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Ley Nov 2022
two's a company
three's a crowd
but what if that crowd
was the most peace you've had?

three's a crowd
then two
then there was one

and years later you sit with nothing but the regret of growing up and growing without
nothing but the memories of love and closeness that you fear you'll never have in friends again

two's a company
three's a crowd
i'd rather drown in the masses
than drown in my solitude
dedicated to the ones who miss their ex-best friends
Eera Jun 2022
Remember the times you caught me crying?
used to make up excuses when you won't stop prying.
I had no courage to tell you;
how many times I've doubted you.
Cause you meant more to me;
than any of my insecurities.
I was miserable, wasn't I?
used to vent out my feelings, didn't lie.
I loved him beyond limits, you knew;
the girls were fully aware too.
Maybe our bond wasn't strong,
or else I could've forgiven you.
Maybe the world didn't know,
how much I really tried to.
You had your reasons,
he was sad and depressed,
and you chose to go address;
leaving me in distress.
You called me your best friend,
then why did you hide it?
I was right there, a meter away from your bed.
You called me your best friend,
then how could you **** him?
in the same places, you knew I loved him.
You called me your best friend,
then how could you not know?
how deep a scar, your actions will carve.
Our bond was like a holy thread,
anything it could sustain,
cutting it once and tying a knot,
won't make it pure again.
Sister or sinister,
I am not sure anymore.
Friend or fiend,
perhaps you were both.
I wish I could lend a hand,
but it's harder for me to stand.
Roots that run so deep;
I had to fall to my knees.
You have many best friends,
so what if you lose one friend?
You made a choice and walked that path,
no good will come from seeking the past.
Look ahead, with no regret;
for I consider you, my kindest crook.
she wanted to be friends again
Amy Nov 2021
I finally got over you, and you came back.. why? Why all of a sudden you come back when I’m finally over you?! I was happy you came back, but I realized things are different now. I don’t need you anymore, you hurt me. I can’t go back to feeling that pain again.
lexk Sep 2020
sometimes when I miss you,
I put our song on play

as I build up the courage to open the drawer,
a drawer full of memories...
our memories.

Kai Apr 2020
Her sparkling smile hides her crooked mind
Although she was mad, she was not malice
Gaslighting and wicked games were of her kind
Last supper was fun, still have the chalice
Pandora, pandora, don’t open that box
Twisted thoughts tore and fused into my skin
A nightmare reality, or just a faux?
A virus that stays with me, just like kin
Words echoes I love to k!ll, I do not stop
Remorse is not usually in my blood
This is not a tale, she needs to be locked
A body in her hands turn grey, like mud
We are all wired to get a little mad
But, she is the most crazy girl I’ve met
For my ex bestfriend who told me she likes to k!ll.
alexa Oct 2019
i still check in on you after months of not having talked to you.

i'm still trying to break the habit of texting you after a really hard day.

people tell me about how you posted yourself crying on your story and i have to fight the urge to ask you if you need someone to rant to.

i miss talking to you and hearing about how your day was.

i miss you.

but i'm okay for now.
this was based off of lil skies song lmaoao. but i miss her a lot :/
alexa Sep 2019
being alone makes me realize that i’ve never actually ‘dealt with it’

sure, i’ve had good days but when it comes down to it; i go to bed at night, and i think. i think about what we could’ve been if we never stopped. maybe i overreacted?

but then i remember, you’ve done nothing but backstab people. you’ve done nothing but hurt. i was nothing but good to you and you still repaid me with breaking my heart and my trust.

so ******* for ever making me happy and making me believe that you cared. because you never did, and that’s something i have to deal with.
i've learned that i kinda have to go with what i think is right when it comes to situations like these. am i going to regret it later? probably. but it's worth it because everything happens for a reason :,)
alexa Sep 2019
i hope that one day i'll be able to say that i'm finally over you and the heartache that you caused and continue to make me feel

you treated me like ****, even in my moments of weakness and the fact that it took such a toll on me that it made me want to change myself for some ******* like you makes me feel nothing but disappointment in myself

because fact of the matter is, you have never and will never deserve someone like me

and i can only hope that you get what you deserve.
i've been silently hurting for some time now and i could never really decide what to do with it. i don't think i'll recover fully from this for a while but i'm making progress.
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