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Nov 2016 · 1.6k
The librarian
Anto MacRuairidh Nov 2016
Your finger
your rouge

with a husky

I was
that blood thicker...
Nov 2016 · 738
Fool's Gold
Anto MacRuairidh Nov 2016
~ Fools Gold ~

There's no
Fool like
An old Fool;

Fools deserve
Fool's gold;

A Fool and
His heart
Are soon parted;

do Fools
A Fool's pardon?
self explanatory really.
If someone could be kind enough to help me out grammatically re the placing of the apostrophe in Fool's - or should it be Fools' Gold
Feb 2016 · 416
Anto MacRuairidh Feb 2016

would have jumped
on my bed

"Wake Up! Wake Up!
Sleepy head!"

then scrambled in beside me
kissing my nose, my chin, my lips
until I awoke - smiling


don't even apologise
for never being
Feb 2016 · 542
look closely
Anto MacRuairidh Feb 2016
In my palm I laid a single grain of sand - and studied long with the eyes of Man.

Then when my eyes acquired the truth the reality of the Universe did blooth

That grain of sand - it 'twas a planet -
with seas and lands and tiny humans 'pon it

The lands were home to many people
   - some were with; some without steeples

They had cities wide and planes and cars
     and schools and courts and homes and bars

I looked closer still with wisdom's sight
     and I got a Universal fright

Outside a small town like my own -
was a beach like that I'm stood upon!

And on that beach I saw a man
a-peering deeply at his palm

~ Closer still I did exam
.... and his interest,

(I swear to God
with raised right hand)

  was just -
a single -

I call this a recursive poem
Jan 2016 · 602
Blood Diamond
Anto MacRuairidh Jan 2016
already I feel empty

still...the mining of my heart
continues apace
...the riches are almost
fully depleted now
...and still I open the gates
to 'this claim' with hope
each time you arrive in your
grimacing excavator.

I watch as the
gallows **** heap
that is soon to replace
my once priceless gems
grows in ugliness
in the full knowledge
that you are already
prospecting elsewhere
Jan 2016 · 427
Pilates senryu
Anto MacRuairidh Jan 2016
are they clean he asked
- just want clean hands said Pontius
and all Pilates since
Jan 2016 · 422
untitled poem
Anto MacRuairidh Jan 2016
Blow to me
flamenco kisses
your hearts desire

We'll tango
on the cold red tiles
in shadows
of candles

And pasodoble
with a cigarette

while the moon
windbreaks and peeks
crisp sheets

and unmade love.
Jan 2016 · 302
this is ME
Anto MacRuairidh Jan 2016
From my mind and brain - Take all the factoids and even some of the instruction set of the nervous system -
take all of them - many many words and learned behaviours and even some instinctive ones
And throw them all in the dumpster - take the dumpster to the landfill and empty it - no going back
Now take your name and your picture and put it in place of all that was there
And now you see....
That... that is ME.

Adopta news kin
Itstil lyu
Hid eyo ur
face wit
Eyo ujuststick
Ito vert heoldon
Jan 2016 · 739
tea and scones
Anto MacRuairidh Jan 2016
Sometimes -
  she is so very
'(*******) tea and scones'


by the way she sips
  from her china cup
with pinkie extended,
each time
the perfect embouchure

