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Juno Dec 2020
i felt this sorrow once before
     when your name spelled patroclus and mine achilles
caterina Dec 2020
Oh, Achilles, Achilles,
How they sing of your anger.
The merciless, unforgiving anger
Of which you felt at the loss of your Patroclus.
Why is there no melody of your melancholy?
The crushing weight, heavy on your chest,
The undesirable yearning to continue this life
Without your better half.
Oh, Achilles, Achilles,
Will you sing to me
About your agony?

Will you sing to me of how you sent
The one you adored the most
Into battle, baring your armor?
Oh, Achilles, Achilles,
Will you sing of how it made him
Into someone he did not know?

And as he went to you in a dream
And told you his last desire,
Did you know?
Oh, Achilles,
How he loved you.
AceLione Nov 2020
The sweat streaming down my eye brow
Looking at the arrow in my ankle that was shot by Paris' bow
Oh my briseis, please don't cry
My shield and spear are always yours as i point it at the sky
Zeus, you have blessed me with immortality but oh i am cursed
All my life i've been killing men for another's thirst
Finally my chains have been broken, i can breathe
This cold feels nice, my sword at last in it's sheath
Oskar Erikson Oct 2020
body like a Hoplite,
raised from the dust to lay the land-
sent armed
ashen spear and heart,
trunks of armour clad legs
growing into the clay coloured Earth

these lyre-heartstrings taut with longing.
to see
a browbeaten Myrmidon,
in daylight.

watch, as the breath of Zeus escapes
Grecian chests,
concave with muscle
Olympus itself exists within those crevices.

i lay offerings,
ambrosia soaked spoken word
at the under-flesh of your calf
laying beside myself
in hope the whispers bestowed to you from the Fates
on the eve of Troy
mean less with your lips, pressed to wine, against mine.
Asara Oct 2020
did You dream of the war when We were young?

when the war was a far away nightmare
days were peaceful and no song was unsung
and doom was coming, with Us unaware

You were doomed to fight and be a Hero
and I, was a mere follower of You
yet You love me like there's no tomorrow
our love were something no one could undo

the Fates said no Hero could be happy
Gods and Goddesses were also unjust
so You defied them, tried so hard to be
as lovers and soldiers, We would attest

home was somewhere in our warmth and our eyes
alas war was cruel, it's gone as I died
A sonnet about Achilles and Patroclus
I stand just beside you
unseen in your frame
How much ever I try anew
People identify me with your name.

We both have the same talent
but I'm ranked with the boors.
You are a famous gallant
As victory is always yours

We are still together
Smile, laugh and enjoy
But Deep inside I wither
Like Achilles in the war of troy
BB Ward Aug 2020
I want to bottle that feeling
warm August air
dappled green sunlight
pushing into your arms
feeling that steady
heartbeat of life
heavy on my chest

I loved it all
every second
swathed in a drunken haze
the way you held me
in the dirt
let me kiss
your brittle bones
showed me all the scars
whispered every secret

I'd drink it if I could
that world-bending elixir of
anything, everything
rapturous murmurings
and quiet moments
we floated in
backs to the water
with worlds swimming below

I want you, you
all of you
emerald eyes
gentle smile
wanderer of the heart
touch me in my darkest places
let me know I'm yours
no matter the distance

yours, yours
always yours
am I hopeless romantic? perhaps
lua Aug 2020
fierce and benevolent
these eyes of gold
warm and shattering against the light
of sunkissed skin on marble floors
he's sweet as figs
and sharp as a sword
and his heels pink and unmarred
by the heat of the sun
when our bodies touch for the first time
two souls intertwine
sewn together by threads of fate
i feel nothing other than him
and his gentle gaze and soft hair
but dawn comes around
during the pouring of blood from our cupped hands
onto tainted sheets
of dishonour and rage
and when i breathe my last breath
he roars, like a lion
loud enough for the gods to hear
and does not stop until his face hits the earth
with a smile.
patroclus and achilles
Pyrrha Jan 2020
He fought for honor with Achilles
Two brothers in arms against the world of treachery and deceit
No one saw the tender gazes that the two shared in their last goodbye
A final brush of their hands as they shake with an uncertain future
Patroclus knew he would die
Dressed in his lovers armour
At the hands of his lovers enemy
And in his death he'd bare his heart with one final grand gesture
He'd gladly exchange his life
For his beloved Achilles
vanessa ann Apr 2020
we are milliseconds away from mortality, you and i,
your impending doom hanging over like suspense and the ghost
of your touch
lingers longer than zeus, hurts harder than your voice
the day is yet to break and the time
is a hair’s breadth between now and forever,
when the sun strikes you down i will fall with you
but for now, let us lie like gods in this space we call home;
wrists against wrists and teeth sinking into skins
— you’ve always been mine first, and a god second.

undoubtedly inspired by the relationship between achilles and patroclus, the  aristos achaion and his most beloved
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