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katewinslet Sep 2015

world !

I'm kate winslet,this is my new blog!

Have nice day !
kate winslet blog
Anto MacRuairidh Jul 2015
If you'd asked me
6 hours ago -
"what is a vacuum?"

I might have said space -
space is a vacuum
(and thought that would suffice)

but I have felt the void ~

where once lived
the strong roaring heart
of a lion.

So ask me again -
"What is a vacuum?"


You said there was room for two on that door that Winslet and DiCaprio clung to and you said you would have let me on the door that we clung to - but you let me go.
Inspired by the poem 'Disgust' by Layla Jude here on HP.

— The End —