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Nov 2015 · 520
effie ebbtide Nov 2015
are my aspirations your nightmares?
are they chemically derived from neurons?
are they a curse from
the birds of babel?
(ready or not)
do they seep out of the fabric of my mind? do they break you from the inside out?
are they dead or is that just you rotting?
(here i come.)
Oct 2015 · 2.1k
effie ebbtide Oct 2015
Your aspirations shatter like sugar glass;
the shards taste good.
Was originally a poem about school. Poems evolve, don't they?
Sep 2015 · 924
A Trip
effie ebbtide Sep 2015
That open window on the bus,
that purple hue of the dawn sky,
is just as it is.

Those repeating lyrics,
those melodies which never irritate,
whispering through earbuds,
are just as they are.

That hotel I stop at,
that sea salt pool,
its warmth in coldness,
its missing chlorine,
is just as it is.
A weird longing feeling made me write this.
Sep 2015 · 3.3k
effie ebbtide Sep 2015
hey kid wanna
balloon i gottem in erry color
blues n reds n yellows n so on hey kid where
you going i just wanna give you your

There are five types of balloons in this world:
the kind that floats,
the kind that don’t,
the kind that once did,
the kind that will one day,
and the kind that doesn’t care.

A child strolls along with a balloon in hand,
attached to a string.
A child lets go of the balloon while trying to traverse monkey bars.
A child cries at her green friend floating away, knowing that it will soon pop and fall into the ocean for some sea turtle to choke on.
A child gets a red one.

A friend came up to me and gave me a bouquet of roses.
I gave him a bouquet of balloons.

A balloon is like a balloon and nothing else.
Sep 2015 · 364
effie ebbtide Sep 2015
my digital might is incompatible with my analog life forces.

— The End —