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Alicia Moore May 2021
Loving you is my greatest achievement.
Who knew that a task so demanding
could be maintained so effortlessly?

My greatest achievement is loving you.
Who would have guessed that emotions so powerful
would eventually be so simple to convey?

Loving you isn’t easy,
loving anyone never is,
but it is my greatest achievement of all.
Sal AK Mar 2021
As I am
As you are
As we were before trying to fit into a shapeless world
We found a place in each other's heart...
As we are
So flawless
So effortless
We fit into the shape of love.
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2021
One doesn't always agree
But those who trust
A common ground
Not known to all
That bonds

With that gentle waves
Feeling truly free
One may lay bare soul
To keep you warm
Search a reason
To believe
Some magic
Merged with truth
To find a way

That way is love
Genre: Observational
Theme: Mentally lighter
aspen wilde Jun 2020
my skin opens up effortlessly
revealing the source of life behind
it seeps through the cracks
revealing its secrets to my mind
the burning sensation tingles
finally letting me feel the pain
the streak of red like no other
finally showing the world i'm insane
the sense of release so rewarding
letting me relax inside my body
this may not seem so healthy to others, i'm
letting you know i truly am sorry
s Oct 2019
You laugh,
but I’m the one left breathless.
Asian dramas got me feeling a type of way
Damaris ZA Mar 2019
I want to hold you in my arms
to shield you from the world
like holding a dandelion,
I want to make sure that the
doesn't blow you away
but if I am a dandelion,
when are you going to
blow on me?
The verses write themselves
Words of life
The writer
between two people
should be effortless
a series of seamless emotions
intertwined within each other
creating a moment unaffected
by time
blackbox Dec 2018
Another night savoring of loneliness,
when he stumbled upon a pretty countess.
Her gleaming eyes ready to cast a spell,
as she goes round and round on a carousel.
Galloping up on the wooden horse,
wishing to get ahead of time,
She couldn’t care less about the crowd
as she took off on cloud nine.
Enchanted with her grace and beauty galore,
He didn’t realize he was a mere paviour.
Expressing his love for her will be nothing but a crime,
When a voice interrupted his thoughts,
“Get off lady, you have no dime”.
Embarrassed and disheartened,
she ran off into the woods,
That moment it struck him,
she possesses no worldly goods.
In the hope to chase her through the blur,
the only fear in his heart was of losing her.
There she was sitting alone by the pond.
One gaze, and they instantly felt the bond.
She sobbed “I’m no princess”,
but he firmly said “will you be my bride?”,
And, this is how their love story began,
on a beautiful Carousel Ride!
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