging our wounds
I can’t continue to see you live this way
Matteo Palermo Dec 2019
An addiction born out of concern
Administered by the ones meant to heal
I was not supposed to survive
Born months before my departure
Somehow I feel responsible for what you’ve done
Too young to utter my concern
What is adolescence, when you're absorbing all the tragedies around you?
Matteo Palermo Jul 2019
At a show
It’s 12:05am
Why are there still people here?
I looked up and saw a girl
She was wearing the earrings
You always wear
I wondered why you weren’t here with me
Standing by my side
It’s not like you ever did
Just a beautiful envision in my head
Of what would make my life easier
Stand by my side and hold my hand.
Matteo Palermo Jul 2019
I haven’t felt the need to write like this in awhile
You must be something really special
I feel as if I must get these words out
Or I’m gonna choke on my thoughts
I never believed in a god
That is till I met you
I’ve been praying for a sign
Something to get me through this
I believe that sign is you
Matteo Palermo Jul 2019
Looking at a past of self reflection
But we’re making all the same mistakes
Don’t you think we would’ve learned by now?
Matteo Palermo Jul 2019
To let go of my misery. To let go of my depression. Is to let go of everything I've ever had, I've ever worked for. Even though this is misery, this is also comfort. I wanna let go. But I can't
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