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Aug 2014
he made her                love letters,  composed               wordless love songs
because that is what           they would do in         movies nobody has seen
paradise was once         the home he built                   out of cells and sinew
to whom they could do    whenever they wanted   everything one wanted
love: to become             two star-crossed lovers            is not what he wants
indivisible but       invisible, faceless conversations                  no, he wants
unique souls                      across a sea of                        infinitely many stars
to whom                       unintelligible vowels             love wisdom and truth
she, in turn,                     the goddess of love,                 he kneels and prays
could do the same              unbound by ***                would love him again
left poem: lovers loving an idealized version of the other aka "paradise"

middle poem: an LGBT poem

right poem: a man seeking truth

combined poem: a man who wants another chance at love
Kurt Kanawa
Written by
Kurt Kanawa  Living Inside of My Head
(Living Inside of My Head)   
   PC classic
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