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Ray Dunn Mar 29
I didn’t do right by her...
but she didn’t exactly do me right either.

Best case scenario—
we part as strangers
This is abt my ex best friend! We drifted apart because we were just too different
Era Dec 2018
Though I love you,
I need to move on;
'cause you ain't here
for me, to hold on.
muteD Oct 2018
That’s what I’d call you.
Just plain miserable
and manipulative.
You tricked me into giving you the world .
Deceived me into believing that you’d never do me *****
You blinded me by your lies
“Forget about them , you have me.”
But , I didn’t really have you ..
Did I ?
You took what you wanted .
You let me put you before myself .
But ?
I don’t even blame you .
Maybe if I would’ve been in your position ,
Being offered the world
And only being asked for friendship in return ..
Maybe then I would’ve robbed you of your trust .
And your love .

You were my best friend .
My ace ,
My platonic soulmate .
And I treated you as much .
But, what was I ?
To you ,
What was I ?
A personal tutor ?
Remember those last two essays that you just couldn’t get done ?
Who helped you ?
Who stayed up after an exhausting day at work ,
After having to bike home in the cold and rain ?
Just so you could pass and not worry.
Maybe , I was just a free ride .
Always taking you places ,
Always giving you the keys and letting you do whatever.
You filled the tank maybe twice
within a nine month period .
And I never once said anything .
Oh I got it , I was your ATM.
Whenever you needed money ,
I was glad to help .
Whether it was for an Uber so you could go to your volleyball tournament
Since your own “mother” couldn’t take you
Or whether it was for a Plan B because
Your boyfriend didn’t know how to pull out .
Hm , I guess I was also a personal shopper .
Buying you clothes when I bought me some .
You didn’t wanna spend your money ?
That was fine .
I would spend mine
And you didn’t even have to ask.
I was everything except your friend
and that’s all I wanted to be .

I should’ve seen this coming .
I should have KNOWN .
Looking back
All I can see are the signs ,
Foreshadowing what was to come .
You started to change right in front of my own eyes
but I didn’t want to believe it .
Didn’t want to believe what I could clearly see .
You started to ignore me .
For days on end .
Living in the same house became something like a
Silent war .
Everyone against me .
Including you .
You started to disappear into your room .
There were no more lifetime movie marathons together .
No more staying up and goofing around together .
No more talking about any and everything together .
I lost you way before I knew I lost you
and that makes my heart ache
like a pre-existing bruise
getting hit over and over again .
This poem means a lot to me . Honestly . Someone hurt me and I don’t know how long it’s gonna take until I’m okay and don’t think about it anymore .
Caroline Dec 2017
We used to be friends.
You remember me, right?
I was the girl sitting next to you in class,
Your friend til you forgot me.

Remember when I used to go to your house?
Remember when I hugged you tight?
Remember when I was your friend!?

I really cared about you,
You were my best friend,
I trusted you with my secrets,
All those years laughing and chattering,
Have you forgotten it all?

Looks like it doesn't matter to you,
Does it?

For once,
we were separated by our classrooms,
That's all it took for you to forget me.

How could you forget me so fast?
You don't even smile at me anymore,
I don't even think you remember my name!

Just ONE year, ONE!
How could you forget me so fast?
Didn't I matter to you?
How could you do this to me!

I thought we were best friends til the end.
Looks like I was wrong...
Maddie Oct 2017
eleven years down the drain,
no wonder i am in so much pain.
i move around and i know its hard,
but how come you never even sent me a card?
you say its my fault our friendship came to an end,
i move around too much how could we be friends?

now its clear i cared more,
i guess you left because you got bored.
what you don't understand is its ******* me too,
at least you get to keep the people you're close to.

it started with us never talking,
why wouldn't you answer?
you found a new bestfriend,
so i didn't matter.
she wore the shirt we had made with the pinky promise.

you deleted every picture with me in it,
you erased our friendship before it even ended.
were you trying to leave no trace of me?
because you succeeded.

i finally got blocked on every app that you had,
please tell me what did i do to be treated so bad?

you were supposed to grow old with me,
be my maid of honor.

