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Jun 2016 · 1.3k
Tribute to Walt Whitman
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2016
there was never any more of you than there is now,
nor any more of me than there is now,
if we shall be heaven, let us be heaven now,
if we shall be heathens, let us be heathens now,
for you are the south of yesterday
and the north of tomorrow
for i am the west of nothing
and the east of infinity
let us love where we cross
and if we shall cross, let us cross now
and if we shall cross only once
i will make east kiss west
and i will let south kiss north
until we become infinitesimally small
towards nospace and notime
i unbecoming i
you unbecoming you
us becoming from two
infinite at the single point now
at the single moment now
where we are nothing but now
“There was never any more inception than there is now,
Nor any more youth or age than there is now;
And will never be any more perfection than there is now,
Nor any more heaven or hell than there is now.”
--Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass
Jun 2016 · 529
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2016
if i ever thought
i thought of you

if i ever dreamt
i dreamt of you

if i ever sang
i sang of you

if i ever prayed
i prayed of you

if i ever swam
i swam of you

if i ever breathed
i breathed of you

if i ever wondered
i wondered of you

if i ever awed
i awed of you

if i ever howled
i howled of you

if i ever waited
i waited of you

if i ever laughed
i laughed of you

if i ever cried
i cried of you

if i ever walked
i walked of you

if i ever spoke
i spoke of you

if i ever dreamt
i dreamt of you

if i ever thought
i thought of you
Jun 2016 · 435
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2016
when god made a sun
brighter than the sun
the sun was the brightest
(and the sun was you)

when god made a sea
deeper than the sea
the sea was the deepest
(and the sea was you)

when god made a sky
higher than the sky
the sky was the highest
(and the sky was you)

if god made you
greater than you
you would be no one
(and god would be you)
Jun 2016 · 885
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2016
when i loved you
i loved all of humanity

when you killed me,
you killed all of humanity
Mar 2016 · 663
Kurt Kanawa Mar 2016
for every thought of you
i stole a kindling star
from the night sky
to keep the thought warm

until the moon
shattered shivering
from the starless cold

i saw my thieving hands
glittered with the heavens

they were not a galaxy of you
but a constellation of me
Aug 2014 · 691
Kurt Kanawa Aug 2014
Gasping lips and swimming fingers,
Shadows dance on an ocean of skin
While above, an electric air lingers:
The smell of *** and sweat and sin;
They crash like violent waves to the shore,
Through themselves and into the other,
Caresses that echo, kisses that beg more,
A wild embrace, flesh tearing flesh asunder,
Thunder swelling up, grey clouds erupting,
Lightning spiking the sea between the two,
A final, silencing gasp

                                  pinnacles the storm's wrath.
As rain divide, the tumultuous sky corrupting
Breaking down while the sun breaks anew:
A stairway of light illuminates heaven's path
inspired by that poem about divine swans and helpless mortals.
Kurt Kanawa Aug 2014
he made her                love letters,  composed               wordless love songs
because that is what           they would do in         movies nobody has seen
paradise was once         the home he built                   out of cells and sinew
to whom they could do    whenever they wanted   everything one wanted
love: to become             two star-crossed lovers            is not what he wants
indivisible but       invisible, faceless conversations                  no, he wants
unique souls                      across a sea of                        infinitely many stars
to whom                       unintelligible vowels             love wisdom and truth
she, in turn,                     the goddess of love,                 he kneels and prays
could do the same              unbound by ***                would love him again
left poem: lovers loving an idealized version of the other aka "paradise"

middle poem: an LGBT poem

right poem: a man seeking truth

combined poem: a man who wants another chance at love
Kurt Kanawa Aug 2014
have you         seen everything
ever felt      everything at once
a blackout                   from hell
'cause that's         heaven's fear
how it                          feels real
feels to                           be alive
be without                      fear or
you or                      truly know
your love                       i've felt
can be read left, right, or all together.
Jul 2014 · 2.1k
Kurt Kanawa Jul 2014
You are the itch I can't ever scratch,
you trickle and ***** my thoughts
like sandpaper to a match,

latching onto the roots of my head,
you are the one stalking my thinking space
in and between the hours I lay on my bed,

and I tell myself that you're nothing to me,
a dusty web on the corner of my mind,
you are, I tell myself, nothing to me,

