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Do you love it wild?
Like a ride on the buffalo,
Or you love it mild?
As one of them preaching birds,
Are you the passionate one?
Who cherished the cool of dawn.
Do you mind attaining lofty height?
Like swimming the high tides,
Or should I break it down?
And crave solace afforded by silent waters.
If trum-trum goes the dark rivers
Let us dive right in
And feel the by rippling rhythm.
"Will you hold me in your loving embrace?"
"You will rise with the sun in my loving arm"
"I am a cut out stalk without root in the earth"
"I will be your renewal of hope every season"
"I am a weak youngling, to and fro I go with the wind"
"By my divine guidance you will grow strong and tall"
"I have no breath, no life for my survival"
"I will be the breath, the life you so want"
"Will the sun shine on; on me?"
"It love will caress your little beautiful face"
"What says you of the windy storm, rain and seasons?"
"Mine is to defend, yours is to be calm"
"My needs are endless, I did wary you of life"
"I will provide providence when you are in need"
"All you have given, what needs you from me?"
"That you shine, and be a hope of life to another"
Trouble has found my home
It wouldn't missed the chance
Of not coming,
Tell me if there's an escape plan
And unto the new life thou promised
On it I pray thou hold thy grip
And unto thy ***** hold thee tight
Grasses here are greener than thou think
There's no place better than home
I'll lay on my bed to dream again
Of that faraway land beyond
Where many say promises lay
I'll sleep to dream again

To what depth will I have to sleep
And dream again of the wondrous land
And to what height do I ascend
To behold your glorious deep

Oh you faraway land in keep
In my dream you are no more
To my reality I return, no more of you
A figment of thoughts, a dream in dream
The grass is greener here
It thought of making a joke on me
I bow and greeted in an uninterested air
It laughs and shook head, it's gone
What a thoughtless action of the vain mind
To what end will you mock, o mocker
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