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Kurt Kanawa Jun 2016
there was never any more of you than there is now,
nor any more of me than there is now,
if we shall be heaven, let us be heaven now,
if we shall be heathens, let us be heathens now,
for you are the south of yesterday
and the north of tomorrow
for i am the west of nothing
and the east of infinity
let us love where we cross
and if we shall cross, let us cross now
and if we shall cross only once
i will make east kiss west
and i will let south kiss north
until we become infinitesimally small
towards nospace and notime
i unbecoming i
you unbecoming you
us becoming from two
infinite at the single point now
at the single moment now
where we are nothing but now
“There was never any more inception than there is now,
Nor any more youth or age than there is now;
And will never be any more perfection than there is now,
Nor any more heaven or hell than there is now.”
--Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2016
if i ever thought
i thought of you

if i ever dreamt
i dreamt of you

if i ever sang
i sang of you

if i ever prayed
i prayed of you

if i ever swam
i swam of you

if i ever breathed
i breathed of you

if i ever wondered
i wondered of you

if i ever awed
i awed of you

if i ever howled
i howled of you

if i ever waited
i waited of you

if i ever laughed
i laughed of you

if i ever cried
i cried of you

if i ever walked
i walked of you

if i ever spoke
i spoke of you

if i ever dreamt
i dreamt of you

if i ever thought
i thought of you
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2016
when god made a sun
brighter than the sun
the sun was the brightest
(and the sun was you)

when god made a sea
deeper than the sea
the sea was the deepest
(and the sea was you)

when god made a sky
higher than the sky
the sky was the highest
(and the sky was you)

if god made you
greater than you
you would be no one
(and god would be you)
Kurt Kanawa Jun 2016
when i loved you
i loved all of humanity

when you killed me,
you killed all of humanity
Kurt Kanawa Mar 2016
for every thought of you
i stole a kindling star
from the night sky
to keep the thought warm

until the moon
shattered shivering
from the starless cold

i saw my thieving hands
glittered with the heavens

they were not a galaxy of you
but a constellation of me
Kurt Kanawa Aug 2014
Gasping lips and swimming fingers,
Shadows dance on an ocean of skin
While above, an electric air lingers:
The smell of *** and sweat and sin;
They crash like violent waves to the shore,
Through themselves and into the other,
Caresses that echo, kisses that beg more,
A wild embrace, flesh tearing flesh asunder,
Thunder swelling up, grey clouds erupting,
Lightning spiking the sea between the two,
A final, silencing gasp

                                  pinnacles the storm's wrath.
As rain divide, the tumultuous sky corrupting
Breaking down while the sun breaks anew:
A stairway of light illuminates heaven's path
inspired by that poem about divine swans and helpless mortals.
Kurt Kanawa Aug 2014
he made her                love letters,  composed               wordless love songs
because that is what           they would do in         movies nobody has seen
paradise was once         the home he built                   out of cells and sinew
to whom they could do    whenever they wanted   everything one wanted
love: to become             two star-crossed lovers            is not what he wants
indivisible but       invisible, faceless conversations                  no, he wants
unique souls                      across a sea of                        infinitely many stars
to whom                       unintelligible vowels             love wisdom and truth
she, in turn,                     the goddess of love,                 he kneels and prays
could do the same              unbound by ***                would love him again
left poem: lovers loving an idealized version of the other aka "paradise"

middle poem: an LGBT poem

right poem: a man seeking truth

combined poem: a man who wants another chance at love
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