that you are the vexing fly I can't catch,
and I tell myself you are nothing to me,
nothing but the itch I can't ever scratch,
Jul 2014 · 453
My Life in Six Words
Kurt Kanawa Jul 2014
A wolf raised by sheep.
Jun 2014 · 834
woe to the happy poet
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2014
woe to the happy poet
for soon
he shall find his well of inspiration dry
because one can write about
sunshine smiles and blue butterflies
for only so long

let us cheer then
for the lonely
for the heartbroken
for the misunderstood

they fester in unrequited love:
they love the world
but the world does not love them back
and they spend the rest of their days
grieving about it
in the prettiest words
Jun 2014 · 654
how to destroy an angel
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2014
capture his laugh in a cave and let it echo

fish out the starry oceans from his eyes

call love a placebo

let all the moonlight shoot out of his fingers and toes

carve the gold out of his heart

bleach the butterflies in your gut

don't smile

don't think about his smile

let silence devour you both

let entropy rip you apart

get used to the cold

wait for the next big bang
Jun 2014 · 733
to be truly lonely
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2014
is not to be silent
but to have voices competing
drowning each other out
so that we only hear the words
coming out of our own mouths

it means not to be cold
but to be scorched with the frustration
of being misunderstood
and pushed away
watching as our bridges burn
before they have ever even been built

it means not the darkness
but the light, blinding light
of the stage we stand
where we must deliver our lines
and play our parts eternally
never to remove our masks

it means not to be broken
but not being able to break
even when we want to
always on the verge of crying
we let our eyes swell but never flow
pretending everything's fine

and as i look from eye to eye
i know that i am lonely but not alone
in this cageless prison
Jun 2014 · 1.0k
The Never-Ending Poem
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2014
i wonder
if there existed
a combination of words
that i could say
to push all your buttons
to dig into your brain
to shiver your veins
to hold onto your soul
that in the end
would make you love me

but perhaps
it is not a word or a phrase
not a line nor a page
but a never-ending poem
that demands not just to be sung
but lived out
“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
Jun 2014 · 1.2k
Art Luncheon
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2014
Dance can't keep still;
she never could.

Music, perhaps the oldest of them all,
is the gracious host:
a voice all recognize.

Acting has a love/hate relationship
with everyone in the room
including himself.

Pottery daydreams
of ancient glory.
(Fashion hasn't got the time for that.)

Architecture and Sculpture
compare dresses.

Cooking tries to decode
the recipe for dessert.

Painting and Drawing
soak up the garden's view,
while Writing goes around
asking what everyone's up to.

Photography stops
and stares for a while.

Video voyeurs the place,
much to Love's embarrassment.

Lastly, we have Poetry:
the lovechild of all the Arts.
He is amazed by the shape of his hands
and spends his time drawing shadows
and chasing cars.
"All art is quite useless."
Jun 2014 · 1.1k
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2014
pearls of sweat swell on bodies golden
at the dancing heart of pagan Rome;
orgastic stares and touches molten
light the synesthesia pleasuredome.

the gods eat diamonds from the grapevine
while virgins undress their silken shame;
red-faces boast as blood turns to wine:
tonight roam ***** tongues without name.

nymphs hold cornucopia spirits high;
they all hover inches from the ground,
spraying the mob to dew ev'ry eye;
endless voices converge to one sound.

ambrosia, the food of the divine,
is nothing but mortal invention:
to think of pleasure is to make it mine,
all of us in bubbled imagination.
"The mere fact of having published a book of second-rate sonnets makes a man quite irresistible. He lives the poetry that he cannot write. The others write the poetry that they dare not realize..."
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2014
climb out of the womb and be born
watch your limbs and fingers grow
let Them manufacture your soul
memorize and become a number

watch your limbs and fingers grow
set the neighborhood on fire
memorize and become a number
stare at the chains on your ankles

set the neighborhood on fire
rally your gods and your lovers
stare at the chains of your ankles
break free, run away

rally your gods and your lovers
let them manufacture your soul
break free, runaway
climb out of the womb and be born
there's a teenage riot in all of us.
May 2014 · 587
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
our lips, are raptors,
talons inter,twined in flight;
the sun, on the sea raptures
and beckons us with light;

we are beak,ed seraphim
entangled in a vic,ious embrace;
feverish blood rac,es and swims
within the snare, of our veins enlaced;

each caged in st,eel feathers,
spine grazing spine, eye slashing eye;
we, a comet tha,t rapidly withers,
conjoined icarus fall,ing from the sky

we will crash in,to electric waves,
flanked by cliffs made, of thunder;
on to our vi,olent graves,
we will tear, each,other asunder.
you are the life of me,
and you will be the death of me,
and when you pin me down with your eyes
i know that i wouldn't have it any other way
May 2014 · 789
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
These hands of mine are yours
You can do whatever you like:
I shall stand or kneel on all fours;
Move me to peace or move me to strike.

