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  May 2023 Ave Maria
You hid pieces of yourself,
In places you would never look.
Hidden within those inner landscapes;
Unable to remember their names.
  May 2023 Ave Maria
i ask myself
questions my soul
refuses to answer
because it is soaked
in the silence of this night.

i refrain from anger
i build my castles
with strokes of moonlight
you only see it
in the luminescence of the night.

i lay lifeless on the ground
the sky above is a cutting board
i want to stick objects in there
with tools and utensils of memory.
i have forgotten my roots
because my wings dragged my
by the brink of death.

i wish not to be found
on such nights.
because i am not thinking
but breathing in unison.
i am believing my stories
and singing my own songs.
i am on leave.
and i desire to be.
a peaceful night.
  May 2023 Ave Maria
vienna bombardieri
You can hear the echo of their laughter ringing through the halls of bliss
voices rippled soft as feathers, swiveling down on earth like this!    
Airborne landings, joyful tickles, oh how innocent they are  
in the cradle of God's Kingdom, always landing like a star.
Feel the rush of wind on your heart without rescind ,  
as they flutter here and there doing as they please.  
They are often slow to anger, jovial and complete,
and if you ever are in danger they can take a giant leap.  
Sometimes, a wayward feather drops by unexpected time  
perhaps it is your Angel saying, " its your time to shine !"
Sometimes, you can hear them giggle from Elysian fields of blue  
where there are no storms or downpours, only heroes of the sun.  
Sometimes, you can see their antics if your eyes are rinsed and pure,
you can be their brave crusader using laughter as the cure.
Voices rippled soft as feathers swiveling down on earth like this,  
sometimes softer than a feather, arriving like a kiss.
Ave Maria Mar 2023
I took a slice of the moon and brought it to my lips ever so carefully
Head heavy with thought, soul dripping with poetry
The heart’s different phases of color painted upon every wall in my home
Ever changing, raw art of emotion
For a moment as I glance out the window, the breeze combing through my hair and the fresh smell of the night meeting my nose
I begin to imagine stars dancing up in the vast sky, twirling around and breaking apart, some fading out to let the others shine
Shooting across the sky to emphasize their passion of the night
Crickets watching and singing their songs to one another, a language only they share
Humans wishing upon the stars from their homes, secrets floating around within their minds, never to be uttered
I smile and place the slice of the moon in my mouth as if it’s a sacred fruit
I close my eyes.. and lo and behold!
It’s so powerful, I am unsure if I am merely dreaming this magic
So many stars and even angels, all dancing together as if in an orchestrated play
I dance with them, twirling around graciously in sequences that were prior unbeknownst to me
I laugh in such a beautiful and unearthly manner, my voice light and airy like the angels
A large crowd of stars group together to form the constellation of a Pegasus, twinkling and sparkling ever so bright with a certain sense of mystery
I waste no time to hop on and am carried across this seemingly never ending canvass
Until I am slowly brought down to a cloud
Softer than a feather, softer than the fur of a kitten
Similar to the first embrace of a mother, invoking a deep sensation of deja vu
I sigh with comfort and from there I soon fall, as the stars abruptly yet softly alert me with kind smiles that it is time to go
The sun is rising, a single tear slips from my eye as I awaken
Already grieving and wishing to return
But maybe tonight, I’ll find another slice of the wondrous moon
And live it all again, as a true child of the sky and the heavens
Ave Maria Oct 2022
Gothic, extravagant houses and towns have my soul’s name written on them
But it is too small to be seen with the naked eye, or even with a telescope
My name does not feel like the one that was assigned to me, although I appreciate it still
I fail to fully belong to this time, but it does have its perks
I bathe in the symphony of the silence in the places that summon my soul
How many have been or are yet to be destroyed by pure greed, by those who decide its value from their own inconvenience
Or the places left to die, never to be attended to, for these awful humans deem them unworthy of their time
Care and love drip from my fingertips, linger in my veins
When can I reach you, my distant homes, the ones which are tied to my soul’s name?
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