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Sandoval Aug 2023
But eyes that cannot see yours
and hands that cannot feel your warmth

my love, I would rather whither with the wind.

I would rather walk backwards to get closer
to you.

I would rather go back to the stars, come back
and start anew, just to return once more to you.

Sandoval Jun 2023
There's a sad song in my eyes,
the melody of what could have been
the notes I'm eager to learn
just to hear you sing again

but the thing is you see
I'd rather feel you in these strings I caress
than stringing myself along believing
that somewhere out there there's
a song meant for us to play.

Sandoval May 2022
He loved
me on his
worst days;

on his best
he couldnt even
my name.

To C. Always, R.
Sandoval Dec 2021
I was an infant soul.

He came to me in my dreams
as a lullaby only I could sing.

And he watched as I swiftly
rocked myself into a romance

only him and I could sway to.

To C.
Sandoval Sep 2021
But it was my fault
thinking we could build statues out of dust
we dissolved with the wind
and when autumn came
we became ruins inhabited by
the memories of May.

To C.
Sandoval Jan 2021
I am not paradise.
I am a broken angel.

A featherless pair of wings
and a burnt out halo

this is what you'll get
with me.

I am not perfect but I am good and I promise I am worth it..
Sandoval Jan 2021
looked for
love in
closed lips;
being deaf
to all the
rest calling
her name.

Why do we always love what we can’t have?... #D
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