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Angellah Nyamai Jan 2023
Achievement is a journey, not a prize
A path we all must travel, if we're wise
Every step we take, we develop and learn
And the more we strive, the further we'll go

It starts with a dream, a spark in the mind
A goal that we set, for all to find
We work and we labor, day and night
With each step, we get closer to the light

We stumble and fall, but we rise again
For every setback, is a chance to mend
We learn from our mistakes, and we grow stronger
For every failure, is a step closer

And when we reach the top, and our goal is in sight
We'll look back and see all the hard work and fight
We'll know that we've earned it, with blood, sweat and tears
And in that moment, we'll conquer our fears

So let's strive for greatness, and reach for the stars
For every achievement, is a victory in its own right.
So let's strive for greatness, and reach for the stars
For every achievement, is a victory in its own right.
Angellah Nyamai Apr 2022
I wanna let my pen bleed words to the world,
I wanna tell the broken to open with a reason for the season,
I wanna write light to your night,
I started the journey anyway....

I was blind about it,
I turned all way all round,
I was never told what I required,
I packed my bags and took the way,
I started the journey anyway..

Whirlwinds blew me,
My skinny body almost left me,
Unfamiliar and terrible paths I walked,
I cried when it got tough,
I took the journey anyway...

Here I stop to look back,
Here a beautiful way is created,
Here I write for you know,
Here I am is not where I was,
I am in the journey anyway....

The journey to success is faith, hope and action
Some stages are fearful, but you have to pass them,
I write to you for you are strong,
Strong to take your journey too,
Strong to hope that it's a good destiny,
Strong to start,
And so I write to you
Take the journey anyway
Angellah Nyamai Dec 2021
So I was told to shut up, that I shouldn't talk...
That when things go south, I should just watch...
That when am hurting, I should maybe smile..
That I should act blind when my eyes are wide open..
That my mouth should be closed when I am choking....
That I should agree always because no doesn't exist..
That I should always walk tall and never look down...

But Maybe....
I am short and need to tie my shoe lace,
Maybe I should say no, because it is a full statement..
Maybe I should see because my eyes are open..
Maybe I should open my mouth to grasp some breathe..
Maybe I should speak and call it black and white...
Or maybe I should write ✍️✍️
Or maybe I should just be  anyway..

#speak out
#i care
Angellah Nyamai Dec 2021
It is in writing where I go bare,
It is here I  let you beware,
Scratch my  head and pull the hairs,
Maybe this will make you care...

I put everything down  clear,
And take everything up in prayer,
Maybe the atmosphere will allow the air,
And maybe I will not despair....

I hope it will not be a scare,
I hope you will not think I don't care,
I hope you realize it's not a nightmare,
I hope I will do this even with white hair....

It is in writing where I go anywhere,
It is in writing where I go everywhere,
I write to prepare,
I write to repair,
I write for you and me to pair...
I will write until there..
And If don't it's unfair..
I swear.

Angellah Nyamai Aug 2021
Accepting your real story can be hard but   when you keep running away from it that's more difficult.

Owning your vulnerability is threatening, but giving up on what makes you vulnerable is more risky.

You can only realize your powerful light when you are confident to face your darkness.
Angellah Nyamai Aug 2021
Before you tell us to smile, look beyond to see the scars that brings a sad face
Before you tell us to fight, see the fresh wounds that reminds us of the same battle field
Before you tell us to understand, test the war in the mind trying to understand ourselves
With every judgment, there are things you wouldn’t understand

Our backs ache for carrying heavy pasts, we are just trying to stand upright
If you know how much effort we have put in, you wouldn’t dare put us down
We have fallen many times, but we never remain down
With every judgment, there are things you wouldn’t understand

Don’t make us feel out of place
Don’t make us hurt more
Don’t make us feel scared in the society we rightfully belong
Don’t make us fade within
There are things you wouldn’t understand
Angellah Nyamai Aug 2021
There are mornings of just being vulnerable,
There are  afternoons of an imperfect you,
There are evenings of so much worry and fear of everything.

But there is  waking up to embracing  the solid truth.


You have to wake up to this.
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