now that i've lost you,
i've lost me too.
we grew up together,
there was never a me without you.
so when i lost you..
i lost me too.

who am i now?
who will i be?
i never thought you were capable of ending me..
We were best friends for almost 12 years. Moving due to parents being in the Military was the excuse she used to end it.
Megan VanKo Oct 2017
What if you
Are waiting for me
To speak to you
While I am waiting for you
To speak to me?
helena alexis Sep 2017
she's the type of girl
to give you your
favorite flowers
then stomp on
them before
handing them
to you
once again a poem ab a fake friend
Abbi Sep 2017
What's a best friend?
I hope one day I know the meaning of what a “best friend” is suppose to be.

One who won’t constantly scrutinize me.

One who will laugh with me and not at me.

One who will listen instead of interrupt.
Who will encourage me to do my best, because they have faith in what I can do. 

And it’s a shame that I thought it’d be you. 
You’re not right in your heart, and for that we should be apart. 

Until you stop putting others down and turn your life around, I will be absent.

I could never speak to you and have your full understanding. 

You have your herd of sheep, but I chose to stand up and create my own life to lead.

I’ve encouraged you before, but instead you choose to stay tied down to your bedroom floor.

It hurts to say “I love you” 
because now I will be without you, 

But it’s better to avoid making more of a mess and time to lay this “friendship” to rest. 

I wish you nothing but the best.
Alyssa May 2017
Dear Ex-Best Friend,
Remember all the times we spent together,
everyday started with meeting before classes started because that was the only
time we could talk until lunch,
remember all the times we laughed so hard we cried?
Do you remember all the times we had to hold one another in times of the need
because we thought all we had was each other?
Yeah.. Me too.
We spent all the time in the world texting and calling each other.
Things changed a little since I got a boyfriend,
but I never replaced you.
You always had a special place in my heart, and I think you always knew that.
We drifted apart, like two boats at sea.
You switched back to the school you came from,
and it felt like my life had just sunk.
Suddenly I was all alone in the hallways,
Coming in to school was like hell,
Seeing the spot we used to stand in,
Occupied by another set of best friends,
Or maybe two high school sweethearts- Making out like there's no one around.
It was so lonely without you.
You seemed happier where you were though, and at that time, that was all that mattered to me.
I walked the hallways with a sad, sorrowful look.
Teachers frequently asked if I was sick, or if I needed to lay down.
Suddenly I was that one kid that everyone wanted to pick and beat on. (Again.)
I was incredibly lonely at school, I couldn't even sit with anyone at lunch because I was so hated by so many people for reasons I didn't even know.
Come upon my junior year I got a month and a half into the school year before
I switched to the school that you went to.
I was reunited with my best friend,
Life seemed so good.
I was with my boyfriend, and my bestfriend.
It felt like nothing could stop me from gaining happiness.

You began going through boyfriends,
They would come,

and they would go.

I was put second to all of them.
There were days I was so depressed I didn't function correctly,
and all we would talk about is what you and your boyfriend did the previous night.
I was so happy that you were happy,

but I think I forgot the definition of "Happiness."
Everyday was full of being ignored and having guys' push past me so they could hug you while I sat in the sideline just waiting there, tears filling in my eyes because I realized that I wasn't significant to my best friend any more.
I couldn't help but wonder what I did wrong.
I got tired of feeling this way,
I grew up, and realized that highschool isn't meant for gaining the love and affection of people.
I proceeded to end the friendship because it wasn't making me happy anymore.
I understand that a true friend stays there through everything but in no way, shape, or form did I deserve to be kicked to the curb like a diseased puppy.

It hurt, It hurt like a *****.

But ultimately , I'm gonna be okay in the end.

And I hope she ends up okay, too.
But, just be okay without me.
not really a poem but eh.
JayceeJellies Nov 2015
Now you're doing the things that we once did with someone else and I'm not okay with it. I told myself I'd never allow regret to seep into my mind and I still haven't but I'm feeling sad because of everything we built time and time again that I had to throw into the trash because of the things that you said and did. I hope it was worth it for you, obviously you've moved on without tears or pain while I am the one floating in the sea of disdain. You'll always be the friend I tried so hard not to give up on.
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