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M Solav Jul 14
There is form. And there is force.
Lightning blazes the sky with frightening might
Which bursts and dissipates in arteries of light
How it animates the living,
With its thundering displays!
How it penetrates us with awe,
And fills darkness with stories
And that is what we call the Force.

There is form. And there is force.
Gushes of wind brush the once austere surface
Which rises and resonates in hills that interlace
How it fuels our imagination
With its frenetic waltz!
How hypnotic its furious motion
And the flow of its assaults
And that is what we call the Force.

There is form. And there is force.
Mountains spring from seas and glide down the coast
Which is where we have crawled and now thrive the most
How it shapes the current world
With us barely noticing!
How volatile all our endeavors
And at the mercy of its whim.
And that is what we call the Force.
Written in June 2019 - for an exhibition in Peking.
The humming rush of water
Is hypnotizing me
The songs of lonely birds
All perched on separate trees

The soft rattling
The brush of vibrant leaves
All pull a string that's deeply
Planted in the roots of me

Chiming along
I am a lonely bird
Perched upon a tree
Where no one sees

Crying out
I sing with the clouds
Wings lifted
Ready to flee

Tentatively brush dark leaves
With muster I push on to see
Where this overgrown path
will lead

Lungs filled
On the fresh

So drawn I push forward
What do I see
But a small part
Of what appears to be me

I step forward
One more time
I am longing
To see

Where this

Do I continue
Will I succeed
Do I push forward
Do I proceed

Am I lost inside
This lonely forest
Do I hide
Where no one sees

Do I wait alone
Where the silence lulls me
to hypnotic tones

Of lonely birds shown
perched upon a tree
John Shahul Jan 1
She took the colors of rainbow
And came around me in splendid array
Like a sunshine dressed to **** me five days in a row,
She sat across me to sway
My mind and my heart to bend and bow.

Within eyeshot distance
In a beautiful blue dress my lady in love
Appeared in dream like trance
Remind me of those bluebells in silky glow.

Over her glowing skin my emotions ponder
Sparkly as fire and set me free from the torments
Of her thoughts in sleepless nights that wander.
My eyes held hers only for few moments.

She flipped her hair and wrapped it around
Her neck showing her shoulder in more detail
To make up my mind about her to turn around.
Her  starry eyes open wide with beautiful  smile.

Looking back at me as she gloats.
Twirled her shimmering hair few times,
She orchestrated rhapsody of delights
And snapped my mind into lucid dreams.

She is irresistible that I can only whisper
Melting in love with my burning desire.
Tilted her head as she made up her hair
And left it undone as she had me set on fire.

And slowly she letting me in
Watching her over again and again.
She opens up my heart into growing sensation
As she slowly letting me in
Only to find my unconscious mind.

She touched my heart and soul deeply with love
Under her hypnotic trance so profound
As she speaks, all my love that she can deserve
Her voice cast a spell on me to surround.

She brought her hair together with a bow,
Now her wish is my command,
She locked my heart forever with love.

I can’t think of myself without her to woo,
I told her I wanted to see her every day
And whispered ‘I don’t want to miss you’
Her name is Chelsea, she lives by the bay
She winked at me and said, ‘me too’.

Near the puzzle table we started to play
Mental map of our love to display with no clue
She promised me she never broke up
And her love grows stronger every day.

I am stuck in love and waited up
To cuddle with her every night and day,  
Need her now more than ever
Until my last breath can stay
We always be together and forever.
Nathalie Nov 2018
She danced in the rain with daffodils in one hand and roses in another…Her bare feet bathed in summer’s spring...A hypnotic feeling nestled in her body... The sway of her hips mirrored the fluid motion of the branches as they partnered with the wind…
The scent of lilacs dawdled through the air… The aromatic scent seduced her deeper in nostalgia… The cheeping of the birds whispered her name…Her heart warmed under the peeping sun... The curve in her lips grew larger as her eyes met with the colours of the shimmering rainbow… A vow of love she made, a loyal commitment to living each day with passion in her veins….

Children standing in midair,
a person somehow wrong,
orders a bag of a cooked subconscious.
Shakes it gently,
unaware of the destruction wrought by rationalism.
A dog reading a book demands doctrinal allegiance.
A writer identifying the wrongs dies in a hypnotic trans-like state...

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
Mystic Mystery Aug 2018
I'm mesmerized by your radiant smile, which can open up the cloudy skies
I'm mesmerized by the beauty in your eyes, a glow that shines like the sunrise
I'm mesmerized by your rosy cheeks covering your face, that I would always embrace
I'm mesmerized by your name, the sweetest I have ever spoken
I'm mesmerized by your beauty,
it is like a diamond in the sky where even shooting stars would be ashamed to fly
I'm mesmerized by your soul, it's a blessing from the heavenly skies
and I would love be stay like this forever until my last breath
#I'm mesmerized
#I'm hypnotized
Emotional Kaddu May 2018
Like the faded blues of a 50s movie
Everything becomes artistically bland when I see you going

I prefer thinking about you as the only colored
In the black and white reel of life

Soft, alluring, you urge me to follow
And I, how could I do that?

