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Sandoval Dec 2021
I was an infant soul.

He came to me in my dreams
as a lullaby only I could sing.

And he watched as I swiftly
rocked myself into a romance

only him and I could sway to.

To C.
Sandoval Sep 2021
But it was my fault
thinking we could build statues out of dust
we dissolved with the wind
and when autumn came
we became ruins inhabited by
the memories of May.

To C.
Sandoval Jan 2021
I am not paradise.
I am a broken angel.

A featherless pair of wings
and a burnt out halo

this is what you'll get
with me.

I am not perfect but I am good and I promise I am worth it..
Sandoval Jan 2021
looked for
love in
closed lips;
being deaf
to all the
rest calling
her name.

Why do we always love what we can’t have?... #D
Sandoval Jan 2021
And if you
silence me,
let it be from
your eyes
into mine
like two

traveling through

Like two constellations traveling through time
Sandoval Jan 2021
I am not a princess
that needs to be saved.

I am a broken warrior,
a Valkyrie in distress.

An echo of a forgotten
strength that always comes

back in vigorous ways.

There is a war within myself and I intend on winning..
Sandoval Jan 2021
There’s a
reason your
name is a
past tense;
destiny knew all
the broken
hearts you’d
leave behind.

A poem that came to me in one of my dreams tonight✨
Sandoval Jan 2021
Isn't it cruel?
How destiny
teases our future.
Having had
tall wooden ships,
we settled for

paper boats.

Sandoval Dec 2020
Daydreams are

they carry this false

that confuses our anxiety.
Then they leave us,

vulnerable to cope
with our reality.

An ode to daydreamers
Sincerely, a dreamy Pisces ✨
Sandoval Dec 2020
Love me in black or white.
I'm sorry sir,
but grey is not
compatible with my heart..

Its either or... no in betweens ..
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