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Invocation Oct 2018
From what was emaciated
stems a healthy glow
Selfish empty ache is satiated
I'm trying and doing so well
Never frail, as you fail,
Keep your dreams firm, never curtail,
Keep moving don't derail, even if you trail,
Towards your dream, Keep walking like sail.

From my childhood highly rejected,
Without realizing myself, became isolated,
Something kept me **** slowly elevated,
A day came, with convenient wins, I blasted.

Delayed success put my life exalted,
Delayed failure kept me halted,
Someone knocked the door forcefully,
I opened to see him doubt fully.

I am your dream, he continued and told,
Put this mindset on the hold,
Get up, where you fell,
Get back to your work, all is well.

He told I am there, never worry,
Get up you can, but never hurry,
Success tastes like a sweet cherry,
From me if you become, more scarry,

I worried, my life was on a halt,
Failure was a painful pinch of salt,
I thought my life was on an end,
Later realized, it chisel, in the making of a legend.

My goals constantly delayed,
A question really kept me frayed,

I planned to give up and get back,
An inner call replied me to take up & come back,
With my life, failures played,
To my personal call, I obeyed.

A voice told me, don't leave! Don't leave!
Keep working on, believe! Believe!
To the life, never become a prey,
Like a champion, always rise and stay.

I understood slowly,
Failure does not mean to give up,
Failure means the courage to get up.

You sleep to rise up,
You fall to stand up,
You fail to rise up.

Never compare to your friends,
Life is full of injuries and bends,
Your life is lived on your own,
For a meaningful run towards a success crown.

You are unique!  You are unique!
Failure is ultimately ubique!
Run your life on your own speed and ways,
Failures teach you success always.
Failures keeps disturbing us. But some breakthroughs in our life makes us believe that we are undergoing the right process. Failures and delays always keep us on the hunt. Our true determination and perseverance towards our dream, keeps us running towards our goals.  This poem is about my present and past failures.  How it made me a rebel to run for success.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
Moon shines with wisdom
Happy thoughts within this mind
The stars, my lanterns
Queen Lyn is looking at the stars from her chamber, with high hopes for the future after her achievements today!
Lyn ***
Anya Jul 2018
Whe. I lift my head
To expel a breath in a long sigh
The cool air being moved by the fan
Causes my hair
Loose tangled strands,
To wave about
In a celebratory dance
Of relief
At last
Can be anything, after reaching a destination, completing something, honestly for me it was just lifting my head and taking a moment to reflect.
Chris Blaze Jun 2018
I’ve gotten into knitting lately,
Even though I’m young.
It is a calming activity,
Accumulating rows one by one.

The relaxing part is the perseverance.
It takes time to make progress,
Yet once you finish,
The product is worth it.
You created it all yourself.
That feeling of achievement
Doesn’t leave me in stitches,
But in awe of the world.

You use up your resources,
The ball of yarn gets smaller.
Soon you will need a box
To contain all of your passion.
You yearn to create,
To achieve,
And to accomplish.

Repetition and persistance
Can reward all who try.
Even though a stitch may be lost,
Or the needles clang together,
You can always get back to it.
Giving up is pointless.
This title is so clever. Also, I hope my friends and family never discover that I've written and posted these poems. That would be embarrassing.
David Apr 2018
You can't have what you can't not want when you are can't not have wanting -

Because you are too busy can't not having it
By your can't not wanting it.

While you're doing what you want
Saying you can't not have what you're wanting.

Getting what you're wanting is
Not having what you doing to not

Can't not have wanting.

If it really is that what you really do are wanting at all.
If this adds, then the poem works.
Andreas Simic Mar 2018
A is the first letter of the alphabet does it mean that it is number 1
Andreas begins with an A does this mean I am the number one son

All I know is when Mom selected my name I became fair game
Although “attention deficit” would be more apt just the same

Another thought to ponder is why I like to wander so much
Amazingly enough it's not what you think as such

Achievement is my middle name some say keener should be it
After much thought I have to agree that’s a better fit

Acclaimed I am not with no fame to call my own
Against the headwinds of life the door has many times been shown

An athlete I aspired to become a star in track no less
Aptly I would come up the rear once more with little success

Always the optimist my attention turned to girls
Ablaze that theory went even for those with curls

Aging has now firmly set in
Actualization now being taken for a spin

Awareness as to who I am
Allows me to confess I’d rather be a “Sam”

Anchors away I say
Additional admissions left for another day

Andreas Simic
Chris Neilson Jan 2018
What you identify with and
how you define yourself
a father, mother, son or daughter
uncle, aunt, nephew or niece
colleague, team mate or employee
all worthy and have their place

Achievements or hobbies
utilising creative brain space
non paid goals and legacies
how you would like to be remembered?
my greatest wish is that they say
"He was a poet you know"
What about you?
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