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Barbaric act
That breaks
The faith
In humanity
Genre: Observational
Theme: Be kind
Kwamé Jun 2018
If I ever see you again, 
I'll close my eyes forever
And keep your image cemented to my eyelids
If I ever hear your voice again, 
I'll record it and lock myself in an amphitheater
Play it on repeat till the end of time
If I ever touch you again
I'll offer myself to the covenant,
Your sweet embrace will be the last thing I feel
If I ever love you again, 
I'll dance with the devil,
For no woman can be this sweet,
A succubus in disguise
Umi Apr 2018
Raging on for the forgetfulness of others, whom have ruined a deed which was to be noble, now erased and never to be fulfilled again,
Know my hatred, I wispered, alike a young child whilst getting lost in a mist, clouding my sight, my thoughts and my hopes to be ever good
For, if I can't be good because of others ruining my precious deeds,
I shall bring darkness myself, so evil, devilish shadows take over,
Unable to protect my heart, once filled with love from the heavens
Unable to open my eyes again which were trapped in misery,
I was killed, then forgotten since a long past,
Worried about what would be then, I laughed, because there was no way I could escape now, the pleasure of the unknown overcame me,
If the sins I had birthed at least could be forgiven, for all that has been done, my heart would sublimate, then finally rest for good,
But my dreams end, here where your brilliant smile begins to rot,
I am but trapped, within layers upon layers of darkness

~ Umi
Umi Feb 2018
I will rise,
Rise to paradise again
Spread my wings, free from any chain,
With only one goal in my eyes I look to the sky
Then I rise, yes I will rise
From the hellfire, no matter the price

May I burn
Take my turn

But then it will surely be my time to shine
The beauty of the heavens will surely be mine
I will not stand these flames,
Embrace my devilish distorted wings
See what good that may brings
One last judgement
On this long lasting journey
I will rise, rise, no matter the price
A future dawns dream, draws near

Make it clear

In this realm of art and devilry
Heartfelt dream scapes shape the mirror
In a world so dark that the stars will blind-

Refuse to fall!

Forgotten by both Heaven and Hell
A craft of hearts forms my kingdom!
Take my hand, all ye pariah souls-
The love of light is for all to bear!

~ Umi
i Sep 2014
and she was not beautiful, but she loved.
and she was not kind, but she cared.
and she was not bored, but she listened.
and all because she was human.
and the people like her turned her into a devilish monster,
whose flaws are haunting.
and nothing could make the ache disappear.

— The End —