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Jul 2015
The poem formerly known as 'First taste of bitter' has been rewritten to reflect the lovely people who inhabit this etheral poetic wonderland that is home to many and a refuge to many - inspired by HP's own Elsa
- thank you ElsaΒ Β :))

My first taste of HP

I was welcomed right away
Day one I had three friends
Peter Hamilton, Cecil and Ana
Is where my HP journey began

From another site I'd arrived
Not seeking fortunes or fame
Just a place to share poems
With people who feel the same

I've always been so welcome here
~ always made to feel at home
Thats down to the friendly poets
Who you all are, you know.

So many, many friendly souls
My, how that list has grown
Thank you HP - I glad I came...
I no longer feel alone

Special thank also to - Poetessa Diabolica, Niamh, Coleen, Shanna, Wolf, Brandon, Evie, ridicule, Beryl Dov, Donna and Sleeping Bag. Much love to everyone who knows me. X
HP =
H.elpful P.ositivity ,
H.ome (of) P.oets ,
H.appy P.eople
H.eartfelt P.oetry

Some readers will find that they have already liked this although they havent even read this (revised poem) - DONT PANIC! - as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy would say. It appears that I have done something naughty by renaming and rewriting a poem that was previously read and rated. Thank you all. :)
Anto MacRuairidh
Written by
Anto MacRuairidh  Derry
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