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Shruti Dadhich Nov 2018
If the birds start singing just for you,
       & the moon seems dancing & along with you,                                        *○ '
If the leaves start clapping on your ridiculous dance,                             ♤
           & the angels have appeard near the moon & light their flashes upon you to capture your image,          ☆

If the flowers blossom just for you,  
          & the mirror showing you the most beautiful,                                         *

If you are smiling eternally for no reason,
.....then congratulations dear!!!!
        You are the happiest person!!!!
I think this is my first happy poem ever!!!
Don't know what would be your reaction to this, cause have no idea of how to pen this happiness...
      Written in my happiest moments, this happiness is given to me by my so sweet & loving friends on  hellopoetry, & by the sweetest & my most special, my 100th follower _ELSA_!!!
Thank you all for this happiness!!!
How can you contain a storm
Because I've tried all these years
I've deprived myself of all things
Just to keep my mind clear
It seems like it's getting worse
I can't help but be frozen with fear
I just wanted to build a snowman
But I have to miss it every year
For once I want to let go
Of these gloves, my mental chains
If I suppress it, it only grows
I don't want to hurt her again
I'm afraid of keeping this coldness inside
That it will stay and freeze my heart too
Alone and afraid, trying to maintain this lie
When was the last time I said anything true?
I'm afraid of myself most of all
How can I fit in this society?
When I cannot be who I am
Without remorse, rejection and anxiety
I'm afraid the longer I'm away from her
I'll lose my last bit of warmth
That I will soon be cold-hearted
Then I will never stop the storm
loveless Jun 2016
"So how is she like?"

"Like an angel."

"And what are angels like?"

"Well it's just that when they are near you, you feel happy inside."
I feel happy inside when my angelica is near me
Magical is a word.
loveless Mar 2016
Your skin is my sky
That contains all the stars
Your arms are a magnet
That don't let me go far

Your hair are the dark
That are my night
Your embrace is my sigh
That holds me so tight

Your lips are my water
That is so pure
Your kiss is my medicine
That have my wounds cure

Your mouth have my words
That become my rhyme
Your body is my space
That makes me forget time

Your fingers are my flowers
That are laid in your hand's park
Your neck is my canvas
That contains my bite's mark

Your eyes are my moons
That shine so bright
Your smile is my sun
That gives everything light
loveless Feb 2016
my words take shape of verses while talking to you
My muse. My elsa. She made me a poet
loveless Jan 2016
She loves me more than I can ever love myself
And so do I
xmxrgxncy Jan 2016
White feathers
stream from Elsa's mattress
Snowfalls in Germany
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
The poem formerly known as 'First taste of bitter' has been rewritten to reflect the lovely people who inhabit this etheral poetic wonderland that is home to many and a refuge to many - inspired by HP's own Elsa
- thank you Elsa  :))

My first taste of HP

I was welcomed right away
Day one I had three friends
Peter Hamilton, Cecil and Ana
Is where my HP journey began

From another site I'd arrived
Not seeking fortunes or fame
Just a place to share poems
With people who feel the same

I've always been so welcome here
~ always made to feel at home
Thats down to the friendly poets
Who you all are, you know.

So many, many friendly souls
My, how that list has grown
Thank you HP - I glad I came...
I no longer feel alone

Special thank also to - Poetessa Diabolica, Niamh, Coleen, Shanna, Wolf, Brandon, Evie, ridicule, Beryl Dov, Donna and Sleeping Bag. Much love to everyone who knows me. X
HP =
H.elpful P.ositivity ,
H.ome (of) P.oets ,
H.appy P.eople
H.eartfelt P.oetry

Some readers will find that they have already liked this although they havent even read this (revised poem) - DONT PANIC! - as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy would say. It appears that I have done something naughty by renaming and rewriting a poem that was previously read and rated. Thank you all. :)
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