While I saw this in my head, I found out that "roommate" had two "m"s .  Incredible that at 80 on 1/5/2018 I am still learning and writing.  Where did all those years go.
Stanze smith Dec 2017

Today i made a chair,
But the legs are nowhere to be found.

The cushion is if my favorite color,
The size is just right.
Between my body and the floor,
Beneath me is the chair.

The way it holds me so caring,
Bold in shape.

The angles have a modern twist,
Beautiful and graceful.

The chair was not my own,
Beginning it was hers.

The position was just right
The placement was shared
Today i lost a friend.

Boys take friends, sometimes
Boys make roommates move out
Beyond the comfort of - our chair -

Jamie Lee Nov 2017

As young children,
we most desired toys.
How precious they were,
on every occasion that gave.

We cherished our toys,
for the joy they brought.
Showing them off to others,
so proud of what we had.

But, eventually...
we grew tired of them.
Sometimes quickly,
they became worn and old.

Our interest elsewhere..
all the new toys out there.
Nobody wants used toys,
they're no good anymore.

It has to be shiny and better,
that's much more exciting.
So we discard our old toys,
after we've played them out.

She is obsessed with toys,
and I am her doll...
but now I am old and worn,
and playtime is over.

Infatuation is not love, and love their toys. Are you confused? It's simple. They say they love you, but they don't know what love how could they.
Jenn Coke Jun 2016

He was never my classmate,
Neither was he my schoolmate,
As we have met on OkCupid,
Which is where we got suited.

He soon became my tablemate,
Then got promoted to bedmate,
Ranging from late-night nosh
To some naughty oh-my-gosh.

He was my almost-roommate,
Now, a hopeful housemate,
Since he would visit me daily
And keep me company gaily.

He was frequently my seatmate,
As well as invaluable playmate,
For we traveled places together
And cloyingly wrestled each other.

He has always been my helpmate,
And is presently my best teammate,
As he has cheered me up from afar,
As we chat as if there is no au revoir.

He will one day become my inmate,
Plus my hard-working workmate,
Since we will both have mini-me’s
Forcing us to slog away on our knees.

He is undoubtedly my soulmate,
One who is to become my lifemate,
For he is a romantic yet sexy geek,
A keeper with charms all too unique.

Anig Muh May 2016

He said Talking to you makes me feel like such an asshole,
and I replied with the fact that I'm not doing anything, maybe it's just you.
If the shoe fits and it looks nice, I'm not telling you to take it off Cinderella.
Don't you have to be somewhere at midnight?
Not trying to be rude, I just don't have the will for this fight.
Just please, please, let it go tonight.

Am I doing the right thing?
Somewhere down the lines got blurred, and I should go home, if I knew where one was, or for that matter anything.

I run my vacuum late at night,
I have no other time I know for others it's not a delight.
I just don't see why it's not socially acceptable,
to understand not all people have the same schedule.

I guess I'm a hoodlum,
just because I sleep all day and work all night.
I'm just a dumb kid, and nothing I will ever do is right.

Truth is I'm so damn tired, and too old for this.
Don't ever let anyone guilt you for a single moment of bliss.

Sometimes people want to be alone, and that's okay.
but in a break up someones always gotta be painted to be the bad guy.
You didn't do anything wrong, but you started it.
You might as well end it.

Who stabs someone only halfway?
Pierce the heart, push that blade in all the way.
Don't be shy now, there's no time to cry.
You know they'll still bleed anyway.

He said Talking to you makes me feel like such an asshole,
and I replied with the fact that I'm not doing anything, maybe it's just you.
If the shoe fits and it looks nice, I'm not telling you to take it off Cinderella.
Don't you have to be somewhere at midnight?
Not trying to be rude, I just don't have the will for this fight.
Just please, please, let it go tonight.

Mark Parker Apr 2016

Today I became a tree huger,
because yesterday's random hug
ended with the red and blue blinking lights,
a frontal shot, two side photos,
and my new roommate
who has claimed the top bunk.

The worse case scenario of going around and randomly hugging people.
Amy Dec 2015

I have a roommate who is called Bishop S
She likes poems
She makes me read them
I get bored
But she is Bishop S

Every night was tortellini
when were roommates.

I complained about my chapped feet;
you bought me the wrong socks.
Black, mens, I clarified,
but you kept buying the women's.
Then one day you got it right,
only they were for you
because black is a warmer color than white,
and the socks of a man felt like cherubs.

I complained about my chapped feet,
you the heart of the world,
its cold silence.
But we remained "alright".
You bought new pajamas every night
and painted a beauty mark on your face
to match.

Years of x-marked places on our bodies
which no one saw because
we were cynics,
I the most.
No roses at our mat--we grew our own bushes,
ordered the ones with the extra thorns.
I charmed that snake,
you bit me on its behalf.
That I'd do such a thing
was shameful.

We were girlfriends in a can of salt,
tears in our eyes, mouths and ears.
We drank wine in bubble baths in our clothes
for three days straight,
or even four,
after that guy dumped you.

From then on
every night was tortellini,
La Dolce Vita, and--

and the freckle below your ear,
the horns growing from my forehead,
the way your falsies touched your cheeks,
late nights looking brighter
than they should,
than they normally would.
Pretending to be goddesses awaiting their gods--

while I awaited you.

Then you felt them too,
touched my head as though it were a fever.
I always knew you hated the suburbs,
and I did listen
when you complained about the gray rooftops
and the saturated green lawns--
"Give them a chance, please.
Then we'll get away--"
I begged, I relented--

The wine, finally, fermented.
You remember what I said next,
because after that you broke my heart.
I never doubted it was a bad idea
to say it

but I said it
and you left.

A love story. Not personal.
Adellebee Aug 2015

I think too much about this Lego House
And that the life I am leading is causing me the strife I deal with today
I feel too much, take everything in and store it,
Never let it surface
I hate conflict and fighting but it's taking over the vacant parts of me
And I am boiling over because of petty things
I feel it all, these houses and these walls
I want to slam this door shut
Watch the timber snap
The trap door to freedom
But I can't find an exit
Bursting to find an out
I am locked in these cages of 1556

sommerlawrence Jul 2015

I have a room mate now, I'm living with depression maybe I always did, perhaps she was the dark shadow hovering beside my bed, the one leaving empty vodka bottles around the place. When she moved in she put the walls up and people stopped coming in because my friends don't like it when she's around because I say nothing at all, a visit to my friends house, I try to stay long because home is where depression is I have to hear her whispering all night, her pressure her degrading comments, she's a room mate I can't kick out no matter how hard I try her feet are glued to the floor with my tears that I cried the night before. but now she wants me to move out, she wants me to leave these skin coloured walls with no bags packed and she wants the last goodbye to be with a rose and a hand on my mothers back.

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