You can do whatever you like;
I am your guardian hound.
Move me to peace or move me to strike,
I shall do at your voice's sound.

I am your guardian hound
Who offers eternal loyalty;
I shall do at your voice's sound,
My queen, my royalty.

Who offers eternal loyalty?
I shall stand or kneel on all fours.
My queen, my royalty,
These hands of mine are yours.
my first pantoum yay
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
I have a huge ****
But I don't go around
Telling everyone about it.
"i'm cocky, alright."
May 2014 · 1.3k
we are
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
slit wrists
damp pillows
lover's eyes
vacant hearts
empty plates
twin beds
chinese temples
wooden idols
dusty windowsills
rap verses
closed curtains
angry candles
calloused hands
unopened letters
unsent texts
dry pens
spare change
crusty nails
dusty books
speeding tickets
broken crayons
black mascara
and more

we're alike
we're not

but we each always have
a story
to tell
an ode to everyone on this site. thank you, congratulations, condolences, my apologies.
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
Thank you, I needed that.
Because now, more than ever,
I burn
With the horsepower
Of a hundred suns,
Aching to prove you wrong.

For I am the dwarf star
That will reborn itself
Into a red giant.

And though the coldness of your words
And the void of your superficial gaze
Rip my heart apart like entropy,
I will not atrophy.

I will eat
And work
And push
And grow
And burn
Bright, blinding light.

And I will gather your gaseous glances and metallic spite
And like a solar system forming from cosmic dirt,
From chaos,
I will stand.

Through the searing pain,
Through the soul-******* cold,
Through the craters you leave on my skin,
I will stand.

Even if it takes me a thousand,
A million, a billion years,
I will stand.

Little by little, inch by inch,
I will stand.

As certain as the stars,
I will stand.
I will stand.

I stand.
"That which does not **** us makes us stronger." Nietzche.
May 2014 · 532
Hold On
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
When your world crumbles apart—
And you're dragged back to the start—

     Hold on.

When all your candles have died—
And all your teachers have lied—

     Hold on.

When your heart gives away—
And your bones turn to clay—

      Hold on.

Hold on to the seams that bind you—
Hold on to what you know to be true—

Hold on to the ones you love---
And know that that will be enough---

      Hold on tightly
      and never let go—

      Hold on tightly
      until you finally know—

Hold on.
hang in there, buddy.
May 2014 · 345
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
You deserve to be judged
By the story of your roots;
You deserve to be trudged
Upon by our hardened boots;

You deserve to be slaved
By endless toil and grind;
You deserve to be saved
From the thoughts of your mind;

You deserve to be loveless
Until you repent for your sins;
You deserve to be hopeless
Until our clan finally wins;

There can be no joy without pain;
There can be no sky without rain;
There can be no freedom without fate;
There can be no love without hate.
The philosophy of the unwise and fanatical.
May 2014 · 3.7k
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
Under dark stars and the chill of desert night
they twist and turn in their bed, restless;
their voices crying out—
help me, listen to me, love me
and I do.

And so I sew their tears and worries into the web of my skin
and carry them along with me as I go,

Because I am the dreamcatcher—
who takes nightmares and trades them for dreams,
who breathes in burden and




who seals sorrow within the strings and feathers of his soul
until they disappear at the dawn.

And I weave, weave, weave a web—
until my strings and feathers are heavy
with their doubt, shame, and misery.

And with a sigh, those voices are hushed, quiet like earth;
they travel through the wind, and float to the stars.
who am i, and who do i live for?
May 2014 · 760
Heat Death
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
too lazy
too hot
can't think

heat expands air
ballooning our heads
double in size

the sun peppers the ground
so we wouldn't taste our footprints
on our eggs on the sidewalk

they say - no, they scream - the end is near
i'm not sure about that but i think hell had a gas leak
or does god want to bake his people into fresh gingerbread?
god, it's hot in here.
May 2014 · 1.1k
Opiate of the Masses
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
Get high on GOD
said the poster
NOT on drugs.
I never knew the difference.
May 2014 · 475
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
Sometimes I wish
I still believed in God.

