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Mohannie Dec 2018
at this time of night
when the moon is up high
the quiet's alive

but no one's awake

I'm the only one up
the lights are turned low
and I feel alive

but no one's awake

the silence is chilling
this blanket is warm
my body's alive

but no one's awake

my earbuds plugged in
I take a quick stroll
the music's alive

but no one's awake

at this time of night
when everything's sound
I feel alive

I am awake.
I really like this one! Hope you enjoy it! :)
Jacob Parnell Dec 2018
the sound was still ticking.
Tickling my mind.
Yet inside there was something still missing.
I'm behind the curve.
My mind can't keep up with my words.
My brain can't pass its turn.
Trying to stay awake is like biting into a stale steak...
Its hard.
My arm is so far away I can barely lift it.
My legs are so stray they won't stay near me.
Suddenly my eyes go black and I can think clearly.
"Relax" says the cataracts of my soul (at its best).
My synapses rest as I prepare for the synopsis of what's next. Dream on...
Time moves fast, but the ticking chime moves so slow, everything in my mind goes out the window.
This is part two of the ticking clock poem where I fall asleep.
lovelywildflower Oct 2018
my eyes close with the idea that i could ever be loved
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
fall asleep
fall in love
fall like leaves
fall like teardrops

Riley June Oct 2018
the entire world lays in bed,
everybody goes to turn off their mind,
my power switch is broken,
no matter how hard I try my mind stays alert,
can you teach yourself to not think,
can you learn how to not pick apart every mistake,
my pillowcase becomes an aquarium filled with tears,
sheets strangle my legs until they lay limp,
when im left alone with my mind it loses hold,
how many nights can you spend numb but feeling everything,
everything is a contradiction and no one knows the pain,
isolation is safe haven hiding in a purgatory,
how do you ever get out?
Daniel H Shulman Oct 2018
Night has fallen, my head hits the pillow,
Knowing there will be kisses tomorrow,
Kisses, embraces, love at every sight,
There upon daybreak, gives me peace at night.

Night has fallen, eyelids darken my eyes,
Knowing there will be an end to all lies,
Truth, joy and happiness, hope in my hand,
There upon daybreak, I now understand.

Night has fallen, I slip into my dreams,
Knowing there will be love real as it seems,
Love, adoration, anticipation,
There upon daybreak, heartfelt elation.

Night has fallen, all my thoughts of your smile,
Knowing there will be kisses all the while,
Kisses, embraces, love you in my sight,
There upon daybreak, but for now good night.
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Skye Marshmallow Sep 2018
His eyes cloudy grey
Storms clouds once, tired now
Breathes like sand bags
Heavy and damp
Slowly holding in a flood
Ragdoll in the wind
He falls, limp and lost
I hold- til sleep
Inspiration- 'Asleep' by the Smiths (
Charlie- this ones for you
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