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Ken Mears Nov 2019
The Darkness encroaches

Evil approaches

Moves like an ocean

In a strange smooth motion

Surrounded by blackness

Making us all hapless

Victims of The Darkness

Leaving many a carcass

Sitting alone in the gloom

Trapped in this room

Quickly becoming my tomb

Reeking deaths sweet perfume

The day goes to dusk

Beware The Darkness's tusk

That monster's fang

How that scream rang

In the twilight

Take flight

If you can live through the night

Through all this fright

The Darkness encroaches

Evil approaches

Moves like an ocean

In a strange smooth motion
Ken Mears Nov 2019
On Halloween night,

Monsters emerge,

Ready to instill fright,

An unearthly scourge.

Monsters of all kinds,

Stalk the Earth,

No longer trapped in confines,

Deep-set fear to unearth.

Ghosts and ghouls and goblins,

Zombies and skeletons and spiders,

All come hobbling,

Out as night riders.

Ready to ***** and chill,

To haunt and hunt,

To fill with thrill,

And fight at fear's battlefront.

Creatures of ill intent,

Unite for one night,

Creating discontent,

A vile blight.

Amongst children,

Ready for tricks or treats,

Seven billion,

People's fears to eats.

On Halloween night,

Dark forces arise,

And take flight,

For fear is their prize!
Ken Mears Nov 2019
Technology marches forward,

Never stopping,

Technology marches forward,

Always progressing.

It permeates our homes,

It resides in our pockets,

The big company's own Sherlock Holmes,

Seeing deep within our lockets.

It gets us where,

We want to go,

Through the air,

Or through the traffic flow.

It runs our lives,

Leading us along,

Like bees in hives,

We follow it's rhythmic song.

Technology marches forward,

Not caring for its creators,

Technology marches forward,

As humanities technological dictators.
Ken Mears Nov 2019
Some days,

Things go your way

Some days,

Others, you want to cry all day.

When the worst days come

And trust me, they will,

Just start to hum,

And keep going over that hill.

When it feels like the world,

Is tumbling down,

Deep into the underworld,

And you think you may drown.

Hold your head up high,

And just push on,

Keep your face to the sky,

And focus thereon.

When everything around,

Feels like it's ablaze,

While you are fear-bound,

Trapped in a maze.

Think back to the best days,

When you saw the future bright,

For that future is always,

Just within your sight.
Ken Mears Nov 2019
Society has crumbled,

The world has regressed,

Everyone is depressed,

Mentally jumbled.

We think we are above,

All of those dystopian stories,

That we don't fall in those categories,

But they fit like a glove.

Fahrenheit 451?

Who reads books anyway?

There is no keeping the media at bay,

Our screens are on all day!

Orwell's 1984?

Thanks to phones we have no privacy,

Everyone inflicts their own policy,

And agenda evermore.

The Giver?

Our joy and suffering,

Are ****** away by our constant screening,

And pleasures made to deliver.

Ready Player One?

We turn to escapism,

So we can run,

From activism, racism, and fascism.

We think we are above,

All of those dystopian stories,

That we don't fall in those categories,

But they fit like a glove.
Ken Mears Nov 2019
I'm surrounded by madness

It circles around my heart

Corrupting it with blackness

There is no restart

The world crumbles

The ground beneath rumbles

The world has fallen

I am all in

My eyes reopen

And I realize

There is nothing hiding behind this guise

It's time for the door to open

The darkness inside

Is calling for vengeance

It's time they all died

It's time I come back with a vengeance

It is done

I became the one

It's time I disappear

Yet we're all a little mad down here
Ken Mears Nov 2019
Some people say

That the scariest thing

Is what comes from the fray

And hustle and bustle of living

They call it love

Which when it is over

You wish it wasn't true love

As it leaves you with a horrid hangover

A broken heart

Is most terrifying

It happens someone we love departs

And so we start fortifying

We place a wall

Around our soul

And thus begins our downfall

Turning the heart to coal

Beware the broken heart

For it will steal away your life

There is no replacing that part

Emptily filled with strife
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