Maybe He could forgive you,
because I can't.

I can only
not normally this bitter. this is just a phase, i'll probably love you back in the morning, for better or worse.
May 2014 · 962
Seven Deadly Sins
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
you marvel at your beautiful reflection,
but then remember the undeserving *******
who stole
your third mistress.
so you rob a hardware store
and gouge his eyes out with a screwdriver
and watch him bleed to death
while snacking on a bag of Cheetos.

you're too lazy
to pick up the crumbs.

(in order)
May 2014 · 351
Deus Ex
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
I could have saved you.
I wish I did.
I was supposed to be
Your deus ex machina,
God from the Machine.
But apparently
God was not enough
To stop the ambush
And prevent the explosion
That engulfed you in flames and lead-filled smoke.
You roasted alive.
And I watched you die.
Memories lost forever
In an instant.
A voice never to be heard again.
I could turn back time
And have another chance
To save you
Before I saved

If only everyone
Had a clockwork angel
Guarding their side...
to malik. i didn't know i could save you. i'm sorry.
May 2014 · 5.1k
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
trance of the cool breeze
dance of the  palm trees
you can
catch us
or maybe
the late
cocktails and listening
to the whistles of purple orchids
you can meet us by the golden shore
on sands that can't wait to get into your
toes and tell old stories about heroes
and  beautiful  women of  the land
who had hips that could rock the
molten lava out of mauna kea
you can enjoy the moment with us
leave your  worries and  your cameras
and lose yourself to the gentle swing of your
hammock and to the wishful kissing of the ocean
and to  the warm  blackness  that sings you to
sleep  to good vibrations that radiate out of
the strumming of my thumb that lullabies
the little brown child i carry in my arms
who the world named ukulele
"Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes some things are meant to be"
May 2014 · 249
On "Sleep"
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
lucky are those...
who can enjoy too much...
or survive...
on so little...
May 2014 · 1.6k
On "Acne"
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
about as annoying
as that word
you keep
May 2014 · 322
On "Bestfriendship"
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
it's the way
your left and right hands move
in perfect synchronicity
to play Beethoven

i wish i could hear the music
May 2014 · 519
On "Crushes"
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
it's a long-distance relationship
so far that i can't hear
your obvious rejection
so far that i can only hear
the endless echo of my voice:
the lovebuzz
of a hopeless romantic
May 2014 · 227
On "Secrets"
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
lies breed whispers
that creep around your head

it's like Schrödinger's cat
maybe they know
maybe they don't know
maybe it's both

are you curious enough
to find out?
May 2014 · 1.9k
i'm fine
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
sweaty palms
legs made of wood
my mouth agape
but no words
so i nod
yeah, i'm okay
twitchy fingers
brain made of static
my eyes restless
blinking wildly
i'm alright, i promise
clenched toes
skin made of steel
my heart resting
on a bowl of nails
i'm fine
my ribs are shaking but
i'm fine
my ears are ringing but
i'm fine
my bones are breaking but
im fine
i'm fine

(but maybe
if you'd ask me
one more time...)
why do we insist on being ''alright'' all the time?
May 2014 · 5.2k
Noli Me Praehendo
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
Sprawl of the nazarene toothslayer,
Nucleotide bombast explosion;
***** of the eftsoon soothsayer,
Pyramid galaxies implosion:
Breathing quintuplicating matrix
Somersault to ceaseless meiosis,
Goldbeating phlanx initiatrix:
Amphimixis apotheosis.
Lifen gyrovagues aerolitic:
And fixate Atlas telescopic!
i am the eggplant whisperer.
May 2014 · 429
Fire and Ice
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
I want you
your chest bare
for my fingers to caress
like a figure-skater
around a ring of ice

