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At a show
It’s 12:05am
Why are there still people here?
I looked up and saw a girl
She was wearing the earrings
You always wear
I wondered why you weren’t here with me
Standing by my side
It’s not like you ever did
Just a beautiful envision in my head
Of what would make my life easier
Stand by my side and hold my hand.
I haven’t felt the need to write like this in awhile
You must be something really special
I feel as if I must get these words out
Or I’m gonna choke on my thoughts
I never believed in a god
That is till I met you
I’ve been praying for a sign
Something to get me through this
I believe that sign is you
Looking at a past of self reflection
But we’re making all the same mistakes
Don’t you think we would’ve learned by now?
To let go of my misery. To let go of my depression. Is to let go of everything I've ever had, I've ever worked for. Even though this is misery, this is also comfort. I wanna let go. But I can't
Look me in the eyes and tell me what I’m feeling isn’t real
You can’t
Although these feeling might not be reciprocated
I can’t help them
I’ll look you in the eyes
And tell you
I love you
You’ll either turn and walk the other way
Or look deeper into my eyes
And say
I’ve been waiting for you to come clean
I love you too
I’d rather suppress my feelings and pray they go away, than face the truth.
I'll always remember your name
but you'll forget mine
as soon as you take
your last drag of your menthol cigarette
Forgotten in the smoke
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