I have ulterior motives, you know
I cannot just follow

I dream of getting that color from you
A soft touch of those berry lips

Sensual, subtle, and tantalizing
Your hands, I dream to hold

Soft, calm, and whispering, your breath
I wish to make you lose

Luscious, brave, and fiery
I want to put some dreams in those eyes

Passionate, perceptive, and gentle
Your heart, I wish, could feel me

Hypnotic, nimble, and graceful
Could we dance, till morrow?

It was so hard, to keep the beast in me
And now, he has become a poet

Oh! He just wants that color
So, he can present what follows.
Robin Carretti May 2018
You are clawed at him like a

Red hot
Las Vegas Jack-***
"Persuasive Mentor"
Underlie Supervisor
Skin softer He's Mr.

He molded me
to build me
Not to love me
So planned to
Deceive me
Fish desires
Flirt their tails

Like the Greek word

"Synecdoche" we call

French hot bread
His mustache
Attache case

You're over his

"Now" face to face

Fly••• First- Love- Yourself

Why? W- wait like H 4 hell
Y- Yell!!

Who's going to tell

I was head clicked
Watered down
my shrimp

Enjoy your now
"Big Gulp'
Help wanted

He got me under

his skin
Pulp Fiction
The rain in Spain
in the lie diction

Wha?ever he got to me

So erotically smooth skin

The next of kin

Aromantic overly
Like the

It felt like
Marlon Brando

A= hot brandy with


Being upfront skin kissed

The espresso I got you intense
dark under the mood weather
Cold-Hot-Mood swings she got

what life can bring better
Menopause or Men on pause

Am I hooked?
Another eye
full look
The more
four more

I got to you I see
It comes in three's to
die for the need
I say more

That part of you
So smitten

The skin chilled fire fit

Moms scent and you felt her

touching you her mind
and yours

Cut out hearts
Red Riding hood
Grandmas out of bed
What was said
Tough skin what
big brown eyes
Looking mad
That's what U got blowing
in the wind
on her skin to begone
Girl is gone
One call Jailbird

Our eyes leave the world
blind but speak more words

you opened up the blinds

Hot desired I got you, babe,

How in a spiritual sense

Was this in your character

by the quintessence

Or always a coincidence

You were being raised

Why is life so much to crave

Like your the side order
and he she and fee fi fun

The main entrance
Starfish dish the
Goddess sun
The dinner mint
gave her refreshing

Fifty times being burned

Over just a bite on my neck

of French fries

Not so overly touched by your lies

But you do have amazing eyes

Traveling through a skin-tight

maze the light fixture retracing

How tough skinned you are

I got to give you some credit

This is not the website

How you read into me

Like "Reddit"
I got it

So many time you have

done it lies

I never planned to get

you under my skin
Who wants to die

*** rebound always

Those fifties those dames

hot club smoking and

But feeling the tightrope
Supernatural spooked

I don't see you smiling

I couldn't breathe I felt

like choking

The devil own scripture

Our eyes perceive as the spies of

Boom explosion the hunger gets

intense face to face

Like we are the
TV on a binge

You cannot tune us but the
hot flame

can never tame us

Embedded by what we see

And touch-Oh! Me
U-C who would want to
go through this
2 B Me
Waiting for something
Like the Freebird I am
the Robin

How the earth confines us

Who is the one who

got something on us

Somes deep feelings

The Cole Porter

I got you under my skin

Someone on the pull

But he knows your
pleasure but where is the
On the premises
He stacked her roses

One smell he got
The words spelled on U

He said with an

" My Rose"
  My skin
  Smells brilliantly
  Like the eye of an
  Apple pie
I got someone maybe not U. That underlies big piece of the pie tough skin regardless if its a little lie
Sharon Talbot Sep 2017
Airplanes on a Still Day

(Two in One Hour)

The sound softens
Something inside my brain—
Tangible, hypnotic,
Remote and forgiving,
Like a little Buddha within,
Or flying this sound trail
Through the draftless heavens.

The tiny drone
Rids the world of
Human clatter and its rush.

As a child, I savored it inside,
A sliding down the spine
And into the heart and through me;
A reverse of the rush of wine.

Back then, it was unquestioned, enjoyed.
But fifty or more years later, I asked why.
Time moved by and left no answer.
Nothing but a spring-like stillness aloft,
Unbound by seasons below.

But as I relished that sound this afternoon,
I felt the sense of spring again
In that aimless hum.
And knew at last why pilots sailed
In any weather, in crystalline air.

Up there, it was always spring,
Always sweet and calm
With promise;
A miracle that they ever descend!

If silence had a sound
Or utter calm
Were an elixir,
This would be its form.
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