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Sandoval Dec 2018
The devil

he's a pair of
green eyes,

and a 2 AM text

message in the

Sandoval Nov 2018
You said you

were made to

swim free;

but, my darling

I'm a harbor not

the sea..

Sandoval Sep 2018
I bleed

not blood;

so if you hurt me,

I'll scar

not wounds.

Repost from a while ago. ♥
Sandoval Sep 2018
I wish I could
rewind time;
other times, I wish I could
fast forward it.

Its the middle
that drives me crazy,

the one where there's no
you nor no me.
Just a vague memory
of what we used
to be.

Sandoval Aug 2018
If you're not the
why does your touch
the way it does?
And tell me,
if your eyes are not the
why do they shine
the same shade

Sandoval Aug 2018
He's the devil;
reincarnated in a teasing smile.
He's **** running around
with the taste of caution
on his lips.
His sinful eyes, and
coward touch  
overrule a thousand kingdoms
in paradise.
He's my only eternity,
the only pair of eyes I want
to remember when I'm stranded
in that sweltering darkness
everyone fears so much.
Hes a million sunsets giving life to an
eternal moonlight, though his
sunrises will never be mine to own,
his fickle moon sets will
always guide me back to


Sandoval Aug 2018
I wanted to give you
you wanted to give me
but baby, how could all this
just fit in this

Sandoval Jul 2018
Men don't look at me with passion and love.
They look at me with **** and doubtful eyes,
because of my round hips, and small shoulders,
that I inherited from my mother,
and her mother before that.
Fourteen years old, i'm no longer just a skinny girl.
And growing up all I've ever heard,
is I'm blessed to have this body, to have this face.
As if that's the only thing I've got to chase.
As if that's the only thing I've got going for me;
so I was taught that beauty is the only thing I've got.  
27 years old, my family wonders why
I've got no boyfriend,
no husband, no family of my own,
when all my sisters, when all my cousins are all married
and i'm still alone. 27 years old, i'm crying in my room.
Men always seek a pretty face but never a soul,
that's what I tell them, after being repeatedly
asked why i'm always alone.
And I refuse to give up my body,
to give up my touch, to anybody that's more attracted
to my face than my
whats inside my head.
I'm more than just an over sexualized body, I'm more
than just a pair of big eyes and a pretty face.
I'm a hard working woman, who's gained consciousness
through her soul. I'm a late night on a roof top looking at
the stars and writing about the moon.
I'm a long conversation about the universe,
sipping wine underneath a black sky.  I'm all my broken
hearts and all my wishful dreams.
I'm a woman with a heart and soul like no other. I'm
everything and I'm nothing at all, but please never just
**** and fire.

To my family,  I love you all but please LET.ME.BREATHE..
Sandoval Feb 2018
I will not succumb
to the pieces
you left of me.
I am more
than the broken bones
you shattered inside
of my skin..
I am magic,
I am fire,
I am everything you
ever wished,
but never could be;
I am free..

Sandoval Feb 2018
Ill be my own
I need no other
that are not my
telling me of all
the greatness
inside my star

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