I want to feel
your cold, electric touch
shivering every cell
of my body
making me feel
like a pineapple
turning inside-out

and as pleasure and pain
blend to the same color
I want you
to look into my eyes
and tell me
you burn
on the kiss of my tongue
and cry
on the taste of my skin
There's a pun in there somewhere.
May 2014 · 501
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
they came like a                     hurricane
wave after wave of         unceasing rain
each drop a smeared               false    reflection of
faces of friends          of family      we once did love

and as the torrential rain         spilled
more         of our people were killed
and the world we knew              quickly eroded
the iron in our bones broke     brittle    and corroded

drenched in this forsaken        diseased   sea
we become more of what     we feared  to be
as cold and      dead       as the death around us
losing all sense of        what was     right    and just

yet still   we fight endlessly         to survive
yet    still our hope    is still     stubbornly    alive
the dead walk.
May 2014 · 537
Mother's Day
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
To our teacher, our friend, our cook, our nurse...
To the greatest mom in the universe,
Please accept this humble dedication
(A sign of our pure appreciation)
To all the good things you do and have done.
We love you, mom! Love, your daughter and son.
my sister made the card while i made the poem. she loved it.
May 2014 · 515
Gradeschool Crush
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
She is beautiful
Like a dancing flame

With eyes as enticing
As her name

She is a shooting star
In the dark of the night

Flying so far away
To an unreachable height

Twinkling, shining
While someone makes a wish

Indeed there is an ocean
But there is only one fish
serendipitously found in a jar of love poems i wrote long ago.
May 2014 · 498
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
Drops and drips—
They bring me back,
Back when I touched your lips
And you smiled, with me
But then cried, weakly
Tears lost in the rain
Eyes veiled by the drizzle
Because you said
We could never be together
And then cities fell
And the moon crumbled to dust
You left me in the rain
Drops and drips—
They bring me back
found serendipitously in a jar of love poems i wrote long ago.
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
don't let them get close
little deaths that leech and gnaw
until I am bone
how much longer?
May 2014 · 754
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
fruit tastes better forbidden
i can't stop myself
i'm breaking all these promises
like a ******* animal
i'm writhing
a seizure of ***** pleasure
demons dance around my head
like flower girls
splaying the ground with sin
i'm a ******* animal
thoughts pulsing
a constant state of primal ******
controlling me
like a leash
dangling meat in front of my face
somebody purge me
exorcize me from this
and distill the evil
and cast the black water into the sea

i beg
for my
a man who renounces reason and acts on instinct is not man at all.
May 2014 · 738
love is...
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
love is not perfect—
love is bending down and retying your shoe laces
over and over and over again

love is not peace—
love is the way screams and broken plates litter the floor
while heated lips crash in a passionate embrace

love is not forever—
love is the infinitesimal space between clasped wrinkled hands
of old lovers who have already seen everything beautiful in the world

love is not pretty—
love is rough
and violent,
but undeniably
at least, that's what i want love to be.
May 2014 · 941
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
step 1:
random-add everyone you see
without liking any of their poetry
to get follow-backs for free

step 2:
make your poem trendy
usually about love
heartbreak, loneliness,
lust, or whatever has the most hashtags these days

step 3:
speaking of hashtags
make sure to sprinkle your poem
with as much hashtags as possible
(don't even think about if they're related
or not)
#love #trending #anoerxia
#*** #death #zucchini

step 4:
if you're running out of ideas
grab something mildly poetic from a song
shake it up a little
and trim it down to about ten words

step 5:
don't forget to make your poem short
because people don't have the attention span
to complete anything these da

step 6:
watch the view numbers come rolling in
and count them like money

you win *nothing.
since when did poetry become a popularity contest? / all resemblances to real people are entirely coincidental, no offense intended.
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
the question remains, buried in all of us like original sin.
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
sleep like fat bears: eat and grunt and sleep through some meaningless life//fight like strong bears: laugh and cry and fight through your meaningful life. the choice is yours.
May 2014 · 368
Kurt Kanawa May 2014
i am the bringer of my demise
and by my preparation i meet surprise
by my quest for knowledge i am no longer wise
by my courage to stand i can no longer rise

o! i curse the day i was born
let no one cry, let no one mourn
for everything i fix becomes all the more torn
by reaching for a halo do i grow evil horns

i am the flame that suffocates itself with its own rage
i am the runaway who runs himself into his own cage
by asking for more i lower my wage
by clinging to youth i hasten my age

o! the gods must think it hilarious
to make my every good nefarious
to make my every position precarious
and my only pleasure vicarious!

if anything is to be learned at all
it is that i am boxing with an iron wall:
the harder i punch the harder i fall
for what is a wall compared to a fleshly doll?
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