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Patterson Jun 2020
"I'm okay" "I'm okay"
whispering to myself, hanging upside down
tears dripping down to my toes
when I break down mid stretch.
"Just breathe darling"
I coach myself, nearly rocking back and forth
on the wooden floor
while the clock reads 12
and everyone else is asleep.

The muscles wrapped around my chest
and my back draw tighter still
-like piano strings:
they wait, poised for the merest sound of footsteps.
And the air doesn't quite find my lungs
my mind won't come off high speed
and I thrash through piles of *******
to find the water-stained, warped, ripped notebook
and a gaudy pen.

Then I begin to scribble, compose,
quietly wail and rage
as stroke for stroke
I map out my traumas and my guilt;
            slowly tattooing my hurt
            like poetry on my skin.
Rain May 2019
And here we go again;
So why don’t you just go ahead?
Tell me why I'm wrong
And that you’re strong
and that you long
For better days with me
That will never leave your days with me
Right before you slam the door and leave with me
With me and leave me behind
My heart and my soul intertwined with yours and i can’t quite
Take back what you stole
And you throw it away
Away and away little bluebird fly away
He swears he never meant to hurt you this way
But he did
And you can’t fix it
And he can’t fix it
So just write, little bird, write
Until the pain fades away.
Be careful who you give your heart to -  A Knight in shining armor may be yet another captor in disguise; without teeth, but with tongue just as sharp.
aL Nov 2018
Gandang iyong taglay ay naguumapaw, at ang ugali'y napaka.
Higit pa sa nakikita ng aking mga mata,
Ako nga'y lubos na humahanga.
Sa aking panaginip ikaw ay napapasama,
Ikaw lamang ang nasa isip, aking sinta.

Ako sana ay iyong namang bigyan ng karampot na pansin
Sapagkat ikaw ang pinakamahalaga sa akin.
Nagiimpok na ng pangarap, tanging hangad ika'y nasa aking paningin,
Sa iyong mata ako ay matagal nang nagpapaalipin.

Sampung minutong paggawa
Maayus-ayos na pagtula
Ito ang  pangpawi ng mga luha
Na ikaw lamang ang maygawa
sadhappyb Aug 2018
i have been fighting for so long
can i rest for a while?
i have been hearing a song
just to survive another mile
another mile filled with burden,
filled with heaviness and sadness
i have been searching for the place i belong
that will never use me as a wile
i have been finding rights between wrong
because i am so fragile
fragile to accept that truths were
made out of lies
i have been faking myself to be strong
is it obvious that it's a lie?
i have been keeping this for so long
can i cry for a while?
12 am---inside a blanket, shivering from a cold night, heavy head wants to pour out words i cannot say for the mean time;(
Retro Jul 2018
I can’t help but remember the night where everything ended.

The make up running down your face.
The clocking stating that it’s 2 AM.

The door of my cheap apartment room closing as I watched you left.

It’s 2 years later and I’m still in the same apartment room.
Instead of me remembering,
I drink and I forget.

But I slowly begin to realize.
That everything...
S t a r t s

To go




And I can’t seem to put the pieces back together.
I wake up and it’s all bleak.
It hits me like shattered glass.
It comes in fragments.

But I’m okay with this.

Because I remember the night it all ended.

Your makeup running down your face.
The clock stating that it’s 2 AM.

You leaving my cheap apartment.
And me staying there.
Just to stay.
And think.
And believe.
And hope.
That someday.
You would finally come home.
Debanjana Saha Feb 2018
With each day's torments in life
I take my brush and
try to paint out my soul
Where to begin or end
not knowing at all
but still love to paint
to find solace within my heart!

To paint or to write,
is my usual confusion
so did both while writing & painting
my soul out!
I am passionate about writing as well as painting.
Now trying to do both at the same time.
Kaitlyn Nov 2017
who knew it was going to be this way?
for you to believe that your life is amazing and nothing can break this stream of happiness you are drunk on.
for you to only then realise that this is a world you have created as an illusion for this dystopian world that surrounds you.

no one can hurt you.
or so you thought...

you've only ever been open to everyone around you.
this is the source to your ultimate weakness.
and you're the only one to blame.

you're vulnerable and have no opportunity to fix this.
maybe this fact isn't a bad thing; we're just viewing through a negative perspective.

on the road to self-destruction...
and i didn't even notice since i've been blinded.
- i want to scream in your face all the things you've done to hurt me... but i've been told that if i don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
so i'll bite my tongue.
apollota Mar 2017
Light shines through windows,
painting on comfortable carpets.
Stairs creek after steps passed
and throats clog after whispers caught.
Waves crash against sand,
playing soft symphonies in lonely ears.
While hearts break as glass smashes to floorboards
and bodies fall into pieces.
AnnSura Moon Nov 2016
it's times like these
I wish
I was silently
wrapped around
you. . .
Crimsyy Sep 2016
Her head spinning,
her head numb,
and yet she refused
to leave

And maybe that
was all it took,
a selfless gesture
to make me feel
loved and understood

She said
"I really don't want to
leave you alone tonight,
will you really be alright?"

I'll certainly try.
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