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Aindri Feb 2022
My emotions
Are scattered
And you are the salt shaker,
Using them little by little,
Until I'm bare.
Aindri Jan 2022
I'm just sitting,
Hoping for a day,
I don't have to face,
A blank page.
Any tips for inspiration?
  Jan 2022 Aindri
I am a dreamer.
I vision things that don't yet exist.

I am a stubborn believer.
I believe my visions come true.

I am limitless.
I dream big dreams.
I love to watch stars, every night..
But today, I love to watch your eyes, every minute....
Aindri Jan 2022
I'm just a paper flower.
Made for its beauty,
And torn,
For its fragility.

Only some more time now...
Have been reading this book, and getting this feeling from the character.
Hope you like it :)
Aindri Nov 2021
I know the sun might be bright,
But it's nothing compared to the way we shine :)
Do you have that special someone who makes the room glow?
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