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selina Feb 26
achilles, you already know i cannot stand it
but the crowds will wish for you to wear red—
dark chiton and leather sandals always enticed them
especially with a corinthian helm on your head

your father will ask you to wear royal purple
for you are heir and will be given his golden crown
that image of power was never what you have wanted
but i know you will be hesitant to let your father down

your mother will give you silks of homely blue
reminiscent of younger ages, gentler days, calmer seas
but tonight is a war gathering, a call to arms and action
i fear that your image may appear too soft, too weak

your advisor will suggest a certain shade of pale yellow
with hopes that you catch attention like apollo's sun
but you have despised attention since your birth
i know you would rather drown than choose that one

your cousin will offer a chiton of sage green
she will say it is time for spring and to begin anew
but people will perceive poison, green screams envy
i know wearing that is something you will rue

achilles, if you ask, then i will answer
and i will ask you to don robes of white
i will ask you to give the crowds a reminder of peace
of another age and simpler times

i ask you to wear white for the young ones
who will grow, attached to you like vines
i hope you will remind phthia of innocence
and the importance of fighting to preserve life

achilles, i am sure you already know
my words will not change your mind
if you have already chosen what to wear
wear it, and don't think twice

i trust you, and i trust your judgment
i trust your wisdom and your courage
i trust your hope in winning this war
and i pray to the gods that you never lose it
N Jan 18
When I write a poem,
it is for you

Even if it does not
begin with love

You were to me what
Patroclus was to Achilles

What Aphrodite
was to Sappho

If I knew that one day
I will be apart from you,
I would have quietly chosen death
"dying is easy" they said looking over at achilles standing over patrolcus' burning shroud, tears in his rage filled eyes.

"to live in this world- now that is harder." they said turning their eyes away as achilles piercing scream rang out.
avril 21. 2021
17:14 pm
rk Apr 2021
i long for a love
that will break me,
eat me whole
and spit me out aching.
i want to love
as achilles loved patroclus,
with a burning in my heart
and a madness
that would tear
even the fates apart.
- my heart will only ever utter your name.
stephanie Mar 2021
i think i've realized
the ballads of your virtues
do not do you justice.
details of your murders
twisted to be heroic.
i pride myself in remembering things
no one else knows
how sweetly you sung
the softness of your cheek
the way your laugh bubbled up inside, infectious.
i am glad to have those memories for myself
call me selfish
but you were always
my achilles

-love, patroclus
i am in tears i just finished the song of achilles pls send help
Your heart must pump honey throughout your body

You are sweet

You stick to everyone you meet.

It shines throughout the golden locks

That fall gently from your head

Passed the nape of your neck.

You are everything bright

And everything beautiful.

As if the sun came down

To gently touch you at birth.

You are the light in everyone’s life.
I just read the Song of Achilles. It ruined my life.
Juno Dec 2020
i felt this sorrow once before
     when your name spelled patroclus and mine achilles
caterina Dec 2020
Oh, Achilles, Achilles,
How they sing of your anger.
The merciless, unforgiving anger
Of which you felt at the loss of your Patroclus.
Why is there no melody of your melancholy?
The crushing weight, heavy on your chest,
The undesirable yearning to continue this life
Without your better half.
Oh, Achilles, Achilles,
Will you sing to me
About your agony?

Will you sing to me of how you sent
The one you adored the most
Into battle, baring your armor?
Oh, Achilles, Achilles,
Will you sing of how it made him
Into someone he did not know?

And as he went to you in a dream
And told you his last desire,
Did you know?
Oh, Achilles,
How he loved you.
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