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sadhappyb Sep 2018
i did, i still do, and i will always do leave a space for you
whether a space inside a café, in the canteen seats, inside the cinema, in one of the bleachers, in a crowded room, or in one of the benches of the park we used to go
i will always leave a space for you
especially a space inside my heart, it would always remain for you
the scars roughly vanished yet you managed to still walk through
everyone has tried to steal the empty space but never did they know
that it was only meant for you
i reserve this space, I do
I wait for you
Even if I'm seeing you with someone new
I will still let this space untouched by anyone unless it would be you
:> halo im back
sadhappyb Aug 2018
i have been fighting for so long
can i rest for a while?
i have been hearing a song
just to survive another mile
another mile filled with burden,
filled with heaviness and sadness
i have been searching for the place i belong
that will never use me as a wile
i have been finding rights between wrong
because i am so fragile
fragile to accept that truths were
made out of lies
i have been faking myself to be strong
is it obvious that it's a lie?
i have been keeping this for so long
can i cry for a while?
12 am---inside a blanket, shivering from a cold night, heavy head wants to pour out words i cannot say for the mean time;(
sadhappyb Aug 2018
beat of the drums, beat of my heart
both follow the same rhythm
bits of pain sting my chest
by just looking at you
bringing the ball to the ring,
baiting urself on danger
build fear inside me
but i forgot
today, i'm no longer yours
and u are no longer mine
i dont have the rights
to worry and stare
at all
my heart is just beating with the drums
while hers, beats together with your heart
good old days:) ----this hurts like hell but im happy there's someone who took my place

song: thru these tears by lany<3
sadhappyb Jul 2018
too late at night
to be writing this piece
piece that consists of words
words made out of letters
letters carrying the feeling
feeling of sting
sting when I saw you
falling inlove
with someone new
but darling, i don't regret
you falling with someone you met
'cause i know it would be better
for you to be further
further from me
knowing what a chaos can i be
i saw u falling for someone i know; im happy that you are happy without me ;)
sadhappyb Jul 2018
have you heard of heartbreak?
there are thousands but only few can fake
of what pain really feels
'cause they swallow numbing pills
every single day heart breaks
and tears flow like the water in lakes
in those smooth-cracked skin
and there's the invisible pin
stuck in our chest
no matter how much we try our best
to forget and regret
those eyes and smile we first met
heartbreaks r so painful yet we overcome such things but the memories wil always remain:)
sadhappyb Jul 2018
life is easy
yes, life was, indeed, easy
if and only if it wasn't a catastrophe
what should life be
for a kid like me?
sailing across the vast empty sea
packed with just the hope to be free
from grudges kept inside me
i wasn't prepared to flee
because of the catastrophe i didn't see
no hand to hold
on nights that are cold
no arms to embrace
on empty days
i was slap by a catastrophe
that broke me
but, at the same time, strengthened me
Actually, i just want to write to voice the heaviness inside me. To, at least, lessen the pain i feel inside:)) the pain will always be there but pls have the hope to continue living:))<33

— The End —