I know that she tends it -
the fire

she could send a man over the edge
but not the
- devil inside me
~~~~~ twisted energy ~~~~

ancient eyes scoping the curve in her form -
her carotid smile
pulses - synced - with my carotid length

she is my dawn -
may just prove to be her
messing with formatting
Sep 2015 · 509
A trio of words
Anto MacRuairidh Sep 2015

What am I a clown?
You think I'm here for your
******' amusement?

Senryu in Darkness

as she breathed her last
she recalled her words of praise
~ he has strong safe hands

The Marital Aid**

my career as a marital aid ~ over
my batteries had died long before
you chose to leave
Sep 2015 · 549
the unslept
Anto MacRuairidh Sep 2015
when i unsleep ~
the moon is my sun
Anto MacRuairidh Sep 2015
The cavern was huge and brimmed with echoes
and painted with shadows by unseen flickering flames.

"AH! Sir, you've arrived"
(He put his hand over my head to shield
it from the jagged rock edges that
constituted an opening into the cavern)
"Welcome to 'Love' "- he pointed to a little sign on a chain
"Im Cupid"
(Cupid is not a small chrub after all, believe me!)
"I'll be your host tonight and for the forseable future"
(He sniggered a coda - 'well yours anyway...')
"I'll show you your table, where you'll find your beloved already seated."

She got up as we approached and offered me her dainty digits
(Cupid whispered to me)
It was Madison Johnson whom I'd met a the wake I'd just come from
"Isn't she just the most beautiful thing you ever saw
- and she thinks you're the bees knees. ....enjoy"

(he left us, I think, I can't recall; too busy looking into HER eyes)

"So... that Cupid guy....huh?" I stammered as I began to swim in her gaze

"AH! Sir, you've arrived."
(I saw him switch the sign, Cupid, turned it deftly as some new guy arrived)

(He shielded the head of old Mr Bruce at whose wake I had been an hour ago)
"Welcome to 'Hell' !!"

"I'm Old Nick/Bellezebub/Betelgeuse, yadda, yadda, whatevs.
- Now, get. *******. in. there!"
('Cupid' kicked poor Mr Bruce with his ... hoof,
the leathery point of .."his tail" shimmered in the flames).
love is hell
Aug 2015 · 751
Light Bulb Moment (10w)
Anto MacRuairidh Aug 2015
out of the box
Aug 2015 · 893
Thank you Cat Fiske
Anto MacRuairidh Aug 2015
Sometimes we don't even realise
that we are so


in the abyss

because it has become the norm

until a kind soul brings light

~ thank you Cat Fiske.
Aug 2015 · 1.9k
Got Shortty
Anto MacRuairidh Aug 2015
"Stop playing with your nuts son. You'll get them full of hairs",
Said SNL netball's most famous coach to his one and only heir.
"Pa... tell me another the Scampers won the cup"
"Another one - there is only one", he said, lifting Junior up.

"But you tell it so well", Sean Jr said with a twinkle in his eye.
He has my wiley charm thought Coach, of that I cannot lie.
Coach Sean Shortt (Shortty) was full of pride - he gave his tail a twirl,
i'm really glad we had a boy though I'd have been happy with a girl.

He cleared his throat, "we'd reached the Finals in the year of ' 78,
Folks said it was 'cause I was chief but the team that year was great!
With Sammy Strain and Sereena Skylar; best Goal Attacks I ever saw
And Skittles Sloan - Wing Defence - what she couldn't do with a ball...!"

"Oh Dad! Fast forward to quarter 4 - the most exciting part !!"
Sean Jr was tired from school that day - Bless his little squirrel heart.
"Well it was even Stevens" Coach continued "only seconds on the clock.
I thought I'd never see the end my heart ticked with every tock."

"ShingleWood Sneakers were in terrific form - they hadn't yet been beat
But we played them at their own game and we really brought the heat.
Man marking and super fitness was the key to my strategy
Fair play as well but I fought for every single foul and penalty."

"Their main man was super tall - long tail - wore a medical mask,
For fear of seeming obtuse, I thought it prudent not to ask.
He never missed, this big GA - kept scoring goal after goal after goal.
I never seen the likes of him or his skills, son - Upon my soul!"

"His crowning moment a penalty - he surely couldn't miss, I'd bet.
He didn't!! And our hearts all sank like the ball, clean through the net.
Then they Gatoraded their coach but most of the liquid went the hero's way
Revealing a painted tail - a scandal!! - whispered about still, to this day."

"A raccoon ringer! - flown from the States, with a stripey lengthy tail -
To deceive the whole of our sainted league but their wicked plan had failed.
They were disqualified - to us, the cup -  I got Freedom of the Wood.
And though we ne'er won again - those memories still feel good."

Shortty gave the lad a loving look - bed time was fast approaching
- Stories have to end some time; so with Life and so with coaching -
"And what did we learn, my only son, on that fateful glorious day -
Apart from the obvious that squirrel tails arent monochrome, they're gray."

Junior huffed a pretend sigh because he really loved this tradition
And with a proper unpretend yawn he said without sedition,
"The moral of the story is to strive through thick and thin,
No Sir, winners never cheat - and cheaters never win !!"

...and so to bed...
Previously posted on another site by me.
Aug 2015 · 443
try, try again?
Anto MacRuairidh Aug 2015
the spider
who inspired
Robert the Bruce
with its eight legs of
never give up
had its
Aug 2015 · 918
Hey Gorgeous...
Anto MacRuairidh Aug 2015
not a star
in the sky
nor one dappled
dew drop
through which glory
of sun
nor God
shone ~

not a canary
in full song
nor polished gem
nor finely
crafted gold
nor Da Vinci muse

nor any man-made
wonder of
this world
or God-made
of the next

could take my eye
the way
your countenance
has claimed
my sight ~

and none
make me
my blindness
the way
you do.
Just scribbling
Aug 2015 · 1.6k
Yoda remembers
Anto MacRuairidh Aug 2015
Remember it well do I  ~
Third eclipse of second moon
on Wrote-Clishhen Five

Saw your eyes; full of the force, did I
But full of Love ~ they were ~ a higher power
yesss. hmmm....Delighting everyone

The Cutest nose had you ~ and ears...
Oh ! ...And smile did you
like a thousand light-sabres, was it.

But your way ~ your way, it was
~ that made me love you
Many times laughing, spend, we did

(Yo-da one that I want - joked - you did
~ the best joke ever, thinks I )

Until, intervene and consume us, the Dark Side did;
Tears replacing laughter and hate; Love
Our friendship, to die, was meant to be

But swear I do,
On my six stubby toes !
Forever love you I shall

yesss ~ swear I do...

- Forever... love you
                  ...I shall
Even Jedi Masters hearts get broken
Aug 2015 · 615
Unfound love
Anto MacRuairidh Aug 2015
I once had
a gold divining rod
It led me to the source
of love
~ It led me to you ~
but it got bent
much too easily

~ the shine was lost

the gold was
naught but glitter
covering a petrified twig

which just snapped...
love is not all its seems
Aug 2015 · 390
Im loving Angels instead
Anto MacRuairidh Aug 2015
...and delicious as her lips,
as entrancing as her mouth,
as tender as her kiss
might be....

his eyes
were filled with sadness

he knew he could not keep her
~ his one dream in this world
would not be fulfilled

oh!, yes ...
she was destined to be his alright
his most wonderful memory only

a memory that would warm his heart;
a memory that would break it with each recall
but that was a pain he embraced as surely
as if holding his one and only herself

she would be with him always
in here  -  ♥  

to keep him smiling
through his loneliness

for angels visits
to people such as he
were always short lived
fuzzy wuzzy waz a wummin

The title here is a line from Robbie William's 'Angels'
Jul 2015 · 1.2k
First taste of HP
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
The poem formerly known as 'First taste of bitter' has been rewritten to reflect the lovely people who inhabit this etheral poetic wonderland that is home to many and a refuge to many - inspired by HP's own Elsa
- thank you Elsa  :))

My first taste of HP

I was welcomed right away
Day one I had three friends
Peter Hamilton, Cecil and Ana
Is where my HP journey began

From another site I'd arrived
Not seeking fortunes or fame
Just a place to share poems
With people who feel the same

I've always been so welcome here
~ always made to feel at home
Thats down to the friendly poets
Who you all are, you know.

So many, many friendly souls
My, how that list has grown
Thank you HP - I glad I came...
I no longer feel alone

Special thank also to - Poetessa Diabolica, Niamh, Coleen, Shanna, Wolf, Brandon, Evie, ridicule, Beryl Dov, Donna and Sleeping Bag. Much love to everyone who knows me. X
HP =
H.elpful P.ositivity ,
H.ome (of) P.oets ,
H.appy P.eople
H.eartfelt P.oetry

Some readers will find that they have already liked this although they havent even read this (revised poem) - DONT PANIC! - as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy would say. It appears that I have done something naughty by renaming and rewriting a poem that was previously read and rated. Thank you all. :)
Jul 2015 · 3.4k
I touched your face today
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
I touched your face
~ today*
I drew
     the fingers of

     my right hand

         down slowly,

              gently along

             the left side
              of your



I cupped your dainty chin
between thumb and forefinger

I willed with all my energy that

you might feel my touch and hear

my heart whisper your name -

"my darling little bird"


and I heard you softly say my name ...


"stay with me ant..."

"don't leave me,  please..."

I heard you say that

~ today

when I touched

your beautiful face

in my favourite photograph of you.
When you can't be together - you try desperately to be "together"
Jul 2015 · 979
a not nice person
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
I traversed the solar
plexus of your lies
abseiled the craggy mid-drift
of long forgotten repentance
passing through your belly button
of hidden desires
and emerged
smelling of not-roses
from the crevice of your denials.
My surveyors report summarised thus -
(You're) **rotten through and through...
travelling trolls
Jul 2015 · 466
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
My six string draws blood
A small price to pay for the enjoyment
of making music
~  later  ~
Callouses on every tender fingertip
(left hand)

Love draws blood
A small price to pay for its reward
of soul rises and laughter
~ * later*  ~
Callouses on my heart
(every time I think of you - with him)
How long before the heart, like the guitarists finger tips is desensitized.
Jul 2015 · 531
♥ - why? (part II)
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
i saw you waving
i shouted - can i help you?
you shouted please love me!
After a few more shouted messages
i said - okay, i love you

i saw you waving
i shouted - i'll be right there!
i walked toward you
>BOOOM !!!<
then i saw the sign

as i came down to earth
(with skull and crossbones)
i was no longer the same
whole me but my eyes worked

i saw you waving
i managed to look behind
another fellow was
shouting - can i help you?

just as my eyes closed
i heard you shout
'please love me!' him...
Jul 2015 · 1.2k
♥ - Why?
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015

I gave you my heart
(I love you - I said)

You put it in a freezer
"I may or may not need, it depends" - you said


(I love you - I said)

but things worked out with HIM


You gave me my heart back
"Unlike Han Solo...
I don't think it survived
the freezing process - sorry"
- you said


(I love you - I said)


My heart actually did survive
but it barely beats now

- full of ice damage -

Backing two horses in a single race in the bookmakers is always frowned upon by true gamblers.
Jul 2015 · 484
just words?
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
just words?

This word here - is a suggestive smile
and this one - a playfully raised eyebrow
These two are warm arms enveloping you
This one a sensual kiss nibbling cheekily on your earlobe
I stare in awe of your beauty ~ stroking the side of your face
Other words include me (nuzzling your neck and ears),
you (laughing and throwing your head back)
and us (transcending our bodies in union)

My favourites words are "I love you so much"

And this is a real one - *sigh

DISCLAIMER - No words were harmed in the making of this scene.
just a bit of fun - amazed at how words can affect her so...
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
feel free to tell me
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
feel free to tell me
how much you love me
- she said to me
as she travelled on her way

I sat in Ireland
She drove in the States
I rested upon her dashboard
in a pixellated mess
my words spoken by a robot

and 'Siri' was heard to say
You're the leaves on my tree
- the stars in my skies
You're the rivers to my seas
(without you what am I?)

You're my reason for breathing
~ The glint in my eyes ~
You're the spice in this stew
You're the only one of you
I'm so lucky to have met
~ beautiful you

... I love you

(even Siri sighed, I think)
Siri is the female voice of an iPhone and she can read text messages to leave your hands free.
Distance love is so very hard.
Jul 2015 · 417
Is it You?
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
Like a modern day Sisyphus
he was condemned
to reloading the browser page
hoping for a glimpse of her
for the rest of his days
Inspired by Deadly nightshades fine poem called - what we do
Jul 2015 · 454
Keep the Faith - KTF.
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
It has been years in the making - and yea!
Our hearts will have more breaking
And our lives - privy to even more shaking
but the prize will be ours for the taking!

On a ship tossed by sea and storm
With words from one another to keep us warm
Our course will not be easy ~ not the norm
But like steel in such fires our bond shall form.

So hoist up our flag ~ to each other betrothed
Look to the future; for our pasts shall bestow
All the lessons we need to see our love grow
~ guiding the way for a bonding of souls.

"Keep the faith!" shall be our battle cry
Before us those lacking ~ their hearts now do lie
For success is found in the try and try
and an unshakable belief in the You and I.
Faith in love of one another will help us to overcome trials and tribulations
Jul 2015 · 1.7k
Heart pumps
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
I couldn't have stopped, my love
even if I’d wanted to;
I wouldn't have stopped, my love
even if I'd foreseen the consequence.

My darling, being with you -
truly took me to a higher dimension;
a pleasure that engulfed my eyes,
a once in a lifetime kind of pleasure

Making love,
on our honeymoon bed of silk
- who knew I had a weak heart...

I'm sorry I died on your best day of charms

But I am glad I went like this,
forever cradled
                                      in your loving arms...
originally posted on WritersCafe.
Jul 2015 · 1.2k
Room for two?
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
If you'd asked me
6 hours ago -
"what is a vacuum?"

I might have said space -
space is a vacuum
(and thought that would suffice)

but I have felt the void ~

where once lived
the strong roaring heart
of a lion.

So ask me again -
"What is a vacuum?"


You said there was room for two on that door that Winslet and DiCaprio clung to and you said you would have let me on the door that we clung to - but you let me go.
Inspired by the poem 'Disgust' by Layla Jude here on HP.
Jul 2015 · 9.0k
The Affair
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
I love you...

~ I really do ~

And I love being

~ with you ~

yet when we part

my heart breaks

~ knowing ~

you still sleep

with your spouse.
The obvious answer is sometimes the hardest thing to do...
Jul 2015 · 351
B***ard heart
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
my heart is pumping its last motions
impaled on sharpened sticks
(of its own fashioning)
each one a lie I told myself
(as if it were truth)

when they ask you -
tell them - yes
hearts can commit seppuku

I witnessed mines do it today.

~ B****** heart !
what can we do when our own heart betrays